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How Much Does Led Price Sign Cost for Gas Station in 2023?

The precise cost to do an LED price sign for a gas station will depend on a wide range of factors. Aside from the fact that gas station-led price display signs tend to be less stressful when compared with the old-school method of hanging up large number signs, note that they improve the overall outlook of a gas station’s exterior.

An LED gas station price sign works to inculcate a modern touch to an otherwise ordinary gas station. Note that a good number of people will automatically go to a more modern gas station over a low-budget station, just because it looks nicer and more inviting.

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These signs are also very low maintenance and low cost. It can be very expensive to steadily replace even the most common of light bulbs, and it always seems like bulbs tend to run out at the most important of moments. Howbeit, with this sign, you won’t have to bother about replacing a light bulb again. LEDs last for decades and are just as bright.

These signs are also known to utilize less energy and this means that you have to pay less for electricity. Aside from that, they are much easier to read at night and are visible in all sorts of weather. As such, if you’re worried about getting the right amount of visibility, an LED sign is a viable option to consider.

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Factors that Determine How Much It Costs to Do a Led Price Sign for a Gas Station

The precise cost to do an LED price sign for a gas station will depend on a wide range of factors. Those factors include:

1. Size

This is without doubt one of the major factors that will impact how much you invest to develop this sign. Note that the bigger the sign, the bigger the price. This is owing to the cost of materials. The more material utilized, the higher the price.

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2. Number of Panels

Each LED sign is made up of individual panels that feature LED bulbs, cooling fans, and wiring. These panels, housed in a surrounding cabinet and a wide range of other components, tend to have a fixed cost.

3. Pixel Pitch

The precise cost of LED bulbs per panel is a very valid factor that will dictate your investment. Note that the higher the pixel pitch (the more bulbs per panel), the higher the money you put in.

4. Brand

Note that there are numerous brands to buy from and the choice you make will have a say in your price. Watchfire, Samsung, Daktronics, etc. are all different brands and each tends to offer different levels of quality.

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5. Single or double-sided

You need to take into account your budget and needs. If you feel that your gas station can manage with a one-sided LED sign, your price will very much be considerably lower. Nevertheless, if you have to capture traffic going both ways, you have to put in the extra funds for a double-sided sign.

6. Sign Housing

It could be cheaper to design an LED sign if you are posting it on a pole or pylon. Nevertheless, if your intention is to design a monument-style encasement for the LED sign that will catch massive attention, the cost will be much higher.

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7. Sign Combination

There are numerous ways to design an LED price sign and one combined with carved, electric, or channel letters will most definitely cost more. Note that it is almost like a sign within a sign and will mean more cost to your sign.

8. Dealer/Installer

The expert you work with will also dictate how much you invest. Nevertheless, it is important you consider the sign company’s ability to install and service the sign after the initial installation.

9. Manufacturer

Another thing that will impact your prices will be the material used. Where is the product sourced and assembled? How long will it take to obtain those ones? What is the amount of downtime attainable?

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10. Municipality Regulations

This is another important factor to take into account. Different jurisdictions have different regulations and you will be expected to meet them. All these will go a long way to determine the answer to many of the above features. Size, materials, light emittance, and more will need to conform to your zoning ordinance.


Although the precise cost to do an LED price sign for a gas station will vary and will depend on a wide range of factors, keep in mind an LED gas station price sign is, without doubt, a worthwhile investment for any gas station that wants to flow with the times.

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These signs are also very low maintenance and low cost. You won’t have to bother about paying a dime to replace a light bulb again. LEDs last for decades and are just as bright, and don’t generate heat as traditional bulbs do.