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How to Gain Access to Billionaire Mentorship and Advice FREE

Are you about starting a business and you need tested, proven advice from doers? If YES, here is exactly how to gain access to billionaire mentorship for FREE.

Who is better to learn from than someone who has been there and done what you aim to achieve? There’s a popular saying that “No Man is an island.” To succeed in life, you need people to help you—to hold your hands and show you the way. You will get to your destination faster this way than when you are left to find your way alone in the dark.

Everyone needs a mentor. Name any successful person you know and I will show you who their mentor is/was. A mentor is very crucial to your success; he would guide you, offer you necessary advice, and even kick your ass at times when it seems like you are beginning to slack. Even if you want to be engaged in illegal vices / businesses, you still need a mentor.

Mentors are always there to respond to your many questions and are bent on ensuring your success. And if you are lucky enough, you can make a solid friendship out of your mentor relationship.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is usually someone who has attained—or even surpassed—the level that you desire you attain. So, if you are settling for a billionaire mentorship program; your mentor has to be a billionaire. But it’s not certain that you would find a lot of billionaires lying around waiting for you. It would really take a lot of effort and hard work on yours part to find a billionaire mentor. This guide seeks to make the process a bit easier for you.

How to Gain Access to Billionaire Mentorship and Advice FREE

1. Identify potential mentors

First, you have to make a list of at least five billionaires that you desire to have as your mentor. Try to think up some names of successful people in the industry where you desire to operate in, and include those names in your list of potential mentors.

If you are not too familiar with names, you can use online search tools to dig up some names or ask around from people who would know. It is important that you pick mentors that are within your geographical location (if possible), as this would guarantee easier accessibility. However, if you have access to the internet, you can pick just about anyone as your mentor.

2. Contact them

The next step involves contacting your potential billionaire mentors to begin a mentorship relationship with them. The best way to initiate contact with a billionaire contact is through e-mail. If you are lucky enough to get their personal e-mail addresses, shoot each of them an email, stating what you want. Getting e-mail addresses of popular people is not so difficult if you have access to the internet.

Another way to initiate contact is by visiting their offices. You can try to get an appointment to be able to see and talk to them about who you are, what you are trying to achieve and why. Don’t be afraid to initiate contact (these people are not monsters). In fact, most of them are always eager to help young ones become successful too. You can also get to meet them by attending networking events, conferences and seminars.

3. Offer your mentor something

One of the fastest ways to grab a potential mentor’s attention is to figure out ways you can use your skills and knowledge to help them. Don’t be of the mindset that they know and have it all because they are billionaires. They don’t. And trust me, you have something to offer them. You could work for them free, you could come up with some ideas to develop their business, or even connect them with someone else who could be of help.

4. Request for their mentorship

After establishing an initial relationship your potential billionaire mentor, you may start making your intentions known, and start receiving mentorship advice and training from them. Always feel free to ask any questions that you may have, and provide feedback so that they are motivated to continue to be your mentor.

5. Shadow the Billionaire

Another way you can gain from a billionaire mentorship program is to shadow your mentor. This means that you should try to emulate his way of doing things, his strategies, and methods. Read books written by him or listen to his tapes and recordings to know what his opinions about certain things are. You would find out that just by doing that, you would be able to learn a few things without having direct contact or communication with your mentor.

6. Have the Billionaire mindset

Lastly, you should always try to think, talk and act like a billionaire. Successful people always have a mindset of positivity and this is something you must always try to imbibe in your journey to becoming the next celebrated billionaire.