Are you wondering what type of beehive is best for honey production? If YES, here are 10 best beehives for honey production in 2023. When you are looking to venture into beekeeping, especially for honey production, one of the most vital decisions you have to make is the type of beekeeping hive you’ll use.

Have it in mind that there are numerous types, and your choice should be carefully made since your choice will involve an investment of money as well as in learning the techniques for that particular method of beekeeping. Note that the natural honeycomb is made of the wax produced by the worker bees.

These worker bees are known to make the wax from the honey they have collected. Inside this honeycomb, the worker bees store the honey and also protect their queen bee. However, the beekeeping hive is an artificial structure made by man to emulate the natural honeycomb structure.

What is a Beehive?

A beekeeping hive is a safe enclosure for the bees with internal structures made from food grade materials. Have it in mind that with most of the building work already done for them, the bees are free to start forming colonies in these beekeeping hives and start producing honey. Beekeepers tend to leverage these beekeeping hives to harvest honey, wax, and propolis. All these products are beneficial to us in many ways.

Whenever you are looking for commercial beekeeping hives for honey production, it is pertinent to understand there are many types and each serves a different purpose. Therefore, the beekeeping hive you choose will dictate the kind of results you get.

To understand how important your beekeeping hive choice should be, just imagine yourself house hunting. Indeed, there are necessary qualities that the house you want is expected to have otherwise you simply won’t be satisfied living in it.

Have it in mind that it is almost the same thing when it comes to attracting a swarm of honey bees. Always note that these creatures are quite choosy in terms of locating the right beekeeping hive for their colony. It’s necessary to understand that honey bees don’t really need beekeepers as much as you may think. Left to their own natural instincts, they are very good at finding suitable homes in hollowed out trees, abandoned structures, and cracks in the walls.

The primary reason bees ever really go for commercial beekeeping hives is because these structures are designed to offer them “prime real estate.” Note that when a colony picks a hollowed out tree to make their nest, they take their time to work around the tree’s natural parameters which can undoubtedly restrict the expansion or growth of the colony.

When bees search or locate the ideal commercial beekeeping hive, they want a structure that is well made to adequately shelter them and spacious enough to allow for the augmentation of the colony. If you provide the colony with the best possible home, then they might stay for years, providing you with an almost boundless amount of honey and wax.

Here are the top beekeeping hives to consider. These boxes are cost-effective, and they will save a lot of time because most of them are pre-assembled. You only have to unpack and let the bees get started.

What is the Best Type of Beekeeping Hive for Honey Production in 2023?

  1. Little Giant 10-Frame Medium Super Beehive Box – MEDBOX10

According to experts, this Little Giant 10-Frame Medium Super Beehive Box – MEDBOX10 is a bee hive box for adding honey storage space to your existing beehives. Note that this hive comes already assembled and with beehive frames to use in the box.

In terms of the beehive frames, the manufacturer pre-installs plastic wax-coated foundation sheets for you. Also note that this box is of the 10-frame Langstroth beehive size and it manufactured by Little Giant which is a well-known USA Company in the beekeeping supplies industry.

  1. Hoover Hives 10 Frame Langstroth Beehive

Made by a well renowned manufacturer, this hive is sure to provide you with enough quality and reliability. The complete beehive features every component for housing a honeybee colony. It comes with 3 beehive boxes and the beehive features a deep brown colour on its wooden beehive boxes.

Note that each beehive box is well crafted using Fir wood and is very beautiful to the eye. Some inner components in this beehive may be made using softer pine wood. In this beehive, you get 2 deep beehive boxes and 1 medium box. All the boxes are of the 10-frame size.

  1. Little Giant 10-Frame Deep Hive Body – DEEPBOX10

With this 10-frame Langstroth beehive in your beekeeping operation, you will have more space for honeybee colonies to rear their brood with this beehive box. Note that this Little Giant 10-Frame Deep Hive Body – DEEPBOX10, is a standard beehive box for inculcating extra space in the brood area of your beehive setup.

Note that this hive is pale brown due to the wood used to make it. The beehive box features beehive frames of the same color and also has foundation sheets installed in the frames of this beehive box. Have it in mind that it saves you from the job of installing the foundation after you have received the beehive box. Meanwhile, black plastic foundation sheets are used in this beehive box, which makes it ideal for viewing of honeybee eggs and larvae.

  1. Mann Lake HK160 Assembled Complete Hive Kit

Made in the United States, this Mann Lake Assembled Complete Hive Kit is a popular choice among beekeepers. Note that it comes pre-painted and it is made of pine wood. Owing to the fact that it is already assembled, you will have little to do upon delivery. Also note that the unit comes with a hive box with an inner cover, a telescopic roof, entrance reducer and a bottom board. However, it does not have a queen excluder.

One of the most renowned features of the Mann Lake HK160 hive kit is the fact that it offers extra room for expansion once the bees have exhausted most of its foundations. The unit allows for the addition of a second deep hive body and that means you can scale up when need arises.

  1. Busy Bees ‘N’ More Langstroth Bee 10 Frame Deep Brood Box

According to experts, the Busy Bees ‘N’ More Amish Made Langstroth Bee 10 Frame Deep Brood Box is perfect for use with 10-frame beehives. Note that it comes with beehive frames and black foundation sheets. They are made using Eastern White pine and this type of wood is renowned for being friendly to bees and they take to it with ease.

However, this beehive box comes unassembled so you are expected to put it all together. It is a perfect consideration for the integrity of components in the beehive box package so they do not break or get damaged in transit. With this beehive box, you get 10 beehive frames and 10 foundation sheets to install in the frames.

  1. Honey Keeper Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit

The name Honey Keeper remains one of those beekeeping brands that have enjoyed enormous popularity among beekeepers. Have it in mind that one of the things that make the brand stand out from the crowd is the premium quality of its equipment. It is also well renowned for a wide choice of equipment ranging from bee suits to honey extraction equipment.

This 20 Frame Complete Box Kit from Honey Keeper lives up to what this brand is known for. It is well made to ensure one of the best homes for your bees. Aside from the fact that it is spacious enough to hold a thriving bee colony; it is also expandable making it a wonderful choice for all skill levels.

  1. NuBee Complete Bee Hive with Frames & Wax Coated Foundations

Have it in mind that this is a complete beehive with frames & wax coated foundations. In the set are 2 deep boxes and 1 medium box. They also come with an inner cover, a top cover, a bottom board, beehive frames, foundation sheets, and a plastic queen excluder. Also, note that these components let you start beekeeping immediately or offer extra boxes for your existing beehives.

The boxes have a pale brown color on their outer surfaces and grooves that function as gripping handles are cut into the sides of each beehive box. The wood used to make the bee hive boxes is known to be quite friendly to honeybees and is widely used in beekeeping. Pine wood is easy to work with in making beehives and beehive components.

  1. BeeCastle 10-Frames Complete Beehive Kit, Wax Coated Bee Hive

This is an extensive beehive setup with 2 beehive boxes. Have it in mind that one of the boxes in the BeeCastle 10-Frames Complete Beehive Kit Wax Coated Bee Hive is a bottom deep brood box, while the other is a medium sized super box. Both work well for both beginner and experienced beekeepers.

This kit has its wooden beehive boxes and beehive frames made using pinewood. Also, note they are coated in two layers of beeswax for preservation. This coating also helps bees take to the beehive with ease. Extra items and equipment you get when you purchase this BeeCastle beehive kit are a queen excluder, wax coated foundation sheets, and an entrance reducer.

  1. VIVO BEE-HV01 Complete Hive Kit

First and foremost, this hive is made from soft pine which is lightweight and friendly to the bees. Also, note that all components that come with the hive are tightly fitting and require a little assembly. Have it in mind that this is a complete hive box that is well tailored for all skill levels.

In addition, the hive box features a queen excluder so as to keep the queen secluded and secure from invaders or intruders. You will also enjoy the telescopic cover that aids to protect the bees. This box also comes with 10 medium and 10 deep frames all of which have hexagonal surface foundation sheets. Additionally, features include inner cover, metal cover, and bottom board.

  1. Ware Manufacturing Home Harvest Beehive

According to reports, this is one of the most popular bee hive box units for bees. Ware Manufacturing has made this unit to ensure you offer the best home to your bees and leverage the maximum productivity from them. Notably, this hive is made from white-stained cedar, one of the most durable and insect-resistant types of wood.

It also comes unassembled but is quite easy to arrange all its components. Have it in mind that the peaked roof of the Ware Manufacturing Beehive helps keep rain water off your hive. It also has two observation windows and ventilation with adjustable airflow that helps to maintain the hive temperature within the required levels during hot and cold seasons.

When looking for the right beekeeping hive for honey production, you have to first consider the kind of beekeeper you want to be as well as the number of bees you intend to keep. With that, you should have a foresight of the perfect commercial beekeeping hive to buy.

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