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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Community Park?

Building a Community Park

A community park that can accommodate up to 30 kids will cost around $30,000, or around $1,000 per child. When computing expenditures, a general guideline is $1,000 per child.

So a park designed for 30 children at once will cost approximately $30,000 to build. Larger parks or those with special accessibility features will be more expensive, costing between $50,000 and $70,000.

The expense of a park is determined by several variables. Other costs included in establishing the park are; safety surfacing, setup, shipping costs, and site facilities.

Community parks have various safety and landscaping demands than private parks. A standard community park can accommodate 30 – 50 kids at once.

A new park necessitates financial planning. Even though purchasing park hardware is an important part of constructing a new park, it does not constitute the complete spending plan.

Factors That Influence the Costs of Building a Community Park

  1. Number of Children

The first thing to consider is the number of kids who will use your park. If it’s a private play area, then the number of kids in your residence is your target.

If you intend to construct a local community park, you must first of all figure out the number of kids in your location that will be able to use it.

A standard community park is 1,000 square feet in size and can accommodate 50 children 0nce. So if you anticipate 50 children using the playground, you must invest about $50,000. The construction costs of the park should therefore be matched to the budgeted cost.

  1. Installation

A park installation comprises the following steps: basic site prepping, park setup, and surfacing configuration. The location is one variable that influences installation costs.

Your park’s site might have to be completely wiped of subsurface stones at times. It is advisable to budget for all the expenditures subject to the local scenery.

  1. Preparation of the Site

Community parks cannot simply be built on bare soil. You must start preparing the site with walling, landscaping drains, as well as surfacing.

Even if you have a piece of land, there are chances that you might need to do some landscaping before constructing a custom park.

Skilling the land, stripping away rocks/branches, erecting perimeters, constructing drains for whenever it starts raining, and attempting to cover the foremost earth with a flexible fabric to safeguard against falling are examples of park construction work. Site preparation is critical since it can impact the security and durability of any park you construct.

  1. Shipping

Shipping and transportation expenses will range between 5% and 15% of the overall price. Delivery charges vary based on your site with the shipping hub. Shipping costs will differ depending on the region and the distance your setup may move to reach you.

So, expenses can range from 2 to 10% of the spending plan. Discuss delivery costs with your producer to understand what to budget for.

  1. Amenities

Many parks have several attractions like seats, tables, waste bins, bicycle paths, and fire pits.  You should enquire about the expense of park equipment when speaking with the construction company.

The park facilities will be the most significant ingredient, accounting for 50%-60% of your expenditure. When shopping for hardware, select high-quality components that are both safe and long-lasting.

  1. Materials

Plastic, metal, and wood are the three main components in use on contemporary play sets. Wood and metal deliver powerful frameworks, but are also the most costly.

Plastic is commonly utilized for fittings, including slides and swings; however, it is only in lower-priced prefabricated park units plastic is employed as a primary structural component.

Mulch and rubber tiling for the surface are two other options. Rubber tiles seem to be more costly to buy and configure than mulch, however, they last longer and are easy to maintain.

  1. Custom or Pre-Built

Whenever it relates to parks, there are primarily two alternatives. You could either purchase a pre-engineered alternative or assemble it as per the guidelines, or you can construct a specially-made park.

A specially made construction will offer you a great deal and more configuration options, however, it will be more expensive because you’ll need to purchase the components and design them separately. You could as well contact a contractor to assemble it for you. If you are constructing a community park, you must have a custom design.

Commercial park installation services are available for spots including parks and schools. Considering the size and configuration differences; the procedure for a community park is usually more involved compared to a pre-engineered recreational area.


Your community park will most probably get to be a well-known spot. Community parks provide residents with versatility, allowing them to take a pause from the everyday routine of technology and college or work. Visitors in the community parks can encounter local individuals from different walks of life and also make connections.

Parents or guardians could as well bring their kids to a secure location where they can play and practice. Community parks also encourage civic participation and prestige by serving as a venue for fundraising events as well as other important gatherings.