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How Much Does It Cost to Detail a Boat?

Detailing a boat will ensure that your boat looks new and of course, clean again. However, the price for detailing a boat depends on what the detailer will do, the condition of the boat, the geographical location, if travel is involved and the company performing the detail.

On average, boat detailing professionals tend to charge from $8 to $40 per foot according to the services provided, boat size, and the condition of the boat.

If you are having a large boat, then the cost will be high. For example, a 4 – foot boat will cost you about $1 to $5 per foot as compared to a 25 – foot boat. Also have it in mind that the price will be high if your boat has not been cleaned in years. Boat detailers will also offer you the entire exterior price or some may charge by either the topside or hull.

The majority of the basic detailing jobs will include a complete wash, window washing, hand dry, and application of cleaner wax. Note that if you are going to choose the premium package, then this will include non – skid deck treatment, helm cleaning, compartment cleaning, application of a vinyl treatment, application of rub rail restorer, and shining metal.

Remember that every retailer will have his own inclusion that he will tell you before you have to pay the price. In some cases, the professional may ask to pay a 50 percent deposit before they are going to begin the work.

Boat Detailing Procedures and Their Prices

Note that you can get quotes from two or three different companies so that you can make the decision right. To assist you right, the following is a table that will be giving you the price rate according to the boat detailing procedures:

  1. Basic wash

This mostly involves washing of hull and topside, cleaning of gutter tracks along with windows. The price range will be $2 to $4 per foot.

  1. Detailed Wash

All things included in the basic package along with polish, cleaning compartment/shades, and removal of mildew. The price range will be $8 to $12.

  1. Premium Wash

Everything above in the package with the addition of conditioning the seats, removal of rust, cleaning the canvas, protecting corrosion with spray on the working parts, and adding of protectant. The cost of the package is $13 to $16.

  1. Premium+ Wax

This includes everything in the premium package along with the wax, buff on all the surfaces outside of water. The price is $16 to $21.

  1. Premium+Wax+Compound

This is everything in the premium package along with a compound on gel coats. Remember that boats larger than 40 feet will see a price of 20 to 40 percent higher. Coupled with this, if you are going for premium add-ons, then you should expect to pay the following services:

  • Price for bottom wash is $2 to $6
  • Canvas clean: $3 to $6
  • Carpet wash: $3 to $6
  • Engine/Bilge Clean: $3 to $6
  • Hull Detail: $7 to $13
  • Radar Arch: $1 to $4
  • Scotch Guard on Caret: $3 to $5
  • Power Cord Clean: $1 to $3

Average Detailing Cost for Different Boat Types

Below are detailing prices for different types of boats to keep in mind when considering cleaning your boat.

  1. Bowrider

This is a versatile runabout boat that is good for water sports or light fishing trips. They come in the 16 – 28 ft. range. A classic bowrider design comes with a V – shaped seating section designed for extra seats, and an infill cushioning to convert the frontend to a sunbathing area. There are also cup holders, full – beam, aft bench, grab handles and under seat storage compartments.

Detailing Cost

Starts from $15

  1. Cruising Yacht 

This kind of boat is for people who crave the feature of a home. It is a go-to option for enjoyable, relaxed sailing. It offers sporty features and is sleek and comfortable. It is, of course, capable of long cruises and that is why this 25ft –  45ft cruiser is especially detailed when it’s time for cleaning.

Detailing Cost

Cleaning is sure to cost around $20 per foot. This is not a fixed price as the price also depends on the size of the vessel and its condition.

  1. Pontoon Boat 

Normally, pontoons are 16 to 30 ft. long (Class1 boat). As a rule of thumb, the larger the boat, the more it’ll cost to clean.

Note that the price of a pontoon cleaning service also depends on the surface of the boat. If the surface of your pontoon appears chalky or faded, then it’s said to have its gel coat heavily oxidized and would require interior – exterior complete detailing service.

Detailing Cost

Overall, expect an interior – exterior pontoon complete detailing at the rate of $15 per foot and $23 per foot when add – ons are included. All in all, $200 should be enough to get your pontoon detailing project over the line.

  1. Deck boat 

This has a large deck that can contain up to 8 – 12 people like the pontoon boat. They are powerful and are excellent for wakeboarding and skiing. Hurricane Sundeck, Bay liner, Element, and Four Winns are some of the most likely sought – after deck boat brands out there, and they come with an average length of 9 to 23 feet. They are popularly used for water sports and swimming.

Detailing Cost

They usually cost around $10 per foot to clean.

  1. Fishing Boat 

These boats come in numerous shapes and sizes. They are also known for their reliability, durability, and strength, enabling them to be operable in different waterways and remain on water for long periods. Little wonder they pick up a lot of dirt after venturing into saltwater and freshwater. They range from 10 – 24ft.

Detailing Cost

Cleaning costs $14 to $18 per foot

  1. Powerboat 

This is a high – performance boat that is renowned for its high power – to – weight ratio and is specifically built for speed and features a narrow beam and a steep dead rise. They comprise Spartan cabins, with the cockpit seat containing as much as 2 – 6 passengers. Its use for long – distance activities makes this 25 – 60 ft. speedster a machine worth detailing on a regular basis.

Detailing Cost

They usually cost around $10 per foot to clean.

  1. Dinghy Boat 

This vessel measures between 7 to 12 ft. and are commonly used when you want to enjoy sightseeing on a small pond or pool. It’s really low – maintenance and can be propelled by oars, sails, or an outboard engine. A bigger boat can pull onboard a dinghy for emergency cases.

Detailing Cost

Detailing this little boat requires less than $10.

  1. Sport fishing Yacht 

This boat is mainly used for hunting large fish, can stay atop water for days, and is manufactured with sleeping berths, a cooking gallery, and plumbing. They can be used for saltwater fishing and overnight cruising. They have a length of 24 to 100 ft.

Detailing Cost

It costs up to $15 per foot for detailing.

  1. Daysailer Boat 

The daysailer boat is a small sailboat. It is a wee bit smaller than a dinghy and is suitable for daytime rides that appeal to aesthetic sensibilities and your budget. They are usually less than 25 ft.

Detailing Cost

Command up to $15 per foot for detailing

  1. Trawler Boat

Trawler boats, trawler yachts or cruising trawlers is a vessel designed for mid –  to large – scale fishing and are usually under 40 – feet long. It is suitable for working long periods in rough waters.

Detailing Cost

Cleaning this enormous boat costs around $15 per foot, because modern – designed trawlers are easy to maintain.

  1. Jet boat 

Better known for its high manoeuvrability, jet – propelled boats span 14 to 25 ft. on average and are sizable enough to take on bigger waters necessitating the need for detailing from time to time.

Detailing Cost

Expect a quote in the $15 per foot minimum rate. Prices also depend on the severity of use.

  1. Ski Boat 

This is an outboard runabout built for water skiing, with a roomy cockpit and sufficient space for fishing gear and equipment. It ranges from 16ft. to 28 ft. and a comprehensive approach is needed when it’s being serviced.

Detailing Cost

A simple restoration package is $15 per foot on average and an acid wash would cost an extra $5 per foot.

  1. Sailboat 

These come in many varieties and require a great deal of skill to clean as it does to operate. They are generally considered a special boat and are a darling to cruisers and daysailers. They are in class 2 and 3 boat classification as they range from 25 to 80 ft.

Detailing Cost

Demands at least $15 per foot, reaching up to $40


Detailing, unlike a car, won’t include the inside of the cabin such as vacuuming or cleaning a bathroom. If you need to have the inside of your cabin cleaned, the costs can add another $4 to $7 per square foot, depending on the condition. This will often include wiping down walls, cleaning mirrors, compartments, sinks and a carpet cleaning session.

Also, some detailers will have a minimum before they work with you. Most of the time, the minimum will be $50 to $150. Nonetheless, detailing a boat requires a few hours of the day. You can also watch videos to pick the right wax so that you can apply it properly.

Some companies are also offering discounts to the owners who will purchase upfront for a year. The yearly package will include bi – weekly hand wash and other perks.