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10 Best Types of Durable Lock for Moving Truck

Are you wondering what type of lock is best for moving truck? If YES, here are 10 best locks for moving truck with features included.

Indeed, it happens more often than it should, and when it does, it is devastating: Moving trucks being broken into and emptied out by thieves overnight. Though most people know how to protect their homes and their cars from burglars, most don’t have the same expertise when it comes to moving trucks.

Note that when you pick up your moving truck, someone from the rental company will always inspect it together with you so you can make a note of any pre-existing damages.

This is the time to check that the doors on the cab open and close, and lock and unlock, perfectly. Just as important as the truck itself, check that the door latch on the back of the truck works properly. After that, you then need to get a good, sturdy padlock that fits through the latch.

Don’t skimp on this one: A good lock might cost a few dollars, but that’s nothing compared to the cost of having your moving truck broken into. A good padlock for a moving truck should be resistant to picking, should be resistant to saw cutting, and should offer great value for money.

A good lock should come with extra hard plates on the body of the lock to prevent a drill from making serious inroads on to the surface of the lock.

Note that a lock with a good metal alloy shroud does well especially when a burglar who wants to cut the shackle may only do so if he is able to cut through the shroud. Fortunately, the weird shape, strength, and angle of the shroud usually deter any would-be thief from using a bolt cutter to try and cut either of the two.

Always remember to go for a lock that is made out of at least a boron alloy steel shackle or something of similar strength materials.

These types of metal composites can definitely deter a bolt cutter attack. The burglar may then have to use a grinder, but then again the noise just won’t let him. Weight and size may be added to your consideration among all other qualities mentioned above.

But before making your final decision, it is ideal to consider the value of your possessions, where you’ll be stopping and traveling through, the total distance from point A to B, and predictable weather conditions along the way. Additionally, always be aware of your surroundings, especially when choosing where to park your truck if you need to make any overnight stops.

Parking in a well-lit area that blocks access to your moving truck door is the ideal scenario. Also, note that choosing hotels with enclosed parking areas and security personnel helps to keep thieves at bay. Nonetheless, if you are looking for the best lock for your moving truck, here are the top options to consider.

Best Locks for Moving Truck

  1. Master Lock M50XD Magnum Discus Padlock

Aside from the fact that this Master Lock uses the same 4-pin cylinder in this lock that it uses in its basic disc lock, the upgrades found in this lock lie in the materials.

Several of the upgrades are the Tough Cut octagonal boron-carbide shackle for enhanced resistance to cutting, a reinforced body bumper to prevent scratches, and the covered keyway to block out the elements while on the road. Generally, this lock is indeed worth the small increase in price compared to a basic disc lock, especially for use with moving trucks.

Other considerations are the extra vertical clearance below the shackle compared to competing locks and the Master Lock Lifetime Guarantee. This lock is specifically made for use with moving trucks, so it is highly unlikely you’ll run into any compatibility issues.

  1. Sargent & Greenleaf 951C

This item could more or less be the mother of all locks when it comes to durability and security. Made for the military and is now commercially available, it was mainly designed for securing ammunition and other high-value military items.

It is made with high-security commercial-grade Medeco key cylinder, cast stainless steel body, and a mix of unconventional materials for maximum resistance against common cutting and drilling attacks. This monster of a lock contains ceramic inserts to repel cutting and has an anti-drill shield that prevents any drill from punching through.

  1. Schlage 994831 Solid Steel Round Padlock

If you ever need two locks, a 2-pack of this lock offers just about unbeatable value. The first highlight is the standard 6-pin cylinder. Note that you would be hard-pressed to find a quality lock with a 6-pin cylinder that matches the current price of this lock.

Even the A701 5-pin model currently costs a good bit more than this lock by Schlage. After the cylinder, the materials used to make the lock are no slouch either.

Note that the whole body is made of hardened solid steel with a double-deadbolt locking, high-security molybdenum steel shackle to boot. Howbeit, one difference to note between this lock and some other locks is the smaller 3/8″ shackle on Schlage’s lock. All in all, this is a smaller lock than the A701.

Another feature of this key is the Keyed Alike 2-pack. This is a nice convenience feature for folks who need two moving trucks or multiple locks to get the job done. In addition, this lock comes backed by Schlage’s lifetime warranty.

  1. Abus Granit

Have it in mind that this lock has a 25,000 pound-force of tensile strength. Meaning, it can withstand an impact of around 6 tons or more. It also comes with a hardened steel bottom plate that would resist attack from below the lock. This item is considered to be one of the most secure padlocks worldwide.

Making use of high-quality materials along with its robust finishing, this lock is a perfect example of what a German-made sentinel is composed of. With its luminous keys and its Black Granit is finishing, this lock is also very highly resistant to corrosion

  1. Abloy PL362

This is a very large lock that offers you that feeling of security along with some peace of mind. It has a disk detainer system that holds more than 2 billion key combinations. It is virtually undecodable with any ordinary decoder. It comes with a top-loaded cylinder for strong drill resistance.

Also, note that it has a grade 6 hardened steel body with boron steel shackles and shoulders that are raised. It can resist attacks such as grinding, cutting, drilling, and prying. Its keyway is far recessed in its body, making it very hard to pick. You could say that this is the smaller version of Sargent lock, but in some ways more practical for locking other items as well.

  1. Abus 26/80 Diskus Padlock

If you prefer a disc padlock over a long shackle model, this is the best one available. There are two versions of this lock available in the 80 mm size, the 20/80 and 26/80.

Note that the main difference between the two locks is the core. Model 20/80 features the flagship ABUS-Plus disc cylinder while model 26/80 features ABUS’ drill & pull-resistant cylinder. Therefore, model 20/80 offers better security, and it costs more.

For use with moving trucks, model 26/80 is more than enough lock, and it is a much better overall lock than the U-Haul disc lock or similar Master Lock. Note that one of the advantages of choosing a disc padlock is how easy it is to operate.

The key-retaining feature makes sure you never separate the key from the lock while it is open, and the design makes for smooth operation to avoid any annoying issues.

Several final highlights of the 26/80 are it is made in Germany, scores 8/10 on the ABUS security scale, and the hardened alloy steel shackle provides superior protection. All things considered, if you desire a disc padlock for maximum security during your move, this is the lock to check out first.

  1. Stanley Hardened Steel Lock

Shrouded and hardened, this item is at ASTM Security Grade 4. Its hardened steel body is made for protection from attacks, and its Molybdenum steel shackle is able to resist sawing and cutting attacks as well. Note that this lock is also upgradeable with its changeable core.

Affordable and robust, it is a favorite among budget-conscious and quality seeking users. It has built-in hard plates that resist drilling, and with its Schlage 6 pin score and security driver pins, allows you to have some added peace of mind. In the event that you might need more security, you can always repin the padlock or reorder the core.

  1. American Lock A701 Rekeyable Solid Steel Padlock

This is a great overall lock that works with the most common types of moving trucks. Just like the ABUS lock, the main feature offered by the A701 is increased vertical clearance below the shackle. This ensures you don’t run into any annoying compatibility issues at the last minute.

In terms of the materials, the A701 sports a chrome-plated solid steel lock body to hold up against the most brutal physical attacks and nasty weather & road conditions. Another excellent touch is the hardened boron alloy steel shackle that resists cuts by bolt cutters like a champ.

Nonetheless, remember that all padlocks can be cut using power tools, especially locks with exposed shackles. One final consideration is the cylinder.

The A701 provides a choice between a 5-pin and 6-pin brass cylinder, so if you choose better resistance against picking, be sure to choose the 6-pin version. In addition, either version gives you better protection than the 4-pin cylinder commonly used in Master Locks and other budget padlocks.

  1. Medeco M3 5/16 Shrouded Padlock

This padlock boasts of boron alloy steel shackle that resists cutting as it also exhibits great tensile strength by effectively holding off pulling attacks. Note that the alloy itself ensures that the shackle remains ductile and will not become brittle.

It is right of the bat, a high-security solution for many applications including indoor or outdoor. The Medeco M3 core design has a triple locking action which makes it impervious to picking.

The cylinder is made out of hardened stainless steel containing inserts to repel against drilling, pulling, and all kinds of attacks. Key programs are patented to prevent unauthorized duplication. Notably, the hardened steel shroud even protects the hardened steel shackle which makes it doubly secure from cutting

  1. Abus 83CS/55-300 Rekeyable Padlock

The Abus 83CS’s body and shackle are made of hardened steel which makes it very resistant to corrosion. Have it in mind that the shackle is protected by a solid steel guard to resist blunt force attacks. This item comes with a fast rekeying process which saves you time and effort of having to deal with many variants for other shackle lengths or key retention.

Also note that this lock doesn’t release your key when it is not locked, thus adding to the security of your key from being lost or misplaced.

The ABUS 83CS can also be converted from key retaining to non-key retaining within seconds. Its Nano protects plating technology further reinforces this lock’s resistance to corrosion. The shrouded shackle on this lock makes it bolt-cutter-proof.