Most people living outside New York City may believe that starting a tech company that designs things in a city renowned for finance, fashion, and advertising would definitely be a disaster. However, in recent years, the city has become dramatically accommodating and friendlier to hardware startups.

It is also home to numerous design, tech, and startup meetups. Helping to grow the community is some of the most renowned names in tech news including Engadget, Gizmodo, Popular Science, and companies that make available equipment and office space for entrepreneurs and startups.

However, finding the right location especially for a hardware startup in such an endowed city can be very tasking; a place where you can work on your prototype with a wide array of special devices like 3D printers or lasers, all for a good price. With expert knowledge and boots on the ground, you can locate the right co-working space in New York City for the right price, no matter the amenities you want.

What are the Best Coworking Spaces in NYC for Hardware Devices in 2022?

  1. NYU’s Leslie eLab

The eLab remains one of the most popular spots for NYU students to collaborate, cofound startups, get mentorship, and scale their companies. Situated close to NYU’s campus, the eLab allows individuals affiliated with the NYU program to utilize their co-working space and programming spaces.

They boast of a prototyping lab that can be quite helpful to businesses working on hardware or physical products. The eLab is also affiliated to the rest of NYU’s entrepreneurial ecosystem that gives way to startup coaching as well as their well-recognized startup school program.

  1. New Labs

This co-working space operates from a barren shipbuilding yard in Brooklyn. From this very location, he has created an amazingly innovative and collaborative culture. The members at New Lab are creative entrepreneurs with affiliations with numerous civic bodies. The primary objective of all the members at New Labs is the development of frontier technologies that are expected to be disruptive.

They have 3D printers, CNC equipment, industrial cutting and printing machines, woodwork equipment, and machines for the Textile industry. They make available workspaces for the startups working in Robotics, Blockchain, Energy, Urban Tech, BioTech, Nanotech, Medtech, Agritech, and much more.

  1. Makerspace Coworking

This co-working space in NYC operates out of Staten Island and makes available to members the latest technologies, top-notch tools, and industrial-grade fabrication techniques to move things forward.

This co-working space can also be referred to as a creative co-working space in NYC and remains the brainchild of two sculptors who with the help of volunteers raised an amazing platform for fellow artists and creatives. This co-working space has opened up yet another Makerspace in Brooklyn, and they are steadfast in their mission.

  1. Hack Manhattan

Offering members a vast range of artistic amenities, Hack Manhattan offers entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed. This non-profit, all-volunteer spot also offers an assortment of workshops, classes, and events, such as introductory sewing classes and recurring Shakespeare readings.

Amenities at Hack Manhattan include; 3D printers, 3-axis mill, Router table, Soldering stations, Sewing machines + sergers, Lathe, Homebrewing equipment, Bench grinder, Hand tools for wood and metalworking, Infrared soldering station, and Bandsaw.

  1. Collab

This co-working space is renowned as a “fabrication and innovation studio” and it makes available space and manufacturing equipment for artists, architects, engineers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and designers to experiment. This premium co-working space also makes available a woodshop, a Laser Cutter, a 3D printer, and an industrial sewing machine for artists and scientists alike.

  1. Con Artist Collective

Renowned as a creative Workspace, Con Artist is also known to be ideal for any artist on a budget. With a wide array of tools to support your work, coupled with a vibrant community and platform for sharing your work, Con Artist Collective is an ideal choice. You can also apply for a studio residency for $400/month.

Other amenities at Con Artist Collective include 4-color silk-screen press, light-table, a power washer, a drop sink, communal supplies, computers, hardware, software and access to photo studios, opportunity to sell work through their website and in gallery shows and at a storefront in addition to flea-market stands and international art fairs, open 24/7.

  1. New Inc

Most notably the first museum-led cultural incubator, NEW INC was started as a not-for-profit platform for propelling the New Museum’s ongoing commitment to new art and new ideas. Currently, in its 8th year, NEW INC’s membership model still strives to support a diverse range of creative practitioners with a values-driven program and safe space for gathering and developing new creative projects and businesses.

Situated in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, this co-working space also features community seating, bookable conference rooms, a community event space, and resources for physical and digital prototyping. They also offer a kitchenette with coffee and tea, storage lockers, media production lab, fab lab, phone booths, Canon equipment, vinyl cutter, floor drill press, HTC Vive, Oculus.

  1. Galvanize

In 2016, Galvanize established its ninth campus in the West SoHo region of New York City. This facility features 6,000 feet of co-working space out of its 55,000 square feet in total area. Have it in mind that the campus amenities include fast and secure Wi-Fi, a community kitchen, a common area, mentor and workshop programs, onsite staff, complimentary coffee, and free printing.

They also offer a networking, educational, business, and training hub for tech entrepreneurs in the space not reserved for co-working. Note that common programs include meet-ups, hackathons, and coding boot camps.

According to experts, Galvanize is a place where people can get hired for tech ventures since many tech entrepreneurs are ever-present at the hub. Top tech companies also host partnerships and events there, such as IBM’s Bluemix Garage innovation lab launch.

  1. Centre for Social Innovation

If you believe your work can make an impact in this modern society, then CSI is a premium space you have to consider. This co-working space in NYC will ensure you have the tools and ecosystem that goes to amplify the impact you wish to make.

In everything done at CSI, Innovation is the key and you get a 24/7 accessible workspace that is very well stuffed with passionate change-makers from different industries. Also, note that this space boasts of an amazing work culture that will surely reinforce your vision coupled with assorted meeting rooms and event spaces to further forward your impact on the people.

  1. NYC Resistor

NYC Resistor is a hacker collective with a shared space located in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. According to their website, they meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together, and build community.

The NYC Resistor Microcontroller Mailing List is also another great place to befriend others with the same interest in microcontroller projects. It is a restricted membership private club hackerspace with 25 members in New York, inspired by Chaos Computer Club and other hacker organizations.

  1. WeWork

Agreeably, this is the largest player in the co-working market in New York’s five boroughs. Members get access to amenities such as coffee, fruit-infused water, 24/7 space access, printing services, enhanced cleaning, office supplies, and much more.

Depending on your membership, there are add-on fees for mailing services and booking conference rooms. Monthly hot desk, a plan where multiple workers make use of a single workstation during different periods, rentals at WeWork begin at $299 per month.

All members can work in any location that has hot desks. Aside from hot desking, you can select from more premium plans such as custom build-outs, private offices, ​​and dedicated desks. Also, note that pricing will surely depend on the specific location.

  1. Bond Collective

At the core of Bond Collective’s various locations lies an iconic modern staircase that separates its industrial co-working space into distinct areas for a wide range of uses. Sun-filled offices, podcast booths, production studio, and rooftop access make Bond Collective’s very first Brooklyn location a unique and creative campus-like none other. Pet friendly and community-oriented, this space offers unsurpassed amenities, including:

  • Fresh fruit and snacks
  • Weekly breakfast
  • Complimentary spa water, craft beer, and coffee
  • Curated networking events
  • Daily porter service
  • Handymen
  1. Futureworks Shops

This is New York City’s collaborative network of prototyping and innovation spaces where hardware startups strive to bring their ideas to reality. At Futureworks Shops, you can get subsidized and discounted workspace, machinery, and consulting expertise.

From studio space at NYDesigns in Long Island City to CNC expertise at Supersmith in Red Hook, their spaces are scattered all over the city. Futureworks Shops also boast of the Futureworks Shops R&D Fellowship, a pilot program that gets aspiring engineers ready for jobs at hardware startups.

  1. Powerhouse Arts

This co-working space offers fabrication for artists and institutions eager to produce disruptive art projects via its Collaborative Production Program. Their Textile Program focuses on multimedia textile and fiber arts production needs for artists and also offers access to an extensive suite of textile services and techniques including sewing, embroidery, weaving, tufting, knitting, and other textile construction, manipulation, and embellishment.

Meanwhile, their Wood & Metal Program provides artists access to bespoke production services spanning carpentry, welding, machining, and digital fabrication.

Co-working is gradually flowing through New York’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and owing to that, many of the city’s historic areas have become breeding grounds for creative alliances. Therefore, whether you’re living close to SoHo’s surging tech scene or in the Flatiron’s cradle of Silicon Alley, consider these co-working spaces mentioned above for your hardware startups.