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15 Best Online and Offline Contest ideas for Dental Office

Are you looking for online and offline contest ideas for a dental office? If YES, here are 15 best online and offline contest ideas for a dental office. According to statistics, the field of medical aesthetics has enjoyed exponential growth in recent years.

For dental organizations eager to develop a good following, attract new clients and ensure profitable leads, having contests can be quite profitable because nothing attracts attention like a chance to win a prize, even a ten-dollar gift card.

Contest ideas for medical, dental, or cosmetic industries are often used to stay relevant and up in clients’ faces. Establishing alternative marketing for your dental office can help you guarantee website traffic, increase follower growth and even boost revenue.

In terms of utilizing social media as a revenue-generating tool for your dental business, note that your options are somehow limited. The dental industry may be too high class, exclusive, or expensive to promote on the web. Aside from that, there are also risks of the key audience being offline.

For dental businesses eager to expand their following or engagement with their fans and looking to generate valuable leads, there are some orthodontic contest ideas to introduce you to both your offline and online visitors. However, regardless of the social media platform, you will still have to decide what type of contest or promotion to host.

You will also need to be fully aware of the social media platform’s rules and the pertinent legal restrictions on certain contests, including consulting a legal professional. Nonetheless, here are 15 ideas for dental practice contests that may be easy to host, promote and leverage for the growth of your patient list.

15 Contest ideas You Can Run Online and Offline for a Dental Office

  1. Cavity-Free Club

Note that this is one fun way to motivate your young patients to keep their teeth healthy. To make the most out of this contest, offer a small prize to children without cavities, and reward it to them upon completion of their check up.

Ensure to promote your cavity-free club on your dental practice’s Facebook and Instagram to encourage families to join. Also, note that you can set up some simple signs in your office that invite patients to ask about the cavity-free club.

  1. Floss Race

You can also announce this race with a photo of the participants and ask fans to vote for who they believe can unspool a box of dental floss the fastest. Share a video of the contest and bag up the floss for your team members to take home afterward.

  1. Referral Rewards

To do this, you just have to get some gift cards to local eateries or places of interest and offer them to patients that successfully refer your dental practice to family members and friends. Also remember to share the contest on your social media channels, and with signage in your office.

Once a new patient arrives, ask if they were referred to your practice by a current patient; if they were, then ensure to drop a note in the referring patient’s file, and connect with them so they can get their prize. You can take a photo with the winners, and share them on social media – with their permission.

  1. Social Media Sweepstakes

Have it in mind that giveaways on social media via a sweepstake or drawing may help you to generate new leads and/or boost your dental office social media presence. Sweepstakes offer a prize drawing at the end of a given amount of time.

You can decide to direct participants to a landing page on your website where they’re expected to complete a lead-capturing form on the website. The latter may be a way to hone in on a lead generation. However, also consider how much you are willing to spend on a contest prize, as well as what incentives are readily available to you.

The prizes may be as small as branded merchandise and as large as a free alignment or whitening services. What type of patients do you intend to attract? What services are you eager to promote? What would be the ideal way to get the attention of the people you need in order to reach your business goals? All of these may help you to narrow down a direction for your sweepstakes.

  1. Team Paper Plane Contest

Who on your dental office team believes they can make the best paper plane or have the best folding technique? You can make a video of your team members making their planes and invite fans to comment with whose plane they think will fly the farthest. Then share a video of the contest!

  1. Halloween Candy Buy Back

Note that your dental office can use Halloween as a fun way to engage the local community and boost healthy habits through a candy buy back promotion. A good number of dental practices offer to pay $1 in cash for each 1- 5 pounds of candy that children donate to their practice.

Note that most of the candy are then donated to local shelters or sent to operation gratitude, which offers American troops overseas a small taste of home. Endeavor to announce your candy buy back rules and guidelines on social media in mid-October, and share on social media as often as possible. Also set aside a day or weekend where your dental office accepts donations, and encourage patients that visit your office to participate.

  1. Caption Contest

Dental office giveaways may not always have to be mainly about dentistry. Note that you can post a funny dental-themed photo and offer fans the chance to be creative with the caption. Announce that your team will choose the best one to win a small prize.

  1. Guessing Jar

This wonderful contest may be easy to host on your social media channels and help you to engage with an audience broader than just your patients. To start this contest, a big clear container, such as a jar, is filled to the top with a large amount of the same small item (pennies, candy corn, etc.). Then, the host of the contest posts photos of the jar online, requesting people to guess the number of items in the jar.

To finish the contest, note that you may have to set a final date to announce the closest numerical guess. Or, you may keep the contest going until someone guesses the exact number correctly. Meanwhile, Holidays, seasons, and special events are an ideal opportunity and theme for your contest.

  1. Treasure Box Contest

To run this contest, first inform patients and parents on social media that they can interact with your practice on social media to get an extra reward when they visit your office. Note that you can offer extra treasure box rewards to those that add your dental practice as a friend, comment on your page, or interact with one of your posts.

  1. Have a “Like Challenge”

This contest involves letting clients know that if a post gets enough Likes in a certain time period, one of your team members will do something funny, like dressing up as the tooth fairy for a day. Don’t forget to share some photos on the day of the event! According to reports, this dental contest idea could be especially fun for a pediatric office. Note there is no better way to amass attention online than showing parents that your office is a fun place to be.

  1. Phone Game High Score Contest

What’s the most crowd-pleasing free smartphone game right now? You can easily use Google to verify the charts and have your team members download them. Endeavor to share a screenshot of your team’s best score and challenge your fans to beat it! Announce that the highest score posted with a screenshot in the next couple of days will win a small prize.

  1. Know Your Dental Team With Throwback Thursday Trivia

This is one unique contest that endears a business to its clients. Consider sharing a childhood photo of a team member and a couple of interesting facts about them. See if fans can guess who it is! You can also run a photo contest for National Dog Day!

You only have to let patients and fans submit a photo comment on your post with photos of their dogs, and select one at random to win a small gift card. You could also imply that fans vote on their favorite to spark a conversation!

  1. Back-to-School Photo Contest

Back-to-School promotions are quite very popular in the United States, and it’s an ideal time to get parents involved with your dental practice. Endeavor to create a back-to-school promotion by inviting patients to upload photos of their children waiting for a bus, or being dropped off at school, or wearing their clothes for the first day of school, and then choose a winner at random.

Note that you can leverage your social media platforms to announce a winner by sharing a photo of the victor with their prize. Whether it’s the starting of a new school year, or coming back from a break, you can run back-to-school promotions at a few different times each year.

  1. Celebrate a Weird or Obscure Holiday

Have anyone heard of Burger Day or National Smile Day? Note that celebrating a fun or weird holiday is one of the best dental patient giveaway ideas. Take your time to research and find lesser-known holidays of the month and make a fun post out of one. For instance, ask patients and fans about their favorite burger or something that makes them smile and announce that one lucky commenter will win a related prize.

  1. Favorite Emoji

Note that you can post a funny picture of your dental team and also patients and fans to comment with their favorite emoji for a chance to win. You can also spark conversation with your giveaway because getting a lot of comments signals Facebook to give the post greater reach. Just asking a simple questions about your patients’ and fans’ favorite things is an easy way to get people to participate, especially when the topic appeals to young patients!

Always remember to create a contest format that will fully meet the needs of your modern millennial clients. Take your time to investigate web-based community challenges and how they can benefit your dental business. Also, encourage clients to regularly visit the dentist for prevention with the help of these trends and original contest ideas. Ensure to make the most enticing and attractive contest design, which may be quite different from traditional dental offices.