There are several skilled trades that an aspiring entrepreneur can learn and then start a thriving business with. A skilled trade is a career path that requires hands-on work and specialist knowledge. A blue-collar worker refers to workers who engage in hard manual labor, typically agriculture, manufacturing, construction, mining, or maintenance.

Interestingly, economic instability hardly affects skilled trade businesses because their service offerings are essential. For example, if you have an electrical fault in your house, if you don’t have the required skills, you will be endangering your life by trying to fix the fault yourself. Having said that, here are some of the best-skilled trades to start a business with.

What are the Best Skilled Trades to Start a Business?

  1. Aluminum Works Technician

Aluminum doors and windows are basically doors and windows made from aluminum materials and in some cases, these doors are bulletproof and are used in situations where security is of top priority. It is a known fact that the market for aluminum doors and windows has continued to soar. If you are however considering starting an aluminum door and window manufacturing business, then you must be ready to learn the ropes.

  1. Automotive Electronic Accessory Technician

Automotive electronic accessory technicians specialize in the electrical and electronic components of cars, buses, and trucks, including stereo and air conditioning systems. Their tasks include inspecting, diagnosing, repairing, and servicing these vehicles.

Please note that the automotive electronic accessory technician apprenticeship consists of 3,000 hours of on-the-job training. Apprentices must also complete one 8-week in-class technical training session. Once you have successfully completed the apprenticeship requirements, you receive a Certificate of Apprenticeship and are considered a journeyperson candidate.

  1. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Technician or Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer

Paintless dent repair (PDR), which is popularly called paintless dent removal, is a method of removing minor dents from the body of automobiles. A host of body damage in automobiles can be repaired using Paintless dent repair (PDR) techniques as long as the paint surface is intact.

PDR may be used on both aluminum and steel panels. Even though starting a paintless dent repair business does not need significant investment capital, you would definitely need solid planning to keep your business profitable.

  1. Solar Panel Repair Technician

Another skilled trade business that an aspiring entrepreneur should consider starting is the solar panel repair business. Solar energy has become one of the most reliable sources of power supply, especially in the operation of lifts in commercial buildings.

The market for solar panels is increasing and it is indeed still open for new investors to come in. If you are thinking of starting a business that is into the production of technological components, then you should consider starting a solar panel manufacturing company.

  1. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC) Technician

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) business offer product care services such as Air conditioning system installation (except window units), Air vent installation, Furnace conversions (i.e. from one fuel to another), Refrigeration system (e.g. commercial, industrial or scientific) installation,

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors, Furnace humidifier installation, Natural gas fireplace installation, Ductwork (e.g. cooling, dust collection, exhaust, heating, and ventilation) installation, Ventilation equipment installation, Heating and ventilation system component (e.g. air registers, diffusers, and filters) installation et al.

  1. Mason

Another best-skilled trade that is thriving all across the world is the mason trade. A Mason is a construction professional who works with various materials on a job, specifically stone, concrete, and tile. They build items and they can identify issues like cracks in mortar or water damage from tiny fissures between stones.

They construct block, stone, and brick walls, manholes, chimneys, columns, partitions, and other structures by establishing grades, setting lines, constructing forms, determining and mixing or supervising the mixing of cement or mortar, pouring footings or foundation, and laying block, stone, and brick.

Some of the required skills and/or qualifications include excellent communication skills, physical fitness, strength, and stamina; good mathematical and problem-solving skills, profound knowledge of related tools, and masonry techniques; equipment and materials, color vision, and dexterity.

  1. Plumbers, Pipefitters/Steamfitters

Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters install and repair piping fixtures and systems. Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters work in factories, homes, businesses, and other places where there are pipes and related systems. Plumbers are often on call for emergencies, so evening and weekend work is common.

Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters are responsible for inspecting the workplace, clearing obstructions, and preparing materials and equipment. Studying blueprints and planning pipe systems and related equipment installations. Using a variety of tools to modify pipes to specifications. Measuring and marking pipes for cutting and threading.

  1. Welding and Fabrication Technician

When we look around where we work or reside, we will sure note items that were produced by a wielder or have been through a welding process. This is why the services of a skilled wielder will always be needed and the craft will keep getting attractive.

Whether you are aiming to start a career in the welding industry, or you are already gaining a living from the same industry, just understand that there will always be demand for the services of a welder. It is believed that the wielding industry is one industry that shows a substantial return on your investment at every turn and moment. When starting a welding business, you need to go for welding training.

  1. Automotive Painter

An auto body painter is a professional who applies paint via brushes or spray, on different vehicles such as trucks, cars, boats, and ships among others. Auto body painters are responsible for two main tasks: polishing old or damaged surfaces and coating or painting new cars.

  1. Diamond Cutting and Polishing Technician

Diamond cutting and polishing business is one business that is not common, but it has a very high-profit margin. People that are involved in the cutting and polishing of diamonds would admit that they are making huge returns on their investment.

If you intend to start a diamond cutting and polishing business, then you must take out time to learn the trade because the truth is that it only takes someone who has the technical skills and one who can truly differentiate between various grades and quality of diamond to be able to make it big in this line of business.

  1. Drone Repair Technician

Since the advent of drone technology, a whole lot of business opportunities have been created around the industry and drone repair service is one of them. Those that are involved in drone repair services are known to repair all types of drones from different manufacturers since the technology in drones is pretty much similar.

The fact that people and businesses are beginning to make use of drones for various purposes on a daily basis means that the drones would need to be serviced and repaired when damaged for peak performance. This is because you can never rule out wear and tear when a machine is in use.

  1. Watch and Jewelry Repair Technician

Watch and jewelry repair technician provides watch and jewelry repair services, including sizing, polishing, and battery replacement amongst other related services. Firms in the industry also offer other repair and rental services and resell of refurbished merchandise and parts. Please note that jewelry repair shops are stand-alone shops that do not sell new watches or jewelry.

As a watch and jewelry repair technician you can operate physical watch and jewelry repair stores (brick-and-mortar stores) which allow customers to bring in their watches and jewelry for repair, and virtual watch and jewelry repair stores (online jewelry repair stores) which allow customers to mail in their watches and jewelry that need repairs.

  1. Laser Engraving Technician

Laser engraving technician engraves designs, numbers, or text on a broad range of surfaces (e.g. plaques, jerseys, trophies, invitations, firearms, electronics, laptops, and industrial ID tags et al) for consumers and businesses. Laser engraving permanently marks an item, providing a check and balance against counterfeit products or replicas.

In ID cards, multilayer formats are used to alter the color of the lower layer’s pigments without affecting the top transparent layer. This ensures a product is safe from fraud, produces high-quality images and text, is tamper-proof, and is customizable to each organization’s needs. Needless to say, laser engraving has become an important tool in parts identification, inventory control and tracking, safety, and warning notification, and loss prevention.

  1. Locksmith

Locksmiths provide essential services such as cutting keys, re-key locks, maintaining and repairing old locks, helping people gain access to their cars, houses, safes, and offices when they misplace their keys.

Although a locksmith business is considered to be a small-scale business, it is regulated by the government to ensure that criminal elements don’t take advantage of people. There are various aspects you can specialize in as a locksmith, you can specialize as a residential door locksmith, automotive locksmith, or a safe locksmith.

  1. Auto Mechanic

All over the world, car repair is one business that never goes into extinction. This is because daily, fleets of cars are being added to the garages of people and so whether it is a brand-new car or a fairly used one, you can be sure that sometime in the future car repair would become inevitable.

Auto mechanics repair automotive engines, exhaust systems, mufflers, brakes, wheels and radiators for cars, trucks, vans, trailers et al.

  1. Graphic Designer

If you are a graphic designer, there is no limit to the amount you can make as a professional especially if you know how to generate great business ideas. The truth is that many talented graphic designers (graphic artists) get stranded because they lack innovative ideas to transform their talents (skills) into a money-making venture.

The fact that you are a graphic designer does not in any way restrict you to a certain way of doing business. First and foremost, you must have mastered the skill, and then you should look outside the box. Looking outside the box could mean that you should also acquire complementary skills like video editing and video coverage skills et al.

  1. Handyman

A handyman business is one that provides a wide range of services needed for the maintenance of buildings and properties. The services provided by a handyman include plumbing, electrical works, carpentry, painting, heating, and cooling services, and other building and property maintenance and repair works.

The handyman business is becoming more popular in recent times because people are becoming creative with ways of making money. The creation of this business was as a result of people losing their jobs and the increasing number of people who want to set up their own businesses.

  1. Powder Coating/Metal Plating & Treating Technician

Powder coating simply means covering an object (metal objects) with a polyester or epoxy powder, then applying heat to enable it to fuse into a protective layer thereby making the object highly durable and rust-free.

In launching this type of business, you would need a powder coating spray booth with adequate ventilation, exhaust ducts, spray guns, a curing oven, workbenches and vices, IR Curing Lamps, a Performance Deflector, a Tub, and an area big enough for drying the objects coated.

  1. Cabinet Makers

Cabinetmakers fabricate and repair wooden furniture, and fit and assemble prepared wooden parts to make furniture. Please note that some cabinet makers may specialize in antique furniture reproducers, antique furniture restorers, chair and couch makers, and coffin makers.

Cabinet makers focus on the finer details which usually means that cabinet makers concentrate on internal fittings, such as bookcases and cabinets, whereas carpenters usually deal with larger external projects.

  1. Personal Chef

A personal chef is a male or a female who is hired by different households for the purpose of preparing meals in the clients’ home kitchens, based on their nutrition and feeding needs and preferences. Usually what the personal chef does for his or her clients is to come up with a customized meal plan, purchase the necessary groceries, prepare and package the meal, and thereafter clean up the kitchen.

In most cases, the chef prepares meals that can serve the family/household for a week or so and the prepared meals are well – packaged in containers to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Personal chefs also prepare meals for dinner parties and other special events, which means that they are also responsible for groceries shopping, preparing the meal, serving the guests and cleaning up the kitchen.

  1. Draftsperson

The Draftsperson is responsible for the preparation of architectural designs and drawings using AutoCAD and REVIT and ensuring that design drawings conform to the specifications provided. Preparing both rough sketches and detailed work with CADD systems.

Performing calculations for materials and weight limitations. Communicating with architects and engineers, and incorporating knowledge gained into drawings. Preparing, reviewing, and redrafting alongside the engineering team. Please note that there are distinctions between the work of a draftsperson and an architect.

An architect may be involved in a project from start to finish, helping out with anything from planning, design, and documentation, to contract administration and project management. In contrast, a draftsman is someone who produces drawings for construction projects, whether it is a brand-new build or a renovation.

  1. Electrician

As an electrician, you are responsible for assembling, evaluating, testing, and maintaining electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, and apparatus. Troubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning equipment, appliances, and apparatus.

Install, maintain and repair electrical, electromechanical, and electronic parts of machinery and equipment. Electrical techs work with building contractors and architects to plan and design electrical systems for new construction. They are responsible for maintaining already installed systems, and making repairs.

  1. Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic

Hydraulic and pneumatic technicians are sometimes called fluid power technicians because they maintain and repair equipment and machines that use pressurized fluids to carry power from one place to another. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are two types of fluid power systems.

A hydraulic mechanic can work in a shop, factory, or any other industrial environment. As a hydraulic mechanic, you disassemble and repair hydraulic pumps, motors, and related parts. Your responsibilities include troubleshooting equipment problems and identifying issues with hydraulic systems within larger machines.

  1. Horticultural Technician

A Horticultural Technician grows, installs, and maintains indoor and outdoor plants, builds urban and rural landscapes, maintains outdoor properties, cares for turfgrass and golf courses, and installs and maintains irrigation systems.

Horticulturists must have extensive knowledge about trees, flowers, vegetables, nuts, bushes, and fruits, and should have innate math and science skills. They should also be able to identify plants, plant pests, and the ideal growth conditions for plants. Some horticulturists may work on the development of novel varieties of plants.

  1. Sheet Metal Technician

Another best-skilled trade that is thriving all across the world is sheet metal technician and a business that is built around this skilled trade is bound to thrive if properly located. Sheet metal workers fabricate or install products that are made from thin metal sheets. Sheet metal workers often lift heavy materials and stand for long periods of time. Those who install sheet metal must often bend, climb, and squat.

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