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How Much Does It Cost to Start a Boys and Girls Club?

You will need around $100,000 to over $1 million to start a boys and girls club. A good portion of your investment or startup capital will go towards obtaining or renting an ideal building or space, staffing, equipment, insurance, advertising, and initial programming.

Aside from that, it is also imperative you budget for the ongoing expenses that will come with maintaining your facilities, paying staff, making available detailed programs, and catering to all administrative expenses that come with running such a club. Boys’ and girls’ clubs are known to obtain funds from government grants, donations, sponsorships, or even fundraising events.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Opening a Boys and Girls Club

 1. Location and Real Estate

While there are numerous benefits of starting your club in urban areas or regions with high property values, keep in mind that it will warrant expensive acquisition or leasing costs.

Aside from that, you would want to take into account variables like the condition of the building, its size, accessibility, and parking availability, in addition to its conformance to zoning regulations.

If you intend to rent, then you should consider the possibility of carrying out renovations or modifications to ensure that the space aligns with your concepts as well as your club activities.

  1. Facility Size and Amenities

You need to understand that the size of the facility as well as its amenities will directly determine the level of investment required.

This simply entails that bigger facilities that feature multiple activity rooms, a gymnasium, and outdoor spaces, in addition to specialized areas for arts, technology, and education will necessitate more substantial expenses especially when put in comparison with smaller, basic facilities.

Aside from this, also note that the quality and quantity of amenities, like the class of equipment, technology infrastructure, safety features, and accessibility for persons with disabilities, will also increase your initial investment.

Don’t forget to take into account the cost that comes with furnishing the facility with suitable furniture, equipment, supplies, and materials.

  1. Staffing and Salaries

To run a boys and girls club, you will need to work with the right people and as such warrant substantial investment in staffing and salaries.

It is pertinent to note that the amount of staff you need will be dependent on the size of the club, the array of programs provided, as well as your target demographic.

You would need to recruit experienced workers for positions like program directors, counselors, administrative staff, maintenance personnel, and in most instances specialized instructors for activities such as sports coaching or art instruction.

Aside from salaries and benefits for these staff members, be sure to take into account other associated expenses like training, background checks, as well as professional development.

  1. Program Development and Implementation

Boys and Girls Clubs have gained momentum in recent years and this can be attributed to the various programs they offer that cater to the varying needs and interests of youth.

However, it is imperative to note that putting together and implementing these programs tends to necessitate extensive planning and financial investment.

You will have to budget for things like curriculum design, materials, supplies, equipment, and resources such as books, computers, art supplies, and sports gear.

Most often, you might see the need to bring in guest speakers, put together workshops, coordinate field trips, and organize extracurricular activities.

These things will work to increase the level of investment you need to start this endeavor; however, you must ensure that they all fall in line with the club’s mission and goals.

  1. Operational and Administrative Costs

It is recommended you budget for utilities like electricity, water, heating, and cooling, in addition to maintenance and repairs for the facility and equipment. You will also need to obtain the right insurance coverage.

Although the necessary ones will be liability insurance and workers’ compensation, you should seek the insight of an expert to ensure you have the right coverage to guarantee protection for your club and its staff.

Consider the cost that comes with advertising and branding activities, fundraising initiatives, accounting services, legal adherence, and administrative ongoing expenses like salaries for administrative staff and office supplies.