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28 Best Business ideas Targeted at Pregnant Women

Do you want to start a business that offer services to pregnant women? If YES, here are 28 best profitable small business ideas targeted at pregnant women. The United States is a country that sees over 3 million births every year.

A recent research found out that the number of births among girls and women aged 15 to 44 registered in the united states as of 2018 was just under 3.8 million. It is then safe to estimate that over 3 million women got pregnant in the said year, and even subsequent years.

The duration of a human pregnancy is 9 months and within this period, a woman’s needs in all areas of her life tend to change to reflect the new development. Her clothing needs, diet, exercise and even emotional needs become different. If you are a savvy investor, then you should know that this niche is a very viable and profitable area that is available for investment.

There are indeed loads of businesses that can be targeted at pregnant women as your major customers. Some of these businesses require some training and specialization, while others just require a bit of skill and business savviness. If you want to go this route, the businesses you should start looking into would include;

Best Businesses Targeted at Pregnant Women

  1. Doula Services

Women have been supporting women during birth since the old days, and starting a doula service is one business that is targeted solely at pregnant women. To be a doula, you’ll have to take up some training and acquire related certificates.

It’s also important to have great people skills because you will be attending to clients that are not in the best of moods. The birth mother, the husband and the doula should have to build trust prior birth. Being a Doula can be on-call work so you’ll also have to be flexible, that means you should be ready to jump into work mode at anytime.

  1. Make and Sell Nappy Cakes

A nappy cake is a contemporary and useful gift that is targeted at expectant mothers or new parents. The supposed cake is a collection of practical everyday baby products arranged in a such way that makes it look like a cake. These items are put together to look like a celebration cake and it makes a beautiful and unique baby shower gift.

A nappy cake business is a great idea for a business because it is easy to start and it’s totally okay to do at home. You need to have a creative streak for this one and lots of ideas on how to market your creation. You can start by selling them on Facebook or Etsy.

  1. Prenatal Yoga class instructor

Yoga eases tension, boosts your mood, and can even makes for an easier delivery. The benefits of prenatal yoga are exceptional because it relaxes the mind and stretches the body in preparation for birth. Prenatal yoga can be an excellent way for an expectant mom to clear her head and deal with any anxiety she might have about her pregnancy or getting ready for the new baby.

However, it’s important to take some precautions when teaching prenatal yoga. Be mindful of the risk of overstretching in the second and third trimesters, when the hormone relaxin surges in the system to open the joints for childbirth, making strains more likely.

Of course, avoid inverted poses like headstands and also lying on the back, as they can cause dizziness for some people. As the uterus grows, lying on the back can put extra pressure on the blood vessels that bring blood back to the heart, causing the blood pressure to drop. A prenatal yoga class instructor should be properly trained before they can start this business.

  1. Maternity Clothing shop

Today, pregnant women are all about celebrating their style and looking sexy. Women don’t want to look frumpy anymore because they are pregnant. With more than 4 million babies born annually, it’s easy to see why the maternity clothing market is buzzing.

Assuming the average expectant mother purchases only five new maternity garments while pregnant, that adds up to a whopping 20 million maternity garments sold each year in the United States alone. There are a few ways to cash in on this very large and lucrative market.

The first is to design, manufacture and sell the maternity clothing, and the second is to purchase maternity clothing on a wholesale basis and resell the clothing for a profit. While both options are viable in terms of generating profits for the business, the first option has the potential to generate more sales and profits as well as providing more options for the operator in terms of marketing methods.

  1. Diapers and Napkins retail business

Diapers and Napkins represent one of baby’s highest used disposable items. Naturally, pregnant women purchase their very first set of diapers when they are pregnant to forestall any eventualities. The diapers and napkins market is a growing one.

The growth and popularity is due to the increasing awareness of hygiene and user friendliness. However, this business requires good capital investment for procuring inventory and meeting overhead.

  1. Pregnancy personal training service

There are numerous potential health benefits for women who exercise during pregnancy, including better weight control, improved mood and maintenance of fitness levels. Regular exercise during pregnancy can also decrease the risk of pregnancy-related complications such as pregnancy-induced hypertension and pre-eclampsia.

It also helps a woman return quicker to pre-baby body. If you have some physical fitness training for pregnant women, this could be a good service to set up. You can offer to go personal by going to your client’s houses to offer this service.

  1. Home Birth Consultant

Many parents these days are having home births, however, if it’s not done correctly, it can be very dangerous for both the mother and baby involved. That is why it is very important for an expectant mother who wants to deliver at home to hire a Home Birth Consultant.

If you have experience in this area or want to learn more to become a consultant, this could be a great business to consider as you could charge a high fee for such personal and specialized work.

  1. Become a pregnancy Product Reviewer

During pregnancy, the body changes, and so products needed for this part of your life would also change. If you are pregnant, you can start trying out these products and start writing a review about them for other pregnant women like you.

You can equally vlog about these products. Some brands would like to know about what consumers think. The feedback will help them improve their product.

While some companies send free products for you to review, some just offer a discount when you buy it. Some companies also offer incentives. You can equally become the sole distributor of some of these products. You only need to reach an agreement with the producers. This is a good business that is targeted at pregnant women.

  1. Baby shower service

If you are gifted with organizing events, you could make a fortune as a baby shower event planner. You don’t need a special office to be a baby shower planner. All that is required is a skill to organize and plan baby showers of various sizes, both large and small.

Many people would not want to bear the burden of coordinating their event, instead they would want to employ the services of a professional baby shower planner and this is where you come in.

  1. Write and Sell ebooks on pregnancy

If you are an expert when it comes to pregnancy and its related topics, why not write a ‘Go to Guide’, and then turn it into an Ebook. The great thing about Ebooks is that once the work has been done, that’s it! It doesn’t require constant twerking to suit the market.

You can submit it to websites for sale and watch the commissions come in. You’ll need to invest in a computer, internet connection and a good editing software to start this business.

  1. Homemade Organic Beauty Products to treat pregnancy related blemishes

Starting an organic skin care line that is targeted at pregnant women, won’t create instant income for you. It’s going to take you a bit of time to reap the fruits of your investment. However, interest in organic skincare is increasing, especially during pregnancy and people are digging natural products.

Do research and watch tutorials. Study skincare recipes and take advantage of the free information from the internet. Etsy is a great place to sell your new line of homemade skincare. There are also lots of places to go to get ‘White Label’ skincare. That is, you get a laboratory that makes a great line of skincare for pregnant women, and brand it yourself.

  1. Pregnancy Blog

Pregnant women love to learn from other moms who have gone through the same experience. If you like to write, consider blogging about your experiences during pregnancy and even as a new mom. This is a terrific way to connect with other pregnant women and build an online audience.

There are several ways to make money as a pregnant blogger. The easiest way is to place ads on your website, like Google AdSense. Another way to make money is by recommending products and becoming an affiliate. A third way you can make money blogging is by selling your own products, such as an online course.

  1. Baby Furniture Renting

Many pregnant women don’t want to go through the stress of having to buy baby furniture, instead they prefer to get it on rent.

This is because as the baby grows, those furniture items become useless for them. It is a fact that pregnant women start sorting out their baby furniture and other baby needs when they are still pregnant. This business can be run from home and also on a part time basis.

  1. Baby Room Designing business

This business is a perfect business choice for anyone who is a professional interior designer, so it is much easier for someone with requisite experience in the interior design field to start this business. Your target would be pregnant women who want to prepare for the arrival of their tiny family members. You can start this business with small startup capital and it can be run from home.

  1. Open a Retail Pharmacy Store

A retail drug pharmacy is a place where drugs and medical supplies from different manufacturers are retailed. Pregnant women get sick at one point or the other, and some tend to get sick more than the others.

After the doctor has prescribed the drugs, you would offer pregnant women the chance to get their drugs in your retail pharmacy store. This business requires you to have the necessary license and certification to start your own retail pharmacy store. If sited in a good location, this business will yield high returns.

  1. Retailing of baby Bed sheets, Duvets, Pillows et al

This is another thriving and profitable business aimed at pregnant women. The business is less competitive in the United States and an entrepreneur can easily open a store where items such as baby bed sheets, duvets, pillows and throw pillows are sold. Pregnant women purchase these items when they are still pregnant so as to prepare for the arrival of baby.

  1. Retailing of baby Shoes, Sandals, and Slippers

Among the list of small scale businesses that target pregnant women is this business. new born babies need shoes and sandals. As an entrepreneur you could set up a retail store where mothers can get foot wears for their babies. If well positioned and thought out, it will make a profitable business.

  1. Baby Oil Manufacturing

This is a small-scale business aimed at baby skin care. Baby oil manufacturing is a part of the baby care product industries and it commands a huge market share from the industry. This business is lucrative as most parents want to buy chemical-free products for their babies.

  1. Surrogate Mother Coaching Company

A surrogate mother is someone who uses their body to carry and give birth to a baby for a couple or women who are unable to get pregnant themselves. If you’ve had the requisite training and experience, you can start a Surrogate Mother Coaching Company.

This business would involve working with the surrogate mother to make sure they are eating properly, getting enough rest, and doing all the right things so the baby in the womb is healthy.

The main purpose of this service is to help the surrogate mother, and also give peace of mind to the person that is going to be raising that child later on. They are going to want to make sure that the surrogate mother is doing all the right things.

Since people care so much about these areas, a high fee can be charged as you consult and help these surrogate mothers. Most of your consulting can be done over the phone so you do not need to be on the road all the time. If you are just starting up, you should only take on clients you can handle comfortably, unless you are prepared to hire staff.

  1. Single mother help hotline company

There are many single mothers out there that are working one and maybe two jobs while raising their family. And some may not have enough time to talk to friends about the problems they are facing in life. To help solve this problem, you could start a nationwide hotline that single mothers could call, and for a very low cost, be able to vent or talk about the problems they are experiencing.

If you have a background in counselling, this could be a great business to run as the other women may feel more confident when they are talking to an accredited counselor.

  1. Parenting Lessons Service

Many new parents and even pregnant ones don’t know what to expect or do when they bring their newborn child home. If they have been preparing, it usually involves reading a lot of books, however, in your local area there may not be many options for in-person parenting classes. And some people learn so much better with an in-person instructor where they can ask questions and get live feedback.

To start this service, you could begin by hosting classes at your house for a small fee and it could be done in the evenings when you don’t have many responsibilities. This arrangement can work well for other working parents too. By going to schools and where other new parents and pregnant women hangout, you could see if they would be interested in taking one of your classes.

  1. Baby Proofing Consultant

If you have had babies before, you have most likely done the home “baby-proofing” routine right from when you got home from the hospital. If you enjoyed the process, you should consider starting a Baby Proofing Consulting Firm where you can help pregnant women and new parents baby proof their houses in preparation for baby.

You can possibly work with local daycares, child development centers and home residences to make sure the environment is completely safe for babies. There are many new things that new parents don’t consider when they first bring home their child, and that is where you can save them the unplanned moments.

  1. Online Influencer for pregnant women

Social media has provided an opportunity for expectant mothers to connect with other mothers easily. If you don’t like to write and don’t see yourself blogging, consider creating videos to reach pregnant women or new parents on YouTube. You can also create microcontent on Instagram to reach your clients.

Facebook groups are also popular for people with similar interests to connect and talk with each other. There are several ways to make money as an online influencer.

When you grow a following online, and that following trusts your recommendations, brands will pay you to promote products or services to that following. Additionally, you can become an affiliate for a product and receive a commission for every sale that comes through your unique link.

  1. Residential Home Cleaning Targeted at pregnant women

Pregnancy is a time when a lot of women don’t have the strength to get out of bed, much less clean the house. You could start a cleaning business targeted at these set of people. You may have to use organic cleaning agents so harsh industrial chemicals would not affect the mother and her baby.

You can as well use it as a way to differentiate your business. If cleaning brings you joy, cleaning and tidying up homes is a great job that can earn you some tidy profit. During the day time, many clients work, and it’s easy to clean their homes.

Residential home cleaning is a business in which one helpful client can fill up your schedule quickly by recommending you to their neighbors and friends. Once you have more clients than you can handle, consider hiring your first employee.

To get started with residential cleaning, you need to purchase the cleaning materials, which can cost less than $300. Additionally, you may need flyers and business cards to hand out at networking events and to give to clients. You should be able to purchase these for less than $200. As a residential cleaner, you can earn $25 to $50 per hour.

  1. Home Cook for pregnant women

Pregnant women are generally picky at this time of their lives, and some pregnant women would not eat food they prepared by themselves. Yet others may not know the things to eat so as to keep their babies healthy.

If you adore cooking and don’t mind spending time in the kitchen, why not offer your services to pregnant women who would rather not go close to the kitchen. You can either provide pre-prepared foods or even cook at your client’s house and serve dinner straight to the table.

  1. Sell Vintage Style Baby Rompers

Sew vintage style baby rompers and sell it to friends and family who are expecting or who have expectant mothers. Offer styles and design and do it on a per order basis. It’s important to have passion and deep interest in sewing and clothes to prosper in this business idea. You can sell your creations through Etsy or Madeit or just promote them on your very own Facebook Page.

  1. Start a Pregnancy Box Business

Pregnancy can be tough, but you can make things easy for pregnant women by starting a subscription box service that would offer them all things nice and soft. You can target your business at the modern mama who appreciates top-quality items.

You can create a subscription box for pregnant women contains organic wellness and beauty essentials for pregnancy, like prenatal vitamins, belly butter, a rejuvenating mud mask and natural makeup. You can equally put together your own unique selection of goods that you think will be well loved by your target market and have beautiful packaging; that alone can make you a hit.

  1. Start a midwife service

A midwife is a trained health professional who helps healthy women during labor, delivery, and after the birth of their babies. Midwives may deliver babies at birthing centers or at home, but most can also deliver babies at a hospital. If you are a trained midwife, you can start a midwife service where you help pregnant women in labor to give birth.