Do you possess the go getting skills required to succeed in business or life? How do you know if you are a go getter? Do you want to develop your go getting skills and become a go getter? If your answer to the last question is yes, then please read on as I share with you practical steps to becoming a go getter.

This article “How to develop go getting skills and be a go getter” was inspired by Robert G. Allen’s book “The Challenge.” In that book, Robert G. Allen highlighted nine ways to know if you are a go getter and it’s these same steps I want to share with you. Instead of telling you how to develop go getting skills, I am going to highlight strategic traits that will help you know if you are a go getter (as highlighted by Robert G. Allen).

                How do you know if you are a go getter?

You will know you are a go getter if:

a)            You love challenges.

b)            Adversity makes you stronger.

c)            When someone tells you no; you don’t take it personal. You try another way to get a yes.

d)            You are goal oriented; you know where you are going.

e)            You don’t look upon obstacles as permanent barriers but as temporary inconveniences.

f)             You don’t make excuses when given a job. You don’t return until it’s done.

g)            You are always looking for new ways to do things better even if it means breaking with tradition.

h)            You are willing to put up with criticism since most criticism comes from negative thinkers.

i)             You are a positive thinker. You find good in every bad situation.

J.             You believe strongly in yourself and your God given ability.

As a final note, these are the specific traits you can use to analyze yourself to know if you are a go getter.