Are you a tattoo artist wondering what type of black tattoo ink is best to use? If YES, here are 10 best black tattoo inks in 2023. Tattoos are one of the purest forms of art. For proper expression and a perfect image, it is indeed necessary that all the factors contributing to a good tattoo are taken care of before getting started. These factors include the creativity of the artist, the efficiency of the machine used and the tattoo ink.

Indeed, drawing awesome tattoos depends on the expertise of the artist, the quality of the machine as well as the choice of tattoo inks used. With a lot of different products in the market today, picking the “best” black tattoo ink might be quite tricky.

Most of the premium tattoo ink brands in the world today keep on hammering on providing organic pigmentations, sterility and vegan friendly ingredients, but note that the prices of their offerings are somewhat in the same range.

The black tattoo ink is for all tattoo artists. It doesn’t matter whether you are an apprentice or an expert – this is necessarily a must have. The black tattoo ink is as important to an artist, as the cooking tools are as important to a chef.

It has multiple usages, it is practical, almost every tattoo design includes black colours, and most (if not all) outlines are done with this colour ink too. Tattoo artists and enthusiasts are often in an unending quest of finding the perfect tattoo inks for their art. Of the multiple possible options of black tattoo inks in the market, here are some of the best to pick from.

What is the Best Black Tattoo Ink to Use in 2023?

  1. Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink

With a rich history dating back to the 90s, and a renowned reputation for being specifically suitable for creating lasting tribal tattoos, the dynamic brand is well known for creating black pigments that goes into the skin easily and maintains the boldness and darkness even after healing.

Weighing 8 ounces and a dimension of 6 x 6 x 6, this product brings quite a lot to the table. Note that any artist who intends to draw tattoos with clear and concise lines and lovely shades that lasts long should consider the dynamic black ink.

In addition, users have shown their satisfaction with the quality of this ink in their user reviews. It is hypoallergenic and users love the fact that it goes in dark and heals dark without causing any allergic reactions. Other users also claimed it is not too thin or too thick and that is a very good quality of a lining ink.

  1. Kokkai Sumi Tattoo Black Lining Tribal Shading Ink

This is one of the best inks for drawing tribal tattoos. It is very thin. This thin nature helps it go in the skin very easy. It is made by the tattoo masters of Japan. Lining, shading and drawing tribal tattoos are the major features of this black ink. Users have expressed that it is a very good ink for practice. Individuals just starting out can really give it a try.

  1. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

If you intend to get a tattoo ink that delivers fade and dark shades with an outstanding colour saturation, the Kuro Sumi brand has delivered yet another masterpiece for making pure art on the skin. Note that it is made from purely natural ingredients with emphasis being placed on preventing irritation of the skin or other allergic reactions.

Notably, users have claimed that it is as though the ink were created specifically for sensitive skins. Balancing in tone and shade is a very important feature sought after by every tattoo artist. That feature seems to be the major selling point of the Kuro Sumi Tattoo ink.

  1. Black Dynamite Viking Ink

The black dynamite is one of the many offerings from the stables of the Viking-inks who offers ultra fine pigments for realistic tattoos and other solid fillers. Note that the black dynamite is lightweight in texture, very suitable for different purposes and easy to penetrate the skin. In addition, the ink have no clogs, no blowouts, no splatters or drips and the machines hold it well when in use. The black colour also retained even after a long time after application.

  1. Mom’s Tattoo Ink – Black Onyx

The Millennium Moms black onyx tattoo ink which comes in a ½ ounce 7 bottle set upholds the reputation of the Mom’s ink brand for providing top quality vibrant colour inks as well as UV and backlight sensitive ink. Aside from having top quality black ink, Millennium Mom’s tattoo ink also offers other vibrant colours of inks to help the more creative or stylish tattoo artist play around with different colours while trying to work their magic.

Also note that the black ink from Millennium Moms is renowned as its colour is being used by renowned artists like Murphy and Marcus Kuhn. Its lasting dark colour has continuously received praises from different users. It is very suitable for stick and poke tattoo styles.

  1. Allegory Premium Lining And Shading Tattoo Ink

Versatility by being able to work as both lining and shading is what the Allegory Premium ink brings to the table for every artist. After enormous research and consultations involving the very best tattoo artists, scientists and tattoo enthusiasts, The Allegory Company came up with this two-in-one package. If you get your hands on this black ink, you need not buy different inks for lining and shading any longer.

However, depending on the tattoo to be drawn as the preference of the artist, this ink can be used directly from the bottle i.e. as an undiluted ink or can be mixed with water to a desired shade. It offers smooth and silky designs on the surface of the skin without giving any allergic reactions due to its vegan-friendly ingredients.

  1. Bloodline Tattoo Ink

If you found the bloodline tattoo ink, then you’ve gotten just what you need. Weighing just around 1 ounce and having a very thick texture, the bloodline all purpose black tattoos is ideal for different purposes, ranging from outlining to tribal works.

In addition, users have claimed that it is great in the skin, doesn’t cause any reactions or does it just leak out of the skin like some inks do. Other users also appreciate the very dark shade of the ink indicating that to suit whatever intended purpose one would just have to dilute accordingly to the required shade.

  1. Hawink Tattoo Ink

The hawking brand is indeed a new brand in the tattoo ink industry. However, their product promises to deliver professional pigmented colours made sterile by gamma rays. The build materials of the pigments are such that it allows the pigment stable for easy absorption into the skin and ensuring that it doesn’t fade after a while.

Also note that the water solubility allows for easy colour up, low consumption and a long duration. It blends well with other washes and is hence suitable for shading and lining. Even with all good features and reviews about this product, users have reported cases of improper packaging where bottles were supplied without mixing balls and defective lids. It is also great for use by beginners.

  1. Starbrite Black Tattoo Ink

Starbrite tattoo inks offers about 150 shades of colours. They are brightly coloured, have consistent flow and very safe. Also note that artists who are particular about constancy flow and smoothness have picked out this product as the go-to product for those attributes.

Also FDA-certified, it is tested to be sterile and helps the healing process while maintaining colour throughout. Most users assert that this product is definitely worth its price as they claimed it is money well spent. As a result the Starbrite colours tattoo ink is recommended.

  1. Intenze Tattoo Ink Zuper Black

Zuper black tattoo is well known for its deep dark shade and texture. This feature makes it very ideal for one very important task; Packing in ink. It is by far the darkest and deepest ink produced by Intenze. It is not the best product for tribal’s or lining. The ink is not very good for lines because of its thickness.

Note that any attempt to use this ink for lining will make the lines very blown out thus defeating the purpose of lining. This thick nature also makes it hard to make gray wash with this ink. Owing to the dark and thick texture, this intenze tattoo ink is highly recommended for any artistic activity involving packing in ink.

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