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10 Best Place to Buy Chairs for Coworking Space

The sort of furniture needed in a co-working space tends to go beyond normal office furniture. This furniture needs to be grouped to establish an environment that is productive, comfortable, creative, and inspirational. Co-working spaces usually consist of an open-concept floor plan with a vast range of work areas so that co-working members can fit in and get to work.

Have it in mind that typical co-working space furniture might feature couches and coffee tables in one area, collaborative desks, and bench in another, collaborative seating or acoustic seating in another, and a few private “huddle spaces” to ease meetings.

Lounges also tend to be very vital in co-working spaces as well, since creativity requires movement, and having a place to relax and reflect is just as crucial as the time anyone spends on their desk.

While you can decide on desks, sofas, kitchen appliances, lighting, etc; it is necessary not to underestimate the importance of what your clients hold dear, “their chair.” Members tend to spend extensive time sitting and an uncomfortable chair can quickly kill the entire working experience.

When shopping for chairs, it is advisable you aim for chairs that are functional, fun, and align with your space. If you’re on a constrained budget, you can consider getting a stylish yet cheap chair, but note that this can be pretty uncomfortable.

On the other hand, you may find very comfortable chairs within your budget, but they may not align with the theme and style of your space. To solve this puzzle, you can consider letting members bring in their own chairs or choose from the ones available.

If they decide to bring their own chairs, you should compliment their efforts by working with furniture suppliers to offer them special discounts like reducing the rental price and also making available cushions around the office. In this line of business, BYOC (bring your own chair) tends to bring direct savings without affecting the most important factor, the user’s comfort.

Best Places to Source Coworking Chairs at an Affordable Rate

1. The Home Depot

ICYMI, Home Depot, boasts of carrying much more than home improvement essentials. In recent years, this has become one of the best places to source furniture, with a wide range of pieces to choose from.

Note that the selection features over 2,000 desks and more than 1,500 office chairs, plus cabinets, shelves, room dividers, desk organizers, and decorative pieces. You are also allowed to browse by style—like industrial, colorful, sunny, or cottage—or filter by category, type, price, color, size, brand, or features.

  1. Walmart

Walmart is a renowned giant store with a massive online presence coupled with tons of brick-and-mortar locations for in-person shopping. Their website is well designed to help you find the chair that’s the right fit for your co-working space.

While the store boasts of a wide array of options, filters make it easy to narrow your search. The filters for features may be especially helpful, letting you look at chairs that will suit your space needs, you can check off those items, along with many other common desk features.

  1. Apt2B

This company was launched in 2010 and since then it has grown to become a top choice for mid-to-high-range furniture. They carry a decent selection of office furnishings, including several modern chairs with a mid-century flair.

As a coworking space owner or manager looking for a cool yet suitable desk chair, this is the place to shop. Apt2B also carries rolling chairs upholstered with well-fitted velvet, 1960s-Esque twill, smooth vegan leather upholstery, as well as options with aluminum frames and sleek acrylic seats.

  1. Overstock

This company specializes in furniture, providing unimaginable discounts on designer brand names. Have it in mind that this online retailer also boasts of its own private label brands such as Carson Carrington. Here, you will find that the available chair options are very detailed, with a special section for the most popular chairs on the site.

Just like with other online retailers, filters tend to make it easy to browse: sort chairs by material, brand, style, color, and size to further narrow down your choices. If you’re on a budget, you are also allowed to search by price; there are numerous options available in the under $150 range.

  1. Wayfair

Wayfair remains one of the best places to shop for furniture, and office furniture is also bountiful. This budget-friendly online retailer boasts of over 24,000 desks and over 13,000 office chairs, not adding furniture sets, bookcases, filing cabinets, storage solutions, printer stands, chair mats, lamps, and more.

Whether you aim for contemporary, minimalist, industrial, mid-century, rustic, or traditional, you’ll surely find something that suits your co-working space design. If you feel bombarded by the plethora of choices, Wayfair makes it easy to narrow down your options by filtering by size, shape, color, price, features, style, material, or brand.

  1. Crate & Barrel

Furniture bought from Crate & Barrel is well-made, expertly designed, and pleasant to look at. Note that the high-quality offerings also involve classic but yet more modern desks, statement chairs that don’t joke on comfort, handsome-looking cabinets, stylish filing cabinets, and elegant credenzas.

While most items in the office section are ready to ship, don’t forget that some pieces from Crate & Barrel are made to order and might be a few weeks between ordering and receiving your furniture.

  1. West Elm

According to reports, a good number of the best-selling options at this store offer simple lines with encompassing details. Note that you will find many options that are perfectly suitable for your workspace, as well as chairs that tag along a wall, bookcases and storage options as well as a writing surface.

Prices tend to start at around $350 and go up from there. There are various sorting options available to enable you to narrow down your search, including material, length, color, price, and features. You can also filter by the chair’s sustainability—so, if you’re interested in fair trade goods or local makers, you can filter with those categories.

  1. Anthropologie

For co-working owners or managers who like modern, boho, or trendy upscale design, Anthropologie is a place to consider. Although this retailer may not carry a vast range as some other brands, it is a wonderful place to buy statement pieces for your co-working space.

But they sure have items like velvet upholstered desk chairs, glass-top desks with eye-catching silhouettes, lacquered console tables, inlay wood furnishings, intricately hand-carved cabinets, and mirrored bookshelves, to name a few.

  1. Amazon

Truth be told, you can source nearly anything manufactured in the world from Amazon, including chairs for your co-working space. Have it in mind that this mega e-commerce site makes available thousands of different options, offering you the opportunity to find just the right fit for your space and needs.

To narrow down your choices, you can search for the chairs by price, brand, wood finish, and furniture material. Most often, shipping is free—and since Amazon is such a well-known retailer, you can count on having tons of reviews to go through, giving you first-hand information of what people think of the chair.

  1. Branch

For coworking space owners and managers who prefer the ergonomic design, check out the vast range of selections from Branch. According to reports, the brand offers high-quality furnishings, including chairs, desks, filing cabinets, casual seating, and WFH accessories.

Have it in mind that any furniture from Branch has a clean, modern style that doesn’t joke on comfort or practicality. And since it is a direct-to-consumer company, you can always bank on lower prices than other premium furniture retailers.