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3 Best Types of Home Daycare Insurance

Are you thinking of the best insurance for your newly launched home daycare business? If YES, here are 3 best types of home daycare insurance. According to detailed reports, around 6 out of 10 children aged 5 and under required child care last year, with around 6.7 million children attending some sort of daycare program.

If you own one out of the thousands of daycare businesses operating around, your business model is not complete until you find a suitable daycare insurance policy to protect you from liability if you ever face a lawsuit or claim. Daycare centers are known to provide care to babies and children while their parents are working.

There are some that offer part-time drop-in care while parents are exercising, shopping, or doing other activities, while others offer before-school or after-school care for older children. Services include at least one meal a day, snacks, activities, naps, indoor and outdoor play areas, and various learning opportunities. They may also take students on field trips.

Prescribed medication can be administered, but most daycare centers do not have staff nurses. Operations are generally subject to state licensing, although some states exempt those serving a small number of children or those run by religious institutions. The license issued establishes the number and ages of children who can be cared for, as well as the adult to child ratio.

Daycare insurance puts a limit or shield between the business and the potential harm that can result if you or one of your employees find yourselves facing a liability case. Owners of daycare centers and in-home child care providers should have special business insurance that meets the unique requirements of their businesses.

Owing to the litigious nature of the modern world, daycare businesses are at risk of being sued by parents for accidents, injuries, or allegations of abuse or neglect. Even if legal action is baseless and the suing party ends up not being awarded any monetary damages in court, the fallout still costs the business in terms of legal fees to defend itself from the claim.

Having an excellent home daycare insurance plan is a unique opportunity to leverage on the trust you already have with your clients and demonstrate your value. Nonetheless, here are the 3 main types of home child care insurance that will make you stand out.

What are the 3 Best Types of Home Daycare Insurance?

  1. In-Home Daycare Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is also known as “slip and fall” insurance. It covers you in situations where someone not connected to your business is injured. Out of the various types of home daycare insurance, this is the one that covers “the three P’s” – physical, personal, and property.

  • Physical Injury

Just imagine a child twists his ankle while playing on the slide at your daycare. Although your equipment is regarded to be safe and you can prove that the child was supervised, you could potentially be held responsible for the costs associated with a hospital visit, cast, and physical therapy. Once you have solid general liability insurance, you won’t need to worry about paying out-of-pocket in this or any situation of physical injury to a third party on your premises.

  • Property Damage

Have it in mind that every day care is stocked with supplies, furniture, and some important pieces of equipment for running the business, including a computer and sound system. Note that taking care of active kids’ entails property damage is a daily possibility. Not to worry-under a general liability insurance plan tailored for childcare providers, property damage is covered. Other forms of damage including vandalism, falling objects, and water damage are also generally included.

  • Personal Injury

Also note that slandering (inadvertently) or being the subject of slander is always a possibility in business. Personal injury, also known as reputational harm, means damage your professional name and reputation. Have it in mind that the effects can be costly-according to a recent study; reputational harm is the most expensive category of all insurance claims. If you plan to advertise the benefits of your daycare on the internet and social media, you will feel great knowing that your general liability insurance policy protects you from unexpected lawsuits in this category.

  1. Homeowner Policy Insurance

It is common for everyone to want to protect their home, but an in-home daycare provider has even more reasons to consider doing so. Note that you will be covered in cases of loss or damage of property, theft, vandalism, fire, and storm damage. Furthermore, if children or employees are injured on your property, you may have a lawsuit to navigate – these legal costs would be covered by Homeowner Policy Insurance.

  1. Errors & Omissions Insurance for Daycare

Error & Omissions coverage is also very crucial to consider for anyone offering professional in-home daycare services. E+O (also known as “Malpractice Insurance” or “Professional Liability Insurance“) is a safeguard against those unpredictable days where an employee makes a mistake or a parent misunderstands the terms of your service. Note that the extra coverage of this subcategory of daycare liability insurance will offer you the peace of mind you need to succeed.