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How to Get Celebrities to Grant Interview for your Blog

Publishing interviews is a great way to boost your blog’s credibility and make it even more popular. However, whether you will get these results from an interview or not hinges largely on one factor: the personality you interview. The more popular and influential your interview guest is, the more traffic you will attract due to that interview, and the more popular your blog will become.

So, if you really want massive traffic from interviews, you need to target celebrities and other influential personalities that many people admire and are always eager to read from or about.

Listing out the names of top personalities you would love to interview on your blog is quite easy, but making the interview a reality is the big deal. But achieving that is not impossible. You can interview anyone on your blog no matter how untouchable or out-of-reach they might be. Here are six tips on how to get celebrities and high profile personalities to grant you interviews for your blog.

How to Get Celebrities or Top Personalities to Grant You Interview for Your Blog

1. Put your blog in order

Just as anyone expecting an important guest needs to put his or her house in order before the guest’s arrival, you need to put your blog in the right order before asking for interviews. After receiving your interview proposal, your potential guest will most likely check out your blog first. And the look of your blog as well as its content can determine whether they will grant your proposal or cook up an excuse (of course, they won’t tell you they are turning you down because you blog looks appalling).

While high-traffic blogs have greater chances of landing interviews, blogs with less traffic can also land interviews provided they have a cool design and high quality content that goes in line with the potential interviewee’s passion and interest.

2. Decide who you want and find out their interests

You need to decide who you would like to feature in an interview on your blog. However, you must bear in mind that your subject must be popular in an area that is closely related to what you blog about. For example, if you run a weight loss blog, you can decide to interview graciously slim female on how they have been checking their weight.

Similarly, if your blog about small business growth, you can interview a successful serial entrepreneur on how to grow a small business within a short period. The more closely related your blog topic is to the areas of interest of your potential interviewee, the brighter your chances of having your interview request granted.

3. Use leverage

Most celebrities and top personalities will not grant your interview request unless you approach them through someone who matters a lot to them, such as a friend or relative. You can find such people by checking out their social media profiles. Even if you don’t know those people, you can easily connect with them and then get in touch with your target personality through them.

Similarly, you can approach your potential interviewee through a charity they are associated with. Check out their social media profiles to see if they are connected with any charity. Then establish a connection with that charity and contact your potential interviewee through it. However, you should bear in mind that you will need to state how the interview will benefit both the charity and the interviewee.

4. State the benefits

Another smart way to quickly get the approval of a high profile personality for an interview is to state a huge benefit that they will stand to enjoy by granting the interview.

For example, if you run a politics blog and would like to feature an aspirant for a political office in an interview to be published on your blog, your proposal will most likely be granted if you state how the interview can help the interviewee achieve his political dreams.

5. Be professional

Nothing kills your interview request faster than a poor writing or packaging. Many high profile individuals feel insulted when sent messages that are written or packaged poorly.

So, when sending out your interview request to a top personality or celebrity, make it professional. Write in correct spelling and grammar, especially if you represent yourself as a blogger (who is generally expected to be a good writer). And if you are sending a letter, package it in a high quality envelope that matches the recipient’s personality.

6. Be flexible

If you really want the interview, but your guest cannot do it on the day you want; be flexible and offer some alternative dates. Better yet, let them choose a date that is convenient for them.

Even if they choose a day and time, and then cancel it at the last minute, give them the chance to choose another date. Don’t get angry and then swear never to interview them again. Rather, let them be in control of the schedule, and you will get the interview after all.