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10 Best Type of Cars for Driving School

Are you wondering what type of vehicle is best for driving school? If YES, here are 10 best durable cars to use for driving school.

If you are thinking of starting a driving school, aside from securing a business license, permits, and other paperwork that are required to get the business up and running, one key area that you should crack your head on is how to get the best cars for your driving school.

It is important to state that in order to maximize profits as a driving school operator, you must be strategic and part of your strategy is to ensure that you acquire highly suitable and easy to use cars for your business.

Part of what you need to know when looking for a suitable car for your driving school business are the durability of the car, ease of making the required adjustments for new drivers, the fuel consumption of the car, comfortability, the maintenance requirements of the car, amongst others.

So, if you are looking towards starting a driving school business in the United States of America, here are 10 best cars for driving school business in the United States of America.

Best Cars to Use for Driving School

  1. Chevrolet Cruze

Top on our list of the best car to use for driving school is the Cruze – This car is a small American vehicle offered in both sedan and hatchback configurations.

It is easy for a rookie driver to handle and maneuver when in motion. The starting price for Chevrolet Cruze is $18,000, and good enough, the Chevrolet Cruze offers the same level of amenities as its Ford counterpart, so it is really a matter of preference when choosing between the American options.

Another reason why you should settle for this car is because of its great fuel economy, with a reported nearly 50 miles per gallon highway economy when driven in eco mode.

  1. Kia Optima

Another car that is highly suitable for driving school is the Kia Optima. If you are familiar with the Kia Optima, you will notice that it is a bit big for driving school, but I must say that the fact that you are likely going to teach students that are on the big side how to drive makes this a good pick for a driving school.

If you are looking to purchase the Kia Optima, then you should be ready to budget from $22,000, and you will no doubt get value for your money because the Optima houses a no-holds-barred safety suite, remote lock and unlock, and Apple Car Play/Android Auto. New drivers will appreciate its reliability and the ease of use.

  1. Ford Fiesta

The average driving school in town would usually settle for a Ford Fiesta and this is so because this car has an economical choice of engines, it has low tax, easy to drive for people driving for the first time in their life, the car pulls strongly and smoothly through gears, it has keyless entry and the service intervals are 12,500 miles and of course, the car boasts of superb kit levels.

Good enough, Ford Fiesta comes in both sedan and hatchback configurations and in almost a dozen colors and the starting price for the car is from $15,000.

Another advantage that makes the Ford Fiesta a good pick is the Microsoft controlled SYNC program that powers the infotainment of the vehicle, offering Waze map and Amazon Alexa integration so that you never have to take your eyes off of the road.

  1. Nissan Sentra

The Nissan Sentra is yet another car that a driving school should consider buying because aside from the fact that the car is medium size, easy to drive and maneuver, the car has an outstanding driver experience and top-notch functionality for rookie drivers. So also, the Nissan Sentra has an ample back seat that suits taller drivers.

If you are looking towards settling for this Nissan Sentra, then you should be ready to cough out at least $18,000.  Please note that the Sentra also offers standard blind spot warning and rear cross traffic safety alerts – this is very important to new drivers. So also, you are not going to be sacrificing safety by switching to a more spacious ride either.

  1. Volkswagen Jetta

Another highly suitable car for a driving school that is worth investing in is the Volkswagen Jetta. With a base MSRP starting around $19,000 but increasing with the countless options available for buyers, the Jetta is a great first car for those who have the finance.

With a fresh redesign and plenty of tech courtesy of VW’s higher tier brand, Audi, the Jetta does not feel like an economy sedan by any means.

One good thing that makes the Volkswagen Jetta a good pick is that the Jetta does not slouch in terms of warranty either, showcasing one of the most enticing warranty availabilities of any standard manufacturer, 6 years or 72,000 miles and transferable to a second owner, proving confidence in engine reliability from Volkswagen, as well as allowing owner confidence for eventual value retention of the vehicle should they choose to sell.

Although this car is not a car you can bank on for fuel economy when compared with other cars, but it is one car that is durable, solid, and rugged on the road. The truth is that you can’t go wrong with the conventional Volkswagen Jetta, and this is due to the fact that this car offers decent power and an excellent overall economy.

  1. Hyundai Elantra

Featuring a number of excellent safety features, along with smart, modern styling, the Hyundai Elantra may well be a perfect driving school car and is probably sometimes overlooked. It features some attractive features such as: Compact and stylish proportions, 5 year unlimited mileage warranty, 5 annual vehicle health checks, decent array of manual petrol engines, good on fuel and of course, 5-door practicality

Although, Hyundai may not be the first brand to come to mind when looking for a robust first vehicle, but recent updates to their product line as well as increasing reliability of their engines put the reserved Hyundai at the same level as other Asian-import cars.

Boasting the lowest MSRP of the group so far at barely $15,000, the Elantra is exactly what a budget-minded shopper is looking for in a new car.

The fact that Hyundai comes cheap doesn’t mean cutbacks on safety either, because the Elantra still rides with Hyundai’s full safety suite, meaning high beam assist, forward collision warning, driver attention warning, lane keeping assistance, and safe exit assistance.

  1. Toyota Corolla

When it comes to durability, good fuel consumption and easy of maintenance, and of course easy of driving, the Toyota Corolla comes top, hence it is a good pick for cars that a driving school should consider buying. The truth is that the Corolla is a ridiculously smooth and quiet-riding car, with little to no road noise making its way into the cabin.

For new drivers, this extra level of comfort may be exactly what’s needed to instill confidence on the road. Couple this with an impressive nearly 40 miles per gallon fuel economy, MSRP around $20,000, and a standard suite of safety features, the Corolla is an undeniably good first car choice.

  1. 2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius is yet another highly suitable car that can be used for driving school business to teach new drivers how to drive in the United States of America. No doubt, when it comes to fuel economy, affordability, and simplicity, Toyota brands is high up there.

The newly remodeled Toyota Prius has a great deal of interior space, is remarkably easy to drive, offers several active safety features, and reliably returns over 50 mpg. Even though from appearance the 2016 Toyota Prius looks fragile, in actual sense it is indeed a tough sedan.

As a matter of fact, you will come across loads of driving schools making use of the 2016 Toyota Prius in the United States.

  1. Honda Civic

Another car that is highly suitable for driving school is the Honda Civic. This freshly redesigned Honda Civic is a fantastic option for a rookie driver because it quite literally offers the entire package. Aside from the fact that this model of car has high fuel efficiency, it is a car that is affordable when compared to cars on the same level.

One good thing about Honda Civic is that it can get up to 35 mpg combined (from the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder) and you can rule out the fact that Honda cars has reputation for reliability.

It is a car that is easy to maintain and above all, the spare parts are readily available and of course affordable. If you are looking towards buying this car, then you should budget from $20,000, and trust me, it will be worth your money even though it might look expensive.

  1. Chrysler 200

The Chrysler 200 is the last car on our list of the best car to use for driving school. This car makes the list because of the Chrysler 200 Reliability Rating which is 4.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 12th out of 24 for midsize cars. The car is easy to maintain and the average annual repair cost is $549 which means it has lower than average ownership costs.

Good enough, the 2012 Chrysler 200 is a pretty reliable vehicle that is requires few repairs and is expected to have a long life span. If You give Your vehicle the proper care it requires it will last between 200,000 and 250,000 miles.