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13 Best Barber Schools That Accept Financial Aid in 2023

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In the United States, you can’t just wake up, purchase clippers, and start barbing. You have to obtain the necessary education or expertise that will make you a qualified barber. Have in mind that the average cost of a barber school in the United States is around $10,000 to $20,000.

This is no small amount; howbeit, there are varying options to help or subsidize the fee in the United States. Whether you can use financial aid for your barber education depends on the type of program and the institution you attend. If you choose to attend an accredited barber program, you will have to first meet the necessary requirements.

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Students at unaccredited schools are not considered eligible for financial aid and may not qualify for certain private loans. Nevertheless, if you are seeking schools in the United States that accept financial aid, below are the top options to consider.

Top Barber Schools That Accept Financial Aid

  1. Paul Mitchell Schools

This is one of the best schools to consider when looking to attend a Barbering school. Their curriculum is targeted to bring out the artist and creativity in every student as well as get them ready to compete efficiently in the real world. Every Paul Mitchell School is meant to inculcate in you the necessary skills you’ll need, inspire you to explore your passion and creativity, and ensure you have everything you need to run a beauty business.

  1. Empire Beauty Schools

Established in 1964, Empire Beauty Schools has proven to be a top choice for individuals seeking educational courses in cosmetology, esthetics, barbering, and even makeup and lash extensions. Have it in mind that students from Empire tend to take part in editorial and celebrity work, establish their own salons, and find work all over the globe.

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Empire is widely recognized for having excellent job placement opportunities. They as well offer financial aid and scholarships coupled with various programs to fit your schedule.

  1. Aveda Institutes

They are well known as one of the most highly-regarded cosmetology schools in the world because they offer an innovative approach to the industry. As a student in this institution, you can expect a comprehensive and hands-on education encompassing cosmetology, esthetician services, makeup, massage therapy, and even sales, marketing, and client retention.

Aveda as well makes available a wide array of support in the form of financial assistance, flexible class schedules, and job placement opportunities. Aside from that, you likely won’t have to move very far since the academy has around 60 locations within North America.

  1. Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy

Courses offered by this institution are designed to inculcate and guide beginner students in the areas of modern haircutting, coloring, and fashion-forward hairdressing. The instructors and staff are always eager to provide an exceptional level of excellence and service.

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To be the best, you ought to consider this academy as its curriculum is well developed and students are provided with the highest level of hands-on instruction in today’s cutting-edge techniques.

  1. Rudy & Kelly Academy

Rudy & Kelly Academy is another excellent school to consider. They provide a suitable combination of theory and hands-on training with teachers who are well-versed in their specialties such as; cutting, color, texture, and makeup. Aside from that, also note that punctuality and dress codes are strictly enforced. Consistent testing and monthly assessments effectively get you ready for the state board exams.

  1. Avalon School of Cosmetology

Avalon’s program strives to prepare students to not just sit for the state board exam but to provide them with the confidence they need to find the perfect shop to showcase their talents after graduation. The courses they offer are meant to provide a balance of education and experience.

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Here you can begin by grasping the vital fundamentals of the art of barbering. After that, you will get the opportunity to learn more about industry expectations and how to take your future from the bottom to the top by mastering not just your craft, but business and marketing skills.

  1. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

If you’re looking to study barbering/barber, then you should consider the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. To build the very best beauty professionals, Tricoci University has modified its approach to beauty education.

Note that from putting money in upscale facilities that rival high-end salons to putting together a very valid curriculum that better prepares you for success in this field, to the techniques used to educate students on how to develop substantial client relationships, Tricoci University’s accredited beauty school has most definitely heightened the expectations of what a good beauty education can be.

  1. Ogle School of Hair, Skin & Nails

Ogle School is renowned as one of the topmost cosmetology programs in the United States and has been in existence for more than 50 years. This institution offers both cosmetology and barbering programs, and all these can be accomplished on a full-time or part-time basis.

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Note that individuals who take part get to relish lectures from a good number of the leading professionals in the industry, who come to the campuses and provide their expertise and knowledge on a wide array of topics from hair styling and coloring, makeup application, and opening and managing your own salon

  1. Blue Cliff College

Blue Cliff College has been renowned for the quality instruction, training, and career placement they provide to men and women in the allied health and beauty fields for more than two decades.

Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, this academy has always worked to ensure that students attain success in education as well as build a career in healthcare and beauty. There are lots of resources to help you succeed. The instructors are very helpful in explaining things to better help you understand.

  1. Milan Institute of Cosmetology

Note that the barbering program they offer ensures that students are adequately fitted with the knowledge and skills of the practice of hair and shaving services. Aside from that, the program ensures that students obtain technical instruction and practical training in the field of hairdressing, health and safety, and shaving.

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This academy is overly dedicated to student success. Their primary objective is on the student and supporting student success. They also offer various financial aid programs for those who qualify.

  1. American College of Barbering

With a well-detailed 1,500 hours necessary to accomplish the barber program, intending professionals who undertake this process will most definitely enjoy this ever-challenging, but satisfying, few months of learning their craft.

Have it in mind that from information on scalp care and the history of barbering to comprehensive instruction on sterilization and hair coloring, the American Barber Academy is going to ensure you understand it all. Also, note that this school offers financial aid for those who qualify.

  1. Blade Craft Barber Academy

Blade Craft Barber is well renowned in the education of intending barbers particularly since they boast of staff that have real-world experience.

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Students will enjoy acquiring knowledge in a properly designed learning environment that’s dedicated to barber education, state razor shaves, patterns, and skin care, as well as all of the skills required to scale through their state boards with flying colors.

You will also gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of male style, as well as a balanced curriculum of theory and practical skills, and will benefit from a vast range of strategies and techniques that will ensure you enjoy a lucrative career.

  1. Borner’s Barber College

Previously known as American Barber College, this academy is well renowned for its reputation of grooming the industry standard “no-nonsense barbers.”

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It simply means that graduates of this barber program know what is required to succeed in this industry, and they’ve often been easily identified by their achievements. Also, note that intending barbers will relish the opportunities to work in a real barbershop and gain in-salon experience.