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How Much Does It Cost to Shower at a Truck Stop?

How much it cost to shower at a truck stop in the United States will vary from one place to another. Howbeit, you should budget around $10 to $17 to shower at a truck stop.

You can also find that certain stops offer free showers especially if you purchase a particular range or amount of fuel. It is also possible to take part in loyalty programs that offer you the platform to cash in rewards for a free or reduced-cost shower.

Truck stop showers over the years have grown to become a well-known platform for truck drivers to clean up after a long day.

While there are truckers who only drive locally and can always go home every night to enjoy a good night’s rest, most truckers don’t have the opportunity to be at home every single day, and owing to that, a shower is considered necessary from time to time.

Howbeit, have it in mind that a good number of major truck stops offer showers for a little fee. Showers located at truck stops tend to feature single, team, and handicap showers.

It can as well be private and fitted with a mirror, sink, toilet, oscillating fan, hooks on which you can hang your clothes, and a shower stall.  As premium features, certain truck stops also feature a bath mat, fresh bath towel, washcloth, and tiny soap.

When you pay at the counter, you will be provided with a shower pass that will include your stall number.  Although this will vary from one truck stop to another, some will provide you with a PIN to access a room. If the showers are at the moment full, you will have to wait at the truck stop until your number is mentioned over the P.A. system.

Things to Bring to a Truck Stop Shower

The truck stop may provide you with the necessary things you need once you make payment to use the shower. A good number of truck stops with shower facilities provide a complimentary bar of soap. You will also find locations with a dispenser for their shampoo and conditioner rather than small complimentary bottles.

However, note that it is not mandatory to make use of the soap they provide, as you can come with your soap. Nevertheless, below is a detailed list of items you might want to bring with you in the shower.

  1. Shampoo/Conditioner

To guarantee your personal health and safety, it’s recommended you come with your own shampoo, even though some locations can give you complimentary shampoo.

  1. Extra rags

While most truck stop shower facilities will always try to switch out their rags and wash them after every use, it is most often advised you come with your own rag just in case, particularly if you intend to utilize a truck stop shower that’s attached to a branded chain.

  1. Shower Slippers

Shower slippers are designed to ensure that you are protected from slipping and from germs attached to the tiles or flooring during a shower. Even though the showers will most often be cleaned after every use, it’s safer to come with your own slippers.

  1. Hairbrush

It is one thing to have a good bath and it is another thing to keep yourself tidy after having your bath. Aside from that, you wouldn’t want to exit a truck stop shower looking tattered. Carrying your own hairbrush can help coordinate those careless hairs and help you leave the facility looking clean and tidy.

  1. Contact Case

For individuals who have to wear contacts, it is recommended you carry your contact case along just in case the ones you have on get lost during your shower accidentally.

  1. Contact Solution

Same as with a contact case, you wouldn’t want to be stuck without a way to apply your contacts once you are done showering.

  1. Bathrobe

A bathrobe is another item should consider coming with particularly if you are someone who likes to spend time after their shower freshening up by the mirror.

  1. Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Dental Floss

Having a good shower goes beyond bathing. Brushing your teeth before or after you are done showering will ensure you feel clean and fresh.

  1. Scrubber

For individuals or persons that like the feel of a scrubber more than a rag, you can come with one to the shower with you.

How to Save Money on Truck Stop Showers

For truckers or individuals who have to utilize these services more often, you will want to seek ways to save money. Owing to that, below are viable tips to keep in mind;

  1. Obtain a yearly membership to a truck stop shower facility

This is one viable means to save money, especially for those who have to use truck stop showers regularly. This will cost around $100-200 depending on the location.

  1. Use coupons

Have it in mind that a good number of modern truck stops tend to make available coupons for their showers which can range from $ 0.50 to $0.75 off per shower.

  1. Bring your soap, towel, and shampoo

These are the necessary things you need to have a good shower. Note that coming with them means that you won’t have to fork out cash to pay for these items at the truck stop which can add up over time.

  1. Use a truck stop locator

In this modern age, you can leverage a good number of websites and apps to find the nearest truck stop to your location. This will most definitely prove helpful if you’re trying to save money on gas or time.


Truck stop showers were developed to serve the needs of truckers, but these days anyone can use them. You will find that some truck stops are cleaner than others. Howbeit, don’t forget that truck stop showers are not as clean as hotel showers.

If you’re seeking a cheap place to shower on the go, a truck stop would more or less be your best bet. You should budget around $10 to $17 to shower at a truck stop.