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10 Best Bins to Store Medicine for Pharmacy in 2023

Plastics are more commonly used as storage bins for most types of pharmaceutical drugs due to the several advantages they possess over glass containers. Plastic bins are, or may be in direct contact with pharmaceutical formulations, they are usually made of materials which do not include any substance that can alter the efficacy or stability of the formulation, or present a risk of toxicity.

Wholesalers and pharmacies are required to transport and store medicinal products in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Pharmaceuticals are highly susceptible to degradation and the quality of the pharmaceutical products directly affects its response and effectiveness. Therefore it is very important to ensure that the storage material is suitable.

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Note that storage bins are very important as they provide protection, helps in identification, improves the convenience of transporting and provides information about the content without physically interfering with the product itself.

The term “plastic” is a general term used to describe a group of non-metallic substances, of natural, semi-synthetic or synthetic origins, consisting chiefly of one or more organic compounds (polymer) of high molecular weight, which can be moulded into the desired shapes and hardened for use when subjected to heat or pressure, with or without the addition of some additives. Plastics constitute about 20% of weight of all pharmaceutical packaging.

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Typically, plastic containers are made of organic materials whose molecules have high molar masses and are composed of a large number of repeating relatively small units referred to as monomers. Note that when these monomers undergo a process known as polymerization, a plastic or a sequentially joined long chain of polymer is formed.

According to reports, this process of polymerization may involve various chemicals which assist the process, such as accelerators, initiators, solvents and catalysts, and as a result, are present in small degree in the plastic formed. These, if found in the plastic after polymerization are generally referred to as process residues.

So many environmental factors affect the quality and efficiency of Pharmaceuticals. Variability in temperatures is a major cause of damage to various types of Pharmaceutical products. But plastic bins help in maintaining the temperature and does not cause any increase or decrease in the temperature under any conditions.

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Plastic bins have proven to withstand high levels of humidity so that the packaging remains intact. Plastic bins also protect against particular contamination. Some contents are photosensitive and get degraded on exposure to light. Special containers should be prepared for such kind of products.

What are the Best Bins to Store Medicine for Pharmacy?

Storage bins can be classified on the basis of their utility, however, here are top storage bins used by pharmacies in the United States.

  1. FrameWRX plastic bin

This pharmacy shelving bin is an efficient method for storing pharmaceuticals and drugs. These pharmacy bin storage units use a steel framework with multiple sizes and types of wire and plastic bins to store and manage medications and pharmaceuticals. The FrameWRX storage system can be placed on sliding or rolling tracks to maximize storage space if desired. FrameWRX plastic bin shelving is a flexible option for all types of pharmacies.

  1. Magnum bin

This bin comes with inventory control and colour code efficiency. It is also an ideal storage for large parts, Extra heavy, double wall thickness, and can stack on top of each other. Magnum Bins are made from high density polypropylene. Built with thick double wall, strong and made for heavy parts or items in bulk.

  1. High alert bins

This bin boasts of reducing the chance of dispensing errors with each bin coming with a clear lid and a set of three labels, “High Alert”, “High Alert Insulin” and “Stop! Potential Error Double Check” in highly visible red and white. The small size fits the Flex Rx and Classic Rx shelves and is perfect for storing high risk items on pharmacy shelves.

  1. Clear Plastic Bins

These bins are the industry standard for quality and are impervious to most chemicals. This Tri-clear polypropylene bins come with built-in rear hang lock allows bin to tilt out for complete access when on shelving and a wide hopper front allows complete access to the contents of the bin.

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These bins can be divided side to side creating up to 8 compartments in a bin and are perfect for the storage of pharmacy supplies, sterile wraps, or nurse station supplies. There are tough, durable, high density shelf bins are the industry standard for quality. They are designed for 12”, 18” and 24” deep shelf units, racks or standard shelving.

  1. Clear QUS Series Bins

This strong and high quality clear bin comes with large label slots and a built -in rear hanger that allows it to hang from louvered panels or rails. With dividers that maximize flexibility and keep contents organized, it also boasts of a stacking ledge and anti-slide lock that keeps stacked bins steady and prevent forward shifting.

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Any pharmacy can effectively organise their inventory with strong injection molded polypropylene bins. Optional clear injection molded crystal styrene window increases bin capacity and provides quick view of bin contents.

  1. 15 Gallon Chem-Tainer Storage Bin

This new 15 Gallon Open Top Storage Bin is designed for use as in-house handling of vitamins, powders, granules and other assorted pharmaceutical products. It is also a seamless one-piece construction, lightweight, yet sturdy, nest-able to save on valuable floor space.

  1. Quantum QTB Series Tip Out Bins

This Space saving bin units keep small and medium sized parts organized, sorted and easy to find. These clear, break resistant injection molded plastic containers tip open smoothly to a 45° angle and are completely removable for easy access and refilling. Molded handle has slots for labels provided. Bins are easily cleaned with soap and water. Polystyrene cabinet can be stacked or wall mounted.

  1. Wire Mesh Bins

With an open hopper design for easy access to product, these new patented wire mesh bins are an industry exclusive. All bins have a nickel-chrome finish with a 3/8” x 3/8” grid pattern allowing complete visibility. Quantum’s Mesh Bins have a rear hanger that allows them to hang from any louvered wall panel or rail system. Optional side hangers (sold separately) allow bins stack one on top of the other.

  1. Quantum Waterproof Series Bins

With a built in rear hanger that allows the bins to hang from louvered panels, this waterproof bins resist rust and corrosion. These bins come with optional clear plastic window that increases capacity, provides quick view of contents. Dividers maximize flexibility and keep contents organized. Wide stacking ledge and anti-slide lock keep stacked bins steady and prevent forward shifting.

  1. Plastic Stack Bins

This strong polypropylene made bins comes with a hanger to fit rails or louvered panel. It is water, rust and corrodes proof, and also Unaffected by weak acids and alkali. Quantum’s Stackable Shelf Bins are an industry first and are ideal for medium, large or heavy duty item storage. You have the ability to truly maximize storage space with these Stackable shelf Bins.

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Plastic containers are commonly used in the storing of Pharmaceuticals. While selecting a plastic container for pharmaceutical storage, it is imperative to know the full manufacturing formula of the plastic, including all additives used during the manufacturing process. This is to enable you assess and eliminate potential hazards, thus making sure that the bin is suitable for its intended use.