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350+ Best Arts and Craft Business Name ideas

350 Plus Craft Business Name Ideas

When looking at business names, it can be challenging to land on a name that tells people what you offer, as you may be in the party or boutique craft business, which may be hard to describe with a catchy title.

As we know, the best businesses out there have evocative and pronounceable names, as these can be easily searched through a sea of similar businesses. This sounds easier, and you may have spent some time trying to generate some ideas.

You want to build up your products and services, so if you can find a name without using a generator, which may bring up generic results, this would be ideal. Find some unique names below and some tips to make the best name that suits your business well.

Party Craft Business Names 

  1. Exotic craft illusions
  2. Abstract articles
  3. Fine & finesse events
  4. Basket of gold planners
  5. Omniscient occasions
  6. Events by Evaline
  7. The party poopers
  8. Polka dot parties
  9. The next best thing
  10. A new angle crafters
  11. Splendid spectacle
  12. All things bright and beautiful
  13. High five creations
  14. Crafty logistics
  15. Needful things
  16. Live craftfully
  17. Let’s be flair
  18. A touch of class
  19. Treasured memories
  20. Fine event
  21. Eureka!
  22. Best coast parties
  23. Liquid gold
  24. Festival pavilion
  25. Inside impressions
  26. Recreations
  27. Flights of fancy
  28. Goals
  29. Vacation Ruby
  30. Anything goes
  31. Trending right now
  32. Makeupyours
  33. A new angle
  34. Abracadabra
  35. Purple craft world
  36. Standing ovation
  37. Another planet designs
  38. The kicker

Hobby Craft Business Names 

  • Out-of-the-box crafts
  • The kraft lady (guy)
  • Junk drawer crafts
  • Kristen’s Kraft House
  • Patch Crafting
  • Hobby lobby
  • Colorart
  • Get glued
  • The crafting collective co
  • The professionals
  • The craft of perfection
  • Swift hands
  • Brainy Bella crafts
  • The knack shack
  • The sea of beads
  • Rule breaker novelties
  • Fine method
  • Native novelties
  • The crafting Coop
  • Secret crafts
  • Happy arts
  • Technical handcrafts
  • Make it simply
  • Dare to DIY
  • Smooth work
  • False idol
  • Codename crafts
  • The craft bros
  • Bespoke bits
  • Monogram central
  • Fix it fast
  • Installation inspiration
  • True form
  • Remodel
  • Ceramic starts
  • Designs with reason
  • Do your part
  • Spiral Notebook
  • Indie Craft
  • Mr/ Mrs handmade
  • Project treads
  • Artistry quarry
  • Toggle crafts
  • On the pulse
  • Goodbye ideas
  • Patterns forever

Craft Blog Business Names 

Craft Blog Business Names 

  • Happy Crafts
  • Artsy fartsy crafting
  • The crafting tree
  • Carve crafting
  • Crafting glory
  • Cottage crafts
  • Crafeteria
  • JoyBox designs
  • Molding minds
  • Planet art
  • Bundles of flair
  • Strings and things
  • Jeremy bell framing
  • Petite painting
  • Noble paints
  • Just do art
  • Forefront works
  • Blank canvas
  • Urban creatives
  • Your stitch fix
  • Woodcraft wonderland
  • Crafting sensations
  • Simply craftique
  • The cork and craft
  • Craftably
  • Common knowledge
  • A crafter at heart
  • Scrapbooking fanatics
  • Practical angle
  • I know brushes
  • Golden bust
  • The fabricators
  • Craftas paradise
  • Cabana crafts
  • Hourglass press
  • The canvas life
  • The painting lounge
  • Craft and swan
  • The coloring table
  • Collage years
  • The crafting mom
  • Time travels
  • The magic pencil
  • My sewing project
  • Unfinished cabinets
  • My art box
  • First starts
  • The family tree
  • Daddy’s daycare
  • Family Circus
  • Camp crafts
  • Kollectorsbond
  • Fun times
  • Best out of waste
  • The illusive artist
  • The local project
  • Be creative
  • Let’s make art
  • Opportunity artist
  • TwoCan craft
  • The daily grind
  • DIY diva
  • Sparkle and shine
  • Making Magic
  • A little bit of this, a little bit of that
  • Crafting for fun
  • Circular coasters
  • The creative stitch
  • Make the cut blogs
  • Eat cake, craft, repeat
  • Crafting up a storm
  • Make it and love it
  • The little craft cartographer
  • The puck project
  • Entry ideas
  • Republic idea
  • Shancrafters
  • Craft chance
  • Craftersdoc
  • On the cuff
  • Projects affair
  • The pinkie finger
  • People just craft
  • Return to basics
  • How to
  • The faculty
  • Yummy crafts
  • The pewter pattern
  • Leftbrain ideas

Boutique Craft Business Names 

  • Sew crafty
  • Bows and buttons
  • All tied up
  • Just sewing
  • Hot hands crafts
  • Simply stunning designs
  • Impressionists
  • The glitter goddess
  • Lady Lisa
  • Bells and whistles
  • Critter crafts
  • Clever chic
  • The wares warehouse
  • Ab fabrics
  • The Sewing Space
  • The sewing bee
  • Patchwork paradise
  • Cute crafts
  • Beads and Beyond
  • Knit-n- purl
  • Buttoned up
  • Cross handicrafts
  • Little stitches
  • Yarn masters
  • Jubilant jewels
  • Beadazzled
  • Pinwheels
  • 2 right thumbs
  • Stitchin’ sisters
  • Sew it all
  • Sugar hit handmade
  • Bows, bows, and more bows
  • Bags-n-things
  • Maid to make
  • The cloud factory
  • Loving little loops
  • The salon village
  • Sunset squares
  • Knotty noodle
  • Color patch crazy
  • Seashell sequins
  • The diamond needle co
  • Fuzzy wuzzy crafts
  • Sock it to me
  • Knit-a-long
  • Yarn places
  • Quilt your life
  • Craft and tailored
  • Charm and delight
  • Off-beat boutique
  • The wool room
  • Material magnificence
  • Basket cache
  • The color & craft salon
  • The cloth house
  • Dizzy Daisy
  • Glitterular
  • Blue ribbon
  • Positive peach
  • We are stardust
  • Pretty in pink
  • Fashion stallion
  • Color schemes
  • Vibrant dash
  • Braided art
  • iCandy crafts
  • Cute as a button
  • Dyed in heaven crafts
  • Bling it on
  • Elegant embellishments
  • Keep it unique
  • Rustic chic
  • Not Your average store
  • Buttons to beads
  • Buckets o’ beads
  • Frayed ends
  • Dots and flowers
  • The vintage needlework
  • Citrus and honey
  • Blue indigo
  • Peg patterns
  • Flowers flourish
  • Vanity crafts
  • Patterns pie
  • Ideas Bridal
  • Hen hems

Craft Stall Business Names 

  • Worship wares
  • The bigger picture co
  • Contemporary craft designs
  • First fine arts
  • The artisan’s place
  • The ceramic crew
  • Handy Mandy
  • Class act
  • Get crafting!
  • The advanced collective
  • Craftworks
  • Candle creations
  • The artful dodgers
  • The smart arts
  • The art of allure
  • Crafty valley
  • Martial artists
  • Makers museum
  • Substantial studio
  • Natural Creations
  • The flair parlor
  • House of crafts
  • Artful keepsakes
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Only handicrafts
  • The gift channel
  • Alex’s/Alice’s amazing artisan treats
  • Vintage victories
  • Krazy Kraft Kreative
  • Shutterfly crafts
  • Raft homemades
  • Knotty barrel
  • Ceviche craft
  • The gift tent
  • Buzzworks
  • Brass tacks
  • The market
  • The universal joint
  • RetroStone art
  • The art superstore
  • Novelty necessities
  • Made in minutes crafts
  • The world’s collection
  • Opulent keepsakes
  • Hope’s chest
  • Lost and found crafts
  • The workshop
  • Painted yeti
  • Soul gems
  • Sunrise candles
  • Fairy fine art
  • Carnival crafts
  • Dope or nope
  • The Soho group
  • Body group
  • The depot
  • Awesome expressions
  • The tea house
  • Craft bazaar
  • The family train
  • Craftmosphere
  • From our family
  • Craftily everafter
  • Supply and demand
  • It’s personal
  • Top dog
  • Nostalgic creations
  • 1 of a kind
  • The path taken
  • Art and Soul
  • Heartfelt art
  • Visions and variety
  • The first piece
  • Novelty fiesta
  • Creative bar
  • Charming moments
  • Glitzy goodies
  • Oh, so pretty Accessories
  • Raw materials
  • Made with heart and hands
  • Hanging baskets
  • The decorative lamp co
  • The design directory
  • Handmake sake
  • Weird designs and forms
  • Freak fabrics
  • Exotica etchings

Freelance and Online Craft Business Names 

Freelance And Online Craft Business Names 

  • Commission Crafts
  • Goldfox arts
  • Framous designs
  • Take apart art
  • Art for the ages
  • The art of supplies co
  • Imagination creations
  • The nifty thrifty co
  • The paper pantry
  • Generation graphics
  • Build better
  • Generational works
  • Creative mass
  • The creative corner
  • Gothic arts
  • The works
  • Stitchen time
  • The hobby lobby
  • Handicrafts horizon
  • Uber-crafts
  • Inspire for hire
  • Chicago crafts
  • DIY doctor
  • True form
  • Fablematic
  • Make it handmade
  • Dabble designs
  • Visualfizz
  • The setup
  • Hotplate
  • Crafty cartel
  • Classic collections
  • Paper bunny
  • The source
  • BrightMate
  • Eastern printers
  • Dramatic skill co
  • Curious arts
  • Slick art materials
  • Golden gate crafts
  • MetalEdge
  • Bohemian creatives
  • Greenlight creations
  • Brain and hands
  • Noble experiment
  • Delicacy moves
  • Palette productions
  • Good Job
  • Prism
  • The Repairing company
  • The century image
  • XYZ innovations
  • The forefront designs
  • Hip and trendy designs
  • Lil Handmade Shop
  • Uniquely Yours creations
  • Cedar creek
  • By design
  • Patterns performance
  • Artistry ready
  • Ovation ideas
  • Highway artistry
  • Idea etiquette
  • Projects text
  • Economic creative
  • Projects dividend
  • Concise designs
  • Paperclip for hire
  • Living proof designs

Considerations for Your Business Name 

While many of these ideas are perfect for the next up-and-coming craft business or blog, many of these may not fit your venture exactly, as they may not identify what it is you offer and what customers can expect. That’s why it can be a good idea to consider some aspects of this naming exercise, and while some of these may be overlooked, this can significantly impact your business, especially in the first year.

What Does The Market Look Like?

Is the type of crafts you offer similar to other businesses? If so, you want to use your name to signify what makes your product or service unique, and this works even more if your product is considered a niche in a particular market.

If you find that many of the names are taken, consider using your own name and incorporating it somehow, and this ensures that you have a brand that is more recognizable and feels personal. At the heart of it all, it’s all about recognition and how easily it rolls off the tongue.

Avoid Overused Puns 

While specific phrases and keywords can uplift any name, there is a good chance that a business has used it in some way before you, as this can create problems if another business name has been trademarked. You can use a domain search to see if a similar business operates online.

For physical locations, you can use lookup sites which usually contain information on various companies and where they are located. If you have a pun or phrase, read it out and see how it sounds in various settings, and this is where you may want to research and see how people respond to it.

You also want to avoid any ambiguity as you’ll find people who may be indecisive over what it is they need or want and are stuck between shopping with a few businesses, so if you use a name that is carefully thought out, your customers will appreciate this more.

To Use Generators Or Not

There are a few split hairs with overusing these as some have noted positive experiences, while others have found the names to be generic or don’t have the flexibility they want. After all, AI can only work in the parameters of what you put into it.

Try testing out a few keywords or phrases and see what is generated; from this, you’ll have a good range of ideas to work with. You can revisit any later and alter them to add some flair and fancy to them.

You can search for a name by industry, abstract ideas, keywords, and terms, and with some sites, you can generate logos to see how your name looks with your branding. Avoid entering random words, and be intentional with your search for more relevant results.

Words Used In Your Business Name 

While you want to make something unique, there are some names with words that are derived from other countries, as some of your potential customers will have to look up the meaning to see what it is. This also applies to words that use processes in product production that may be too obscure to customers, so you can keep it simple and focused on the purpose of the business.

With devices like alliteration, some may like it more than others, but when pronounced, it can be a bit wordy. For example, bright Beth’s boutique might sound alluring, but after a while, it might sound fuller than what the name says.

Using Some Creativity

As these are craft business name ideas, you can let your creative side take control, so you can go beyond how corporate businesses generate their names and go for something that, when seen and read, raises a few eyes in your direction. There is also the impact of community, so if you have a physical business, you can use street names and regions to highlight the significance of the area to your business.

Using Acronyms

While many big brands use acronyms or initials as their name and are successful in this, it might not make sense for you to use them.

While it will make sense to you, others may see this and completely overlook what they mean. While this can save time and overused words, an acronym doesn’t necessarily describe what your business is and what it does, so make the most from your name, so it reaches the most amount of people.

In Summary 

Considering that 95% of businesses fail within the first five years, it’s increasingly apparent that your naming needs recognition even more than before. This is because many problems in the country or personal causing the need for adaptation and careful planning.