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10 Best Commercial Blender for Coffee Shop

As consumer choices and tastes continue to expand and change, it has now become pertinent for coffee shop operators who are eager to achieve continuous success to ensure they are not that far behind.

According to reports, one trend that has gained momentum is the unrestricted switch towards cold and blended coffee drinks, with more consumers preferring fresh and refreshing options, particularly during the summer months. Owing to that, acquiring a heavy-duty commercial blender has become essential to ensure that customers get what they want.

With these blenders, you can blend everything from Frappuccino and iced lattes to smoothies and milkshakes. Aside from the fact that fresh and properly blended beverages will help you draw in clients, it will also set you apart from the competition.

Nevertheless, to ensure you find the right commercial blender for your coffee shop, you need to understand the functions that are necessary for your coffee business. Here are the top choices to consider.

Best Commercial Blender for Coffee Shop

  1. Waring MX1100XTX Xtreme 3 ½ hp

This is a high-power commercial blender that is perfect for smoothies, bar drinks, soups, salsas, desserts, dressings, and more. Note that it comes with a 3.5 hp motor that has up to 30,000 RPM on the maximum setting and 45,000 RPM on the pulse setting.

The easy-to-clean electronic keypad ensures that you can easily switch from high, low, and pulse functions for maximum versatility. It also comes with an ultra-aggressive blade and jar design that delivers smoother and overly consistent results.

  1. Mixtec SJ9668

This functional MIXTEC SJ9668 blender is another very powerful lender to consider for your coffee shop. This blender is powered by a 3HP reliable motor, and aside from that it is known to be handy when it comes to blending numerous ingredients. It features a 1.85L container that is made of polycarbonate.

This material is known to be transparent, and sturdy, and guarantees that the food components are safe while blending. Also, note that its 6-titanium steel mixing and cutting blades are another function that will make your everyday business activities easy.

  1. Waring TBB145 48 oz. Torq 2.0 Blender

If you own or operate a medium-volume establishment and you make around 70 drinks per day, then this is the blender to consider. Have it in mind that it features a one-piece, stainless steel cutting blade and a 48 oz., clear, BPA-free unbreakable, copolyester container with a two-piece lid.

Aside from that, the heavy-duty stainless steel replaceable drive coupling ensures that you get long-lasting durability. You will also benefit from its easy, Hi-Lo-Off toggle controls, along with a pulse toggle switch.

  1. AvaMix BL2VS2J 2 hp Commercial Blender

This is another valid blender that will ensure you get optimum service right from crushing ice to blending smoothies and mixed drinks. It comes with a 2 hp, 1500W motor, and heavy-duty stainless steel blade assembly, as well as a simple toggle switch that helps to power the blender.

Aside from that, a simple dial control ensures that you can set the blending speed, and a pulse button to give a quick burst of power. This powerful blender also features (2) 64 oz. Tritan containers and (2) 2-piece lids.

  1. Waring BB155S 32 oz. Two Speed Commercial Bar Blender

For small coffee shops that make less than 39 drinks a day, this is a viable option to consider. Note that this blender comes with a ¾ hp, two-speed motor and provides maximum motor protection. Have it in mind that this will guarantee quiet operation although its stainless steel blade mixes your drink.

Note that to make usage easier and more seamless, it features a suction foot that guarantees stability while in use. You will also get a 32 oz. stainless steel jar.

  1. Hamilton Beach HBF1100S Expeditor 1 Gallon Variable Speed Food Blender

This is the right option to consider if you own or operate a high-traffic coffee shop. Aside from the fact that it comes with a 3 ½ hp motor that enables it to operate at different speeds, have it in mind that it blends quickly and effectively. You will also benefit from its Wave-Action system that moves food up and out to pull ingredients from the top down for an even, steady mix.

Also, note that the 1-gallon stainless steel jar it comes with can retain a good amount of ingredients all at once, and it features a sturdy and reliable rubber gasket lid to limit leaks. Also, note that the blades are removable to ensure that you can clean them easily.

  1. Vitamix 62826 Vita-Prep 3 3 hp Blender

This is another top option to consider particularly since it is designed for peak performance during long periods of operation. Have it in mind that it comes with a powerful 3 hp motor and an easy-to-use control. It also comes with a simple on/off switch, along with a knob that ensures that the user can make adjustments to the speed from 1-10.

This blender features standard with a 64 oz. high-impact container, and is clear for easy product monitoring. It’s also fitted with graduations to make sure that you can take measurements easily.

  1. Summit 3 hp 64 oz. High-Performance Bar Blender

Perfect for handling the professional demands of bars, casinos, or restaurants, the Hamilton Beach HBH850 Summit bar blender features 100 different blending cycles to accommodate a variety of different beverage items in a quick, efficient manner.

The blades in this Wave-Action system move up and out to pull ingredients from the top down for an even, consistent mix.

It comes pre-programmed with 100 blending cycles, as well as a memory card slot for custom programming. The container has graduations for precise measurements, and it uses Quiet Blend technology to reduce noise. For easy storage, the bowl and blade are fully removable from the base. This unit requires a 120V electrical connection

  1. Vitamix 62824 Drink Machine Advance 2.3 hp Black Blender

Although one of the newest products in the market, this blender comes with 6 new programs to ensure that you can make good, innovative dishes. It is renowned for delivering precise results and is simple to fine-tune with the convenient pulse feature.

It features an automatic shut-off that guarantees that you pause operation when using one of the optimized programs, which enables users to walk away from the blender and attend to a different task or attend to other patrons in your coffee shop.

This blender features a 48 oz. advanced container which makes it perfect for use in high-volume establishments. You will also benefit from the 2.3 hp motor that provides optimum power and efficiency.

  1. Waring BB300 Blade 48 oz. Bar Blender

As a coffee shop, this unique blender comes with user-friendly toggle controls that ensure that you can meet the varying needs of your clients.

Aside from that, with the ability to blend as many as 25-49 drinks per day, you will be getting a piece of equipment that is unique, strong, and reliable. Have it in mind that this blender is powerful enough to blend up to (3) 16 oz. margaritas in 12 seconds or less.

It also features a 1 hp motor with high and low speeds to ensure that you can customize the blending process to the needs of your business and clients