Are you interested in doing business in the automotive industry but you lack the capital to go for dealerships or vehicle importation? Then you should consider starting a car accessories retail outlet, as it is one of the booming businesses now.

Unlike what was obtained in the past, many people now feel comfortable to buy most of the items they need over the internet. This means there is a booming market for online retailers and affiliate marketers.

Of the products that people buy online, car accessories and related products are among the best selling. So, if you would like to start selling products online, then you should consider car accessories, as there is a very huge market for them. There are two approaches to selling car accessories online:

Selling Car Accessories Online – Choosing your Business Model

a. Set up your own e-store

The first approach involves setting up your own e-store and buying the actual products you want to sell from manufacturers or wholesalers. Then each time a buyer pays for a product, you will ship the product to the buyer’s address. To adopt this approach, you will need some capital to set up your e-commerce store and buy the first set of products you will sell.

b. Become an affiliate for existing car products retailers

The second approach entails promoting the products as an affiliate marketer. Each time someone buys the product through you, you get a commission from the sale. This approach does not require that you have your own e-store. And you don’t need any capital. All you need is good knowledge of online marketing techniques and online platforms through which you can promote the products.

If you are adopting the first approach, you may want to start with very cheap products, since you may not have much capital from the outset. But if you are adopting the second approach, then chances are that you will prefer to market the expensive products, since your commissions will depend on the price of the item you sell (the costlier the item, the more you will earn per sale).

With the above in mind, let’s now look at the top 10 bestselling car accessories to sell online:

Top 10 Booming Car Accessories Products You Can Sell Online

1. Car air fresheners

Just as home air fresheners make the home smell nice and neutralize odors, car air fresheners do the same inside the car. Because car owners want to enjoy every bit of the time they spend in their cars, they do everything possible to make that time enjoyable, which includes having a good scent revolving around them.

2. Car covers

Cars have beautiful bodies when they are new, and they would retain their beauty for longer periods if protected from harsh weather conditions. Car covers are usually made of tarpaulin and are used to protect cars from rainfall, extreme sunlight, snowflakes, and other harsh weather conditions.

3. Digital tire inflators

Only few things could be more frustrating than having your tires going flat when you are on the road, or worse, when you are hurrying down to somewhere. But this problem has become a minor one since the advent of digital tire inflators, as they can inflate your tires instantly and get your car back in motion.

4. Sun shields and blinds

Sometimes the rays from the sun can penetrate through your windscreen and disturb your visibility. This is dangerous as it could lead to road accidents. But sun shields and window blinds can help to prevent these.

5. Seat covers and supports

After using their vehicles for some time, most car owners like to give their cars a new look. One of the things they do is change their seat covers and supports. New seat covers give the seat a new look and feel. And they will cover up any ugly tears in old car seats.

6. Fire extinguishers

Vehicles may overheat while in motion, and this could spark a fire. And aside overheating there are many other possible reasons why cars catch fire. But with portable fire extinguishers in cars, owners will be able to put out any fire before it wrecks irreparable havoc.

7. Antitheft locking devices

These car security devices help to protect cars against theft. They are in huge demand in places where car theft is very prevalent.

8. Petrol cans

One good way drivers ensure that they never run out of fuel when travelling with their vehicles is to have extra fuel stored in their cars. In addition to what they have in their tanks, this extra fuel is stored in petrol cans and kept in the boot until when needed.

9. First aid kits

Emergencies can arise anytime and anywhere. They can arise in the car, in which case having first aid kits around will be very helpful.

10. Car mat and carpets

Used for covering the floor of car interiors, mats and carpets are also in huge demand because they are usually cheap and many car owners change them very often.