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50 Best Christmas Gift ideas for Medical Office Staff

The importance of medical office staff in every society cannot be overemphasized. These amazing individuals help to save the lives of others every single day. There is no greater profession, and therefore it can make the gift buying process difficult. Even though there is no gift that can capture the entire worth of a medical office staff, a thoughtful gift can help you show your appreciation for their work.

Maybe you have a medical office staff in the family who you are shopping for, or maybe you want to surprise your personal doctor over the holidays with a special gift, no matter who the medical office staff is to you, you can find a gift that will suit him or her from this list.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that you can buy for a medical office staff, some basic knowledge of their schedule (they’re often sleep-deprived, stressed for time, and overworked) offers some clues. From humorous gifts, to more useful ones, to the thoughtful ones, there are a lot of gifts that you can give to these people that help to keep you alive.

If you have run out of ideas of what to get them, take a look through this list and see what you find. Here are 50 best Christmas gift ideas for medical office staff.

50 Best Christmas Gift ideas for Medical Office Staff

1. Pens

A pen is a very practical gift for people who are medical office staff because even though the records of patients are electronic, their job still involves a lot of writing and as such, they just can’t have too many pens. A very standard pen you can gift a medical office staff is the Japanese Midori brass ballpoint pen, which at 3.5 inches long is small enough to fit into the pocket of any lab coat or scrubs. It’s also more elegant to give as a gift with its polished gold finish.

2. A Nifty Digital Highlighter

Most medical office staff will need a pen to carry out their jobs effectively, but what if there were an easier way for the medical professional in your life to annotate and take notes? An ultra-portable design, wireless technology, and affordable price tag make the Scanmarker Air the perfect gift for a medical office staff who loves gadgets and is always reading or jotting things down.

This Bluetooth-enabled device uses Text Recognition technology to store scanned text directly onto their smartphone or tablet, and it can even translate from 40 different languages

3. Headphones

In between breaks, a good pair of head phones can come in quite handy for listening to music and also in blocking out the chaos of the hospital or other medical staff offices. The wireless ones will also be more preferred by them. Since these individuals are usually moving around (wearing a lab coat, scrubs, stethoscope, et al.), it’s easier not to be directly connected to the phone and get tangled up. Noise-canceling headphones that block out noise completely could be an even better option for a stressed-out, overstimulated doctor.

4. Hand Cream

Due to the environment where they work, a lot of medical office staff have to constantly wash their hands. A gift of a rich hand cream would help rehydrate rough hands. A quality lotion will usually come in handy for them because of the frequency they wash their hands and for the fact that a lot of them make use of alcohol sanitizers that can leave their hands even more dehydrated.

5. A Water Bottle

Another great gift idea is a water bottle. This gift will help them to stay hydrated and keep track of the amount of fluids the are consuming.

6. A Briefcase

A briefcase or a messenger that has compartments for keeping work essentials is a really good gift that can help to streamline their commute to and from work. A good briefcase should provide space that is enough to carry a medical office staff notes, stethoscope, hospital pass, personal belongings, and more.

7. Art

The office of some medical office staff can be quite lackluster, so for a Christmas gift, you can help them to spice up their office. You can get them a work of art to help improve the decor of the office. One cool idea is getting doctors some body-related artwork; it’s personal, and can be used to decorate office space in a unique way. A body-work related art does not have to be too clinical in nature, it just has to look nice and add color to the office.

8. Personalized Tea Box

Given the busy schedule of most medical office staff, high stress, and minimal downtime, a lot of these people will appreciate health options like herbal teas to help them replenish, decompress, and recharge. This is an ideal Christmas Gift for a Tea Lover.

9. Assorted Coffee and Tasty Snacks Gift Basket

This type of gift is just right for someone who is a coffee lover. Satisfy their caffeine fix by presenting them with a coffee themed Christmas gift basket. They can enjoy great, premium cuppas over a choice of divine selection of gourmet coffees.

10. Essential Oils

Someone who wants to decompress at the clinic will appreciate a soothing essential-oil set and a diffuser. You can gift them a minimal diffuser that wouldn’t look too flashy in an office.

11. Handmade Cards

A lot of people will appreciate a thoughtful; gift over an expensive gift. Medical office staff who work long hours like to know that their loved ones and friends are close by in heart. A handmade card or photo in a frame can be prominently displayed in the clinic or office to bring a smile to the recipients face. You can go for a 3D card that has the option to be personalized with a name and medical abbreviation, should you want something more customized.

12. Experiences

A lot of medical office staff have been found to be more interested in experiences and quality time over physical presents — anything that would help them step back from their busy day jobs and focus on themselves. A lot of these medical office staff tend to have a busy schedule.

Because the work is so engrossing, there is little or no time left for them to unwind and have fun. An immersion trip like a National Geographic expedition would be epic and well-suited for medical office staffs who love to learn.

13. e-Gift Card for a Full-Body Massage

Soothing massages and facials are another popular gift idea among medical office staff who work long hours. The gift of a spa day can be very useful for medical office staff who are on their feet and working with their hands constantly.

14. A Better Lab Coat

A high-quality white lab coat will help your physician instantly take their professional style to the next level. You can make this gift even more personal and meaningful with customized embroidery of his or her name, title, or logo…it’s the closest they can get to wearing their diploma.

15. High quality Stethoscopes

Made in Germany products are widely acclaimed to be of high quality due to their precision and technical mastery. From the sleek design to the patented dual-membrane sound chamber geometry, these chrome-plated stethoscopes are aesthetically more attractive and technologically more advanced than most popular scopes currently sold in North America.

16. An Espresso Machine

Due to the fact that a lot of medical office staff work late shifts and are usually very busy, a lot of them drink a lot of coffee. The gift of a quality espresso machine is a beautiful and functional gift for them.

17. Another Layer Of Skin

This is the perfect gift for a physician on-the-go because it can easily transition from the hospital, to the grocery store, to the gym, and everywhere in between! It can get pretty cold in a hospital, and many clinicians prefer an added layer of protection against the windswept, air conditioned hallways.

18. A Jacket for Any Occasion

Medical professionals spend a lot of time in transition to and from the hospital and beyond. The perfect type of jacket should be able to keep your loved one warm in cold environments and extremely comfortable and dry in heated, high pressure situations. Perfect for work and life – with personalized embroidery available to make it extra special.

19. A High-Tech Insulated Coffee Flask

Whether they’re rushing to the hospital or just trying to stay alert during a long shift, any and all medical professionals run primarily on their caffeinated beverage of choice. An insulated coffee thermos with insulation technology can go a long way to keep their cold brew icy for up to 24 hours and their pumpkin spice latte hot for up to 6 hours. The medical office staff in your life can get their caffeine fix without adding a disposable cup to the mix.

20. Scrubs

A lot of medical professionals will appreciate the gift of a high quality scrubs. You can go the extra mile to get them a scrub with custom embroidery options and gender-specific styles (ahem, a zippered fly for the men’s scrub pants).

21. Sunglasses

The right sunglasses can make a real statement, but sometimes you just want a pair that feels great and looks timeless. You can gift a medical professional a solid pair of shades that is suitable to wear for any kind of occasion.

22. A Dress Shirt for Success

For a professional male medical professional, a high quality shirt that can be worn under a lab coat or even anywhere will be very much appreciated.

23. Shot Glasses

The truth still remains that a few shots of alcohol can be a great way to loosen up and relax. A lot of medical professionals work long hours in a high-stress environment and it can be difficult for them to avoid bringing their work home with them.

Having a shot or two… or three, can really help to take a load off. Give the medical professional in your life some great shot glasses to let them know that you totally get it and that it’s okay to let go a little bit.

24. Lunch Box

A lunch box is a gift that a lot of people will not think of when getting a gift for a medical professional. However, due to the fact that these medical office staff tends to spend a time at work so bringing food with them to work can be a huge money and time saver.

A good-quality lunch box is actually a very thoughtful gift for a medical professional that they will certainly really appreciate. Consider getting one that specifically has good insulation to keep their meal at the perfect temperature until they get the chance to actually eat it.

25. Shoes

Shoes are an absolute perfect gift for a medical office staff. Not just any shoes, though. You should get them an aesthetically pleasing high quality walking shoe. Some really solid tennis shoes or working shoes that really do a lot to support the feet would be perfect.

These professionals tend to be on their feet quite a lot and the ideal shoe should be suitable for standing for a long time. This is a great gift that can help prevent their feet from hurting and therefore lower their stress levels as well. They will most certainly thank you.

26. Clipboard

Since some medical professionals have to write so much while on the job, a clipboard can also be a fantastic gift for a medical office staff. It gives them a perfect place to keep their important papers together and organized, and gives them a solid hard surface to write on wherever they are.

It is also a great place where they can keep their writing tools easily accessible. Make sure to choose a high-quality clipboard as it will definitely be seeing a lot of use. They can even use it when studying to keep up-to-date on current information. Get bonus points by finding a clipboard with great style to match their own as well.

27. Sound Machine

It is not uncommon for medical professionals to complain that they are not getting enough sleep. It can be very difficult to get enough sleep when you work in such a busy, high-stress profession with long hours. This is usually the case with medical office staff that work the night-shift.

Even whenever they get the chance to get some sleep, it may be difficult to actually drift off when their minds are likely still going a million miles a minute. A sound machine is a great way to help them get some good, much-needed shut-eye by helping them to relax and focus on something soothing.

28. Lanyard

One more very practical but still fun gift that a medical professional is sure to like is a lanyard. Take for instance that doctors need to keep their professional ID on them in a visible place when they are working, and many doctors do this by wearing their ID around their neck on a lanyard. This is a great way to make their ID visible while also adding a nice touch of their own personal style to their professional attire.

29. Books or audio books

Books may not appear to be an obvious choice for a Christmas gift, however, in the hands of the right person, it can be much appreciated. A relevant book not only shows that you understand the person, but it will also stick with them for a long time. You can also gift a medical professional an audio book which they can listen to on the go.

30. Low-maintenance potted plant

A small potted plant makes for a great Christmas gift. You can gift a medical office staff an easy to maintain and hardy specie. This type of gift not only looks good but also emphasizes your “green” credentials. If the person you intend to give it to is are eco-conscious, this can be an affordable and memorable gift to send.

Don’t just limit yourself to the traditional Christmas poinsettia. A desk (or house) plant can add a little bit of calm to a working day, provides a focal point and is good for the working environment by removing toxins. Pothos needs little attention; the Peace Lily likes low humidity and low light, while the Rubber Plant is a classic favorites.

But for something a little more exotic (and someone a bit more green-fingered), orchids, lemon trees and chili plants can be grown indoors, while a Bonsai tree brings a touch of elegance and charm to any workstation. Alternatively, you can send them plant seeds or even small DIY growing kits (with seeds, soil, and pot).

31. The Amazon Echo Dot

This gadget from Amazon is voice controlled, and can do everything from streaming your music to tell you the weather. It’s compatible with Nest, Samsung, and a huge range of smart home products. Medical personals who are tech savvy will really appreciate a Christmas gift like this.

32. A personalized e-card

Some medical office staff may not really want you to get them a Christmas gift or you may be someone who prefers to send your best holiday wishes, a custom e-card would be a great way to keep your business top of mind in the New Year.

33. A Charity Donation in Their Name

Christmas is the season of giving to friends, family members and also to the less privileged. You can reach a medical professional in a meaningful way by purchasing something for a cause that they are passionate about. Do they love pets? If so, you can make the donation to an animal shelter. If they are passionate about helping the older generation? You can donate to an elderly charity.

A lot of charities often have great add-ons to make your donation extra special, if you’d like to back up your donation with something physical to send in the post – whether it’s a certificate in their name, a booklet showing exactly what their money will be spent on, or a cute plush toy.

34. Wine or Whiskey

Wine and spirits are a traditional Christmas gift favorites. But you should not just gift very cheap wine or whiskey to them.

35. Hamper

Gone are the days when all hampers contained diverse commodities. These days hampers are tailored to suit a particular taste. For instance, if you know a medical professional who is a chocoholic, You can create a hamper that is entirely made up of different types of chocolates.

36. Keepsake Box with Initial

This gift item can help female medical professionals to keep their jewelry or other such items organized in a personalized way.

37. Vases

Flowers have a way of making an office or a house inviting because if brings the outdoors inside. In that vein, a lot of people will appreciate getting a classic vase as a Christmas gift. A polished and refined vase makes a stunning corporate luxury gift and they can be used all year round and for many years to come. The recipient will appreciate this practical and elegant glassware which adds brilliance to her home or office.

38. Paperweights

Paperweights help to keep the workspace tidy and luxurious paperweights, for instance the crystal collectibles, can also add a touch of elegance in the office. The paperweights vary in designs, textures and even colors.

For some paperweights, you can incorporate a customized image or message to make them personal, interesting and inviting to the recipient. This exquisite gift will definitely add class to the staff’s desk. This type of gift will definitely be appreciated by a medical office staff.

39. Clocks

This can be a good Christmas gift to give to a medical office staff. Clocks can be versatile, luxurious and can be tailored and customized to suite an individual’s taste. There are the golf shaped clocks for golf enthusiasts, car shaped clocks for the racing fanatics and even calendar shaped clocks.

40. Drink ware Set

Exquisite drink ware sets make an ideal luxury Christmas gift for any recipient. This is because they make a functional gift for anyone, even for daily occasions. Be certain to add a personal touch to make your stylish gift standout from the recipients’ regular drink ware. You can, for instance, add a fun quote or a message of appreciation on the items

41. Artificial Plants with Meaningful Words

since a lot of medical office staff are very busy and may not have the time to take care of an actual plant, you can do the next best thing by getting them an “almost real” artificial plant will be the ideal Christmas plant.

These plants do not just spruce up the recipient’s office or home. The meaningful wordings adorning the pots give the environment a positive feel, no water is required. This is one of the best maintenance-free holiday decorations to consider.

42. Leather Journal

Most medical professionals usually jot things down from time to time, a leather journal makes a thoughtful and expensive Christmas gift. You can customize the journal and include the initial of the medical professional on it. Make sure the journal you choose is made with quality paper too. To go above and beyond, consider buying a matching pen.

43. Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are not totally out of fashion. These watches can be another ideal high end Christmas gift idea you should consider. It is a timeless gift for the male recipient. They are trendy, versatile and some can be personalized. For some pocket watches, you can personalize it with a personal message, his name or his monogram. This will definitely make your corporate gift stand out.

44. Photo Frames

A photo frame can be a worthy gift to give to a medical office staff during the Christmas season. You can opt for crystal frame as their brilliance not just add sparkle to the photographs, but also to the workspace or home. Ideally, a photo frame will be remembered for a lifetime, hence it is a gift worth considering.

45. Restaurant gift cards

Find out the trending restaurant in the area where the medical professional whom you want to give a gift to lives in or ask for hotspots they’d like to try, and get them a gift card. It allows them to unwind over a nice meal during the holiday season — and your name is sure to come up before dessert.

46. Socks

Everyone hates losing one of their beloved socks. You can get a medical office staff socks for Christmas. There are socks that come in sets of seven and feature complementary designs that can easily be mixed and matched. If you lose one, it’s not an issue.

47. Subscriptions

The gift that keeps on giving. This is a gift that the recipient will remember every time the get it and as such appreciate it constantly. And while you could go for a magazine subscription, the choice is wider than ever before. Wine and beer clubs abound, or for the teetotaller – new tea and coffees can provide a new taste experience throughout the year.

48. Gold Tone Golf Ball and Tee

This type of gift will appeal to medical professionals who are lovers of golf. This gift is made up of a 24K gold display golf ball and gold tee (it is not made from real gold). This type of gift is perfect for displaying in the office or at home to affectionately show love for this hobby. The gift comes with certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee and a personalized gift message.

49. Luggage

A lot of people travel during the Christmas season and they will definitely need a luggage. No matter whom the medical professional is, even if they do not travel for Christmas, they will still have a need to travel some time in the future and that means they need to pack. There is nothing handier than a great suitcase that is well suited for short trips.

50. Decanter Set

For wine lover who loves the taste of their wine, a decanter can be a very good gift to give them. Also they are a classy addition to the recipient’s wine collection, hence making it a premium Christmas gift.


The importance of medical professionals cannot be understated. Their dedication and years of schooling proves how much these individuals want to help people. A thoughtful gift is one way that you can thank them for their hard work.

If you are shopping for your personal doctor or any other medical professional in your life, it is understandable that you would want a gift that will be thoughtful and also appropriate. The list above contains such types of gifts. If you have been through a health scare, it is largely your doctor’s work that has helped you through it.

Thanking him or her will be greatly appreciated, as doctors don’t always get the appreciation and thanks that they deserve. No matter what you get, it is sure to leave a huge impression and make their day.