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5 Best Heater for Box Truck [Features and Prices]

When the weather becomes colder, people with family cars or vans already know how to keep their vehicles warm throughout the season. Campers and RV owners also understand how to prepare their vehicles for winter, whether they intend to park them or use them regularly.

However, this can be quite challenging for box truck drivers especially since they have to travel from coast to coast to deliver shipments. Also, since box trucks are used to transport valuable equipment or products, there is a possibility that those loads can be damaged by the cold freezing weather.

To avoid these mishaps and to ensure that drivers can do their jobs without getting too cold, you need to install a heater in your box truck.  There are many options when it comes to heating a box truck; however, note that what works for one person will likely not work for everyone.

When you need some warmth in your box truck during the colder months, a portable truck heater might be just what you need.  These small heaters can augment your truck heating, spread heat in the large vehicle, and help get you to the ideal level of comfort.

They’re also great at defrosting windshields. They’re effective, durable, and versatile. Many models offer year-round performance by combining dash heating, cooling, and defrosting capabilities. If you need a little help in your box truck during colder months, here are valid options to consider;

What is the Best Heater for Box Truck Plus Their Features and Prices?

  1. Eagle 30,000 BTU Auxiliary Heater

This is a suitable heater for large vans, trucks, buses, or even boats. It is renowned as a top heater, and even though installation may not be as smooth as plugging it into a lighter port when you need heat in your box truck, this heater is a top option to consider. ‘

Known to be of high quality and also made to last, note that you will be able to use it for years. Also note that this heater is made with an aluminum core, it comes with 3 separate ducts and uses hot water mixed with forced air to heat areas.

  • High Output 30,000 BTU Auxiliary Heater suitable for Bus, Truck, Ag, Van, or Boat with One-Year Warranty, Forced Hot Water Air Heat
  • Hot water forced heat. Includes: Heater, Mounting Brackets, Installation Kit, Instruction Sheet
  • Measures: 16″ X 6 1/2″ X 9″, High-Efficiency Aluminum Core, Powder Coated All Steel Case
  • Other Features: 3 Speed High Volume Dual Blowers; 12 Volt; Quiet Operation; 3 Defrost Ducts Routing Air Flow
  • Uses hot water from your cooling system
  • $259.99 on Amazon
  1. Zerostart 2600900 Interior Warmer

This interior warmer is a 3,000 BTU vehicle heating solution that fits seamlessly into a standard 120 volt AC outlet. It’s perfectly suitable for expanding heating capabilities in passenger vehicles, box trucks, and tractor-trailers; whether it’s just heating up the interior or tackling ice on the windshield. Note that it weighs only 3 pounds, but it’ll keep ticking in subzero temperatures while taking up minimal space.

  • Easy to install; mounts on the floor or under the dash with included mounting bracket
  • Frost Free Windows before engine start
  • 900 Watts – 120 Volt AC / 3,000 BTU
  • Automatic High-Temperature Safety Sensor – The device will automatically shut OFF if the operating temperature reaches 158° F (70° C). This sensor will automatically reset and resume heating after a 15 -30 minute cool-down.
  • Secondary One-Time Use Thermal Safety Sensor – Automatically turns the heater OFF when extremely high temperatures occur, 286° F (141° C). The heater will not turn back ON and is no longer usable, returnable or repairable.
  • Fit Type: Universal Fit.
  • $119.99 on Amazon
  1. IXAER Car Heater

With around 800 Watts, the IXAER Car Heater is more or less a ceramic space heater powered directly from your truck. Very suitable for defrosting and defogging, this very powerful heater is easy to install and is a highly versatile car or truck heating solution.

One of the many benefits of this heater is the near-instant heating that it provides. Although you might be made to wait a while for your truck’s primary heating to kick in, the IXAER Car Heater works right when the engine turns over.

  • Color: Gray. Material: Metal.
  • Core Material: Pure aluminum.
  • Power: 800W. Voltage: DC 12V.
  • Heating element: PTC ceramic.
  • Switch: Single switch.
  • Air Outlet: 2.
  • Item size: 180 * 120 * 90mm / 7.09 * 4.72 * 3.54in.
  • Package size: 215 * 180 * 105mm / 8.46 * 7.09 * 4.13in.
  • Package weight: 900g / 1.98lb.
  • $42.99 on Amazon
  1. Happybuy Diesel Parking Heater

This heater is perfect for anyone with a larger vehicle like an RV camper van, or a box truck. This is a top heater to consider especially since it helps to keep things warm and comfortable while the vehicle is off.

You should go for a model that has an external exhaust hose so you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. Installation is relatively easy, especially for those who’ve done modifications to their vehicles already. While it does run on diesel, it also comes with a separate fuel container if your truck uses another kind of fuel.

  • Model: WF 5001
  • Heater Power: 3KW
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Material: Aluminum + Plastic
  • Fuel Type: Diesel Only
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.1-0.35 (L/H)
  • Heater Working Temperature: -40℃~+20℃/-40℉~+68℉
  • Oil Pump Working Temperature: -40℃~+20℃/-40℉~+68℉
  • Operating Voltage Range: 10.5-16/21-32V
  • Tank Capacity: 10L/2.6 Gal
  • $129.99 on Amazon
  1. Back Seat Heat Plus Truck Heater

Note that this is a small but viable auxiliary heating unit to use in your box truck. According to data, it operates at 300 Watts and requires a relatively minor installation.

Also, have it in mind that it operates as a forced air heater that only operates when your box truck engine is currently running. This heater tends to work well in large trucks to heat up the aft end of the cab. With a simple thermostat, it’s easy to operate and weighs about 6 pounds.

  • 12 Volt, 25 Amp heater
  • 300 Watts, 1100 BTU’s heat output is battery safe
  • Comes with a 20 ft. wiring harness with an in-line 30 amp fuse
  • Easily installs with some tools required. Some hard wiring is required as well
  • $74.53 on Amazon

Factors to Consider When Buying a Heater for your Box Truck

Indeed there are certain critical factors to consider when purchasing a heater for your box truck. Those factors include;

  • The power source: Note that different heaters leverage different types of fuel. If you want one that runs on electricity, convection and ones that plug into your truck lighter port are good options. If you prefer a fuel-burning unit, choose one that uses propane, however, they are not always recommended.
  • The effort required: A good number of heaters require more work to install and maintain. You will find heaters that require some tools and hard wiring to ensure a good installation. Make sure you extensively consider your truck before making this decision.
  • Size of your truck: For every 10 watts, the heater you intend on purchasing can heat at least 1 square foot of space. If you want to keep it portable, most heaters you are considering will typically use 750 to 1500 watts of electricity. It simply means that these heaters can heat between 75 to 150 square feet.
  • Tip-Over Safety Switch: According to experts, this safety function is for accidents. If the heater is on and is tipped or knocked over on accident, the heater will automatically shut off to help prevent fires from starting.
  • Automatic Shut-off Timer: This safety feature is very important especially since it works just like a sleep timer on the TV. Note that heaters with this feature will allow you to set an automatic shut-off time for up to 10 or 12 hours.
  • Overheat Protection: This is another valid option to consider. If the heater malfunctions and heats up over the factory set safety temperature, this feature automatically shuts off the heater.
  • Budget: Another important factor to consider is your budget. Note that certain vehicle heaters provide potential energy savings, but they can be quite expensive to install and maintain.


There are numerous options to pick from when it comes to heating a box truck. However, when buying a Heater for your box truck, ensure to take into consideration factors such as size, type, material, power requirements, and controls to ensure you get one that best aligns with your needs.

Also, do not forget to adhere to safety protocols noted by the manufacturer, keeping heaters away from flammable items, and turning off heaters when not in use.