Are you about taking up a job as a night club bouncer? If YES, here are 5 steps on how to check customers IDs quickly and properly as a night club bouncer.

Everyone who attends a night club wants to be sure that the atmosphere is safe. This is one of the reasons why folks who have night clubs do all that they can to make the atmosphere conducive for customers. This is where the services of bouncers are needed. These bouncers are hired and then used to make sure that they screen people to rule out any terrible incident that may happen. Here are some tips of how to check a customer’s ID

How to Check Customers IDs Quickly and Properly as a Night Club Bouncer

  1. Screen anyone who appears under the age of 30

Many under aged people are always curious to visit the club. This is one of the reasons why you have to practice this point and follow it to the letter. It’s actually really easy and with time and practice, becomes easier. One of the advantages of this is that you will be able to know who and who is under this age grade, and who and who to admit into the club.

  1. Don’t look at the ID though the plastic of the wallet or from across the bar

May bouncers make this mistake and this isn’t the right at all. Politely ask the guest to remove the ID from its holder and get it in your hand. If it’s in your hand, you can feel it, rub it, touch it and feel any large or small deficiencies from where the minor changed something.

  1. Know How to Calculate The Ages of People Without looking at the ID

Do not wait until you have the ID in your hands before you figure out how old one is. You have to know how to calculate the ages of people before they hand you the ID so that you can ascertain and crosscheck an age right up your head.

4. Shift your entire focus over to the photo on the ID

It is important that you understand that the number one method used by immature persons to get you to sell them a drink is to use a rented ID of someone over 21.  Recall, they won’t pick just anyone to borrow an ID- they would want to get someone they really look like and whose general physical feature is close to theirs.

Doing this will enable you notice subtle photo modifications in the hairline, the ears, the nostrils and the smile. If you just don’t trust that the person in front of you is actually the person in the photo, ask for other verifiable ID or ask another employee to help you.

5. Ask questions when screening the ID

You can ask the usual questions the underage person might have already learned by heart such as the address on the ID or the zip code of the ID. However, ideally, when you have an ID in your hand, and you notice that the photo just isn’t right, you should have a couple of “Go To” questions that you know what the response should be.

This would all be in an ID to be sure there isn’t a foul play. There you have it, the basic ways to verify a person as a bouncer in a nightclub. It pays to follow these steps as they are the right step in the right direction.

Ajaero Tony Martins