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20 Best Business ideas Aimed at Babies and Kids

Do you love children and want to start a business focused on babies or kids? If YES, here are 20 best small business ideas aimed at babies & children. Babies are a wonder to behold.

This is one of the reasons why there are a lot of businesses that are centered on babies. There are a lot of businesses that are themed after babies that one can delve into and make profit. Here are 20 highly lucrative small business ideas you can start with low capital.

Best Business ideas Aimed at Babies and Kids

  1. Baby Care Product Retailing

This is one of the most lucrative businesses targeted at babies. Baby care product retailing businesses can be started with low capital. It is best to start this kind of business from the scratch and you can either start from the retail store or you can sell online. Ideally, you should start this kind of business with locally recognized brands.

  1. Baby Food Selling

Baby food is an essential commodity and you won’t run short of customers and market when you start this business. Also, in the baby food selling business, you can expect a lot of repeat sales. You can start up this business with a substantial capital investment. You can sell from your own retail outlet.

  1. Baby Furniture Renting

Many parents don’t want to go through the stress of having to buy baby furniture, instead they prefer to get it on rent. This is because as the baby grows, those furniture items become useless for them. This business can be run from home and also on a part time basis.

4. Baby Room Designing

This business is a perfect choice if you are a professional interior designer, so it is much easier for someone with requisite experience in the interior design field to start this business. You can start this business with small startup capital and it can be run from home.

5. Creche

This business is booming at the moment due to the need for parents to work while their babies are kept in good hands. It is also becoming popular due to the growing number of earning couples. The crèche serves as the only option available for a working mother.

However, to thrive in this business one must ensure customer satisfaction. Proper care must be given to the babies in your care while you maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness.

6. Diapers and Napkins

Diapers and Napkins represent one of baby’s highest used disposable items. The diapers and napkins market is a growing one. The growth and popularity is due to the increasing awareness of hygiene and user friendliness. However, this business requires good capital investment in procuring inventory.

7. Kids Store

This is one of the most profitable small business ideas aimed at babies. There are so many popular kid store brands in the market. Also, you have the option of either purchasing a franchise of a popular brand or starting your new brand from the scratch.

8. Pre-School

This is the best business in the education sector aimed at babies. Education is important to a child’s life especially in their early life, therefore parents don’t take the education of their babies with levity. The Pre-School focuses on providing real life exposure to children while they learn various skills.

9. Toys Selling

This should be topping the list of small business aimed at babies because all kids like toys. This makes it a very lucrative business to venture into. Soft toys, dolls, balloon toys, and electronic toys are the popular toy item for babies. You can start this business by selling from a retail store or selling from your own shop online.

10. Open a Gift Shop

A gift shop is a small business that is aimed at babies and guarantee you profit with little stress. This is one business you should start once you have profit making in mind. Our kids love gifts and the gift shop is a place where various gift items good enough for your kids can be bought.

To start this type of business, it will be great to stock up your shop with a wide range of products from different manufacturers, including handmade products. Your location also determines the success of the business. One of the things that you may consider doing before starting this business is to sample the views of people about the types of gifts people love to give. This way you will know what to invest in as you start out.

11. Retailing of Beverages

Starting a beverage store is a smart alternative to operating a provisions store as you can solely focus on selling beverages.

This business has babies as one of its target as babies need to consume beverages during their development. Variety is the spice of life as it will be good to stock your store with different varieties of beverages for your customers to choose from.

12. Retailing of Children’s Educational Materials

Another profitable small business idea aimed at babies is the retailing of children’s educational materials. The good thing about this business is that you can successfully run this business without needing any form of technical skills. There are several educational materials for your kids such as kids learning pads, story books, educative video games, educative CDs and DVDs, Lego, jig-saw puzzle, et al which are highly lucrative.

All you need is to get a little startup capital and ensure you position the business is a location where there are children. This business allows flexibility as you decide to be mobile by taking your items to schools to market. This business is not restricted as anybody can start and run it successfully.

13. Start Baby Clothes Retailing Business

Another retailing business aimed at babies that you can consider starting is the retailing of baby clothes. It is a cool way of making money. Before starting the baby cloth business, it is imperative that you first conduct a thorough market survey and feasibility studies to enable you choose a good location to rent or lease a store.

The best location for this kind of business is close to a hospital and maternity centers where pregnant women frequently visit for antenatal and so on. If you locate your business close to an area dominated by retirees, your business will struggle from lack of patronage.

14. Open a Retail Pharmacy Store

A retail drug pharmacy is a place where drugs and medical supplies from different manufacturers are retailed. Babies get sick at one point or the other, and after the doctor has prescribed the drugs, you would offer parents the chance to get their drugs in your retail pharmacy store.

This business requires you to have the necessary license and certification to start your own retail pharmacy store. If sited in a good location, this business will yield high returns.

15. Open a Bookshop

Opening a bookshop is one of the options to choose when starting a small scale business aimed at babies. You are to sell books for kids on different genres and authors. Take your time to do a thorough research on the most widely read kids books as there is a large market for books. You could also take your business away from the physical brick and mortar shop to running an online book store.

16. Retailing of Bed sheets, Duvets, Pillows et al

This is another thriving and profitable business aimed at babies. The business is less competitive in the united states and an entrepreneur can easily open a store where items such as bed sheets, duvets, pillows and throw pillows are sold.

17. Retailing of baby Shoes, Sandals, and Slippers

Among the list of small scale businesses that target babies is this business. Our babies need shoes and sandals. As an entrepreneur you could set up a retail store where mothers can get foot wears for their babies. If well positioned and thought out, it will make a profitable business.

18. Scrapbooking

When deciding to start a business aimed at babies, scrapbooking is one of the options you can choose. It is a growing industry that generates about $3 billion annually. This business requires you to possess artistic talents in order to be able to create original scrapbooks.

Kids love scrapbooking as you can specialize in creating memory books for kids. Example is creating a book that entails drawing beloved pets.

19. Baby sitting

As simple as it might sounds, it is a small profitable business aimed at babies. Your main task is to baby sit someone else’s baby when the mother is not around. This is a thriving business and you have to acquire some parenting skills in order to do well in this business.

20. Baby Oil Manufacturing

This is a small-scale business aimed at baby skin care. Baby oil manufacturing is a part of the baby care product industries and it commands a huge market share from the industry. This business is lucrative as most parents want to buy chemical-free products for their babies.