Do you love dogs and you want to make money off this passion by starting a business? If YES, here are 50 lucrative dog related ideas for dog lovers. The dog grooming and care business industry has become a million dollar industry because of the large number of people who are becoming pet lovers. Dogs are no longer seen as guards or security tools as they used to be in the past.

They are now seen as members of the family and a lot of dog owners would spare no cost to ensure that their dogs are comfortable and happy. This has opened the doors to a lot of lucrative business ideas related to dog training. You can choose any of these opportunities if you are planning to start a dog related business.

50 Best Dog Related Small Business ideas & Opportunities

1. Dog Events Organizer

Dog owners always love an opportunity to show how beautiful and healthy their pets are. You can start organizing a dog show where dog owners can meet one another, hangout, network and exchange ideas and tips on how to care for their dogs. You can make money from selling tickets and dog grooming products at the events.

2. Dog Breeding

You can start a dog breeding business where your female dogs birth new puppies and you offer the puppies to willing parents for a fee.

3. Dog Cage Making

Dog cages are no longer as basic as they used to be. A lot of trendy cages with improved security and convenience features are now being bought by dog lovers. You can start a lucrative business of constructing or retailing such cages to pet lovers.

4. Doggy Day Care

Dog owners need a place to keep their pets when they need to travel or when they are at work.  You can start your own doggy day care center and start making money from it.

5. Dog Clothes Manufacturer

Dog clothing are also becoming increasingly popular especially in cold cities. People need to keep their dogs warm and safe in harsh weather conditions.

6. Dog Clinic

If you are a veterinary doctor or you know one who can partner with you, you can consider setting up a dog clinic where dog ailments are treated.

7. Dog Grooming

You would be surprised at the number of dog parents who do not know how to handle seemingly simple things like trimming their dog’s nails or brushing their dog’s teeth. There are a lot of dog grooming salons all over the world earning hundreds of dollars every day from providing dog grooming services to dog owners.

8. Mobile Dog Salon

Convenience and time management is very important for a lot of people nowadays. They would rather have someone come and groom their dogs at home than go through the stress of booking an appointment, driving through traffic and all the other hassles involved with leaving the comfort of their homes to get their pets groomed.

You can set up a mobile dog salon that takes these services to the client’s doorstep instead.

9. Dog Spa

Well-to-do dog owners take their dogs for spa treatments from time to time. If you live in places like California, New York, Washington D.C and other cities with a lot of VIP’s and celebrities, starting a dog spa would be a very great idea for you.

10. Dog Flea and Tick Removal Service

Another lucrative business idea is starting a dog flea and tick removal service. Ticks and fleas can be very stubborn to get rid of and at the same time, they could be very harmful to the health of the affected dogs.

Many dog owners are clueless about the best ways to get rid of these fleas and ticks without harming their pets. You can set up a business that specializes in getting rid of fleas and ticks in a professional and harmless way.

11. Missing Dog Rescue Service

Sometimes, dogs can wander off, giving their owners serious troubles when they cannot be easily found. There are a lot of technologies, devices and techniques that professionals use to find and rescue missing dogs. You can start a business that does just that.

12. Find-a-dog Services

This is a service that helps interested dog parents to find their dog’s perfect match. It could be a kind of dog directory service with listings of dogs available for adoption or sale so that interested parents can adopt them.

13. Dog Tracker Sales

You can set up a niche business of selling trackers and identity microchips to dog owners to help them secure and track their pet’s activities and movements.

14. Dog Mating Services

You can help dog groomers find male dogs to get their female dogs pregnant and help them set up the mating activity for clueless dog parents.

15. Dog Training

Another niche you can choose in this industry is dog training. You can start a business that focuses on training dogs and teaching them new skills. You would be surprised at the number of people that actually need this help.

16. Dog Park

Dogs love to play outdoors and many people don’t have sufficient outdoor space for their dogs to play. You can set up a small space where dog owners can bring their dogs to play and earn money from the tickets that would be purchased to gain access to the park.

17. Dog Walking

Dogs also need exercise from time to time and the best way that they can get this is by taking them for a walk. You can set up a business where you help people who are too busy to take their pets for a walk to do just that.

18. Dog Toy Sales

You can also consider setting up a shop online or offline that deals in selling toys that are specially designed for dogs.

19. Dog Photography

Another dog-related business idea is to set up a business that focuses on taking, designing and framing photos of dogs. A lot of people consider their dogs as family and love to have their photos taken and kept.

20. Dog Blogging

It is common knowledge that blogging is a lucrative business. You can choose a niche for yourself by focusing on blogging about dog care, dog parenting, dog grooming and other dog-related topics. You can make money from advert placements on your blog.

21. Dog Consulting

If you are a successful dog breeder or you know a thing or two about raising and caring for dogs successfully, you can sell your knowledge to others for a fee by setting up a dog consulting business especially an online-based one.

22. Dog Affiliate Marketing

You can look for sellers of dog grooming products and join their affiliate programs so that you can earn commission from recommending and selling their products.

23. Dog Natural Grooming Products

From dog toothpastes to dog shampoos, many dog parents are no longer comfortable with the idea of using synthetic products on their pets because they understand the potential dangers they may be exposing their dogs to. Many dog owners are embracing natural dog grooming products and you can make a lot of money from selling them.

24. Write a Dog Care Book

With the advent of ebooks and indie publishing services like Createspace and Amazon Kindle Publishing, it has become extremely easy for anyone to publish their own books. You can write and publish a book that teaches dog parents how to care for their pets or handle some common challenges. Publish it on Amazon and smile to the bank afterwards.

25. Dog Security Services

You can set up a business that specializes in training and hiring dogs out for security purposes. Dogs can be very helpful with sniffing out hidden items and criminals, that is why they are used for security purposes.

26. Kennel Cleaning Service

Another lucrative idea is to set up a business that specializes in cleaning up and disinfecting dog kennels to prevent the spread of diseases.

27. One-Stop Pet Shop

This type of dog shop would stock everything from dog chains to dog collars, dog food, dog cages and everything related to dog care.

28. Dog Food Selling

You can never go wrong with selling dog food and treats. There are hundreds of dog owners in every city and they regularly purchase food and treats which they use to feed their pets.

29. Organic Dog Food Selling

Living and eating healthy is a trend, even for pets. You can start a dog food business specializing in the organic dog food niche.

30. Manufacturing Dog Accessories

If you have a sizable sum of money to invest, you can start manufacturing your own brand of dog accessories. If you don’t have a lot of capital to invest, you can start with private labeling where you contract product manufacturers to use their facilities to manufacture products for you and your brand and sell them under your own Business Name.

With time, you would be able to afford the necessary tools, equipment and resources to start manufacturing your own products by yourself.

31. Dog Cemetery

Who says dogs don’t deserve befitting burials and final resting places too? Well many dog owners believe that their dogs do, and they spend money to bury their deceased pets. You can secure a large expanse of land and lease out the space to dog owners who wish to bury their dogs.

32. Dog Drugs and Supplements

Another dog-related business idea that you can explore is to start selling drugs and dietary supplements to improve, maintain and strengthen the health of dogs.

33. Dog Food Manufacturing

All it takes is to research on the best quality food mix for dogs and use the idea to start your own dog food manufacturing business.

34. Dog Insurance

A lot of dog owners insure their dogs against losses and death. You can become an insurance agent who sells dog insurance products to dog lovers.

35. Dog Massage

Dogs can become stressed just like their owners. A lot of dog owners don’t mind taking their dogs for a massage every now then. You can set up a dog massage parlor business.

36. Dog Radio/TV Talk Show

You can earn money from sponsorships and advert placements if you start a dog-focused talk show where you can teach dog parents how to care for their pets with an opportunity to phone-in and ask questions about dog care issues that may be bothering them.

37. Dog Travel Service

A good number of dog parents who may wish to travel with their dogs are often clueless about how to get the right transportation and other logistics. You can start a dog travel business that specializes in offering this service.

38. Dog Pooper Scooper

Another lucrative idea is to start a business that helps people clear out dog feces from their homes or dog cages. Many people don’t enjoy doing this or they simply don’t have the time. You can take the stress off them and get paid for it.

39. Dog Magazine Publisher

You can start publishing a magazine that specializes in discussing dog-related topics.

40. Dog Membership Clubs

Another business idea is to make money from subscriptions and events hosting by setting up a dog membership club where dog parents can hang out, learn and network.

41. Dog Cremation Business

Some dog owners would rather cremate their deceased dogs than have them buried. You can set up a business that specializes in cremating deceased dogs on behalf of their owners.

42. Hunting Dogs

Just like dogs are used for security purposes, they are also used for hunting purposes. You can set up a business that specializes in training dogs for hunting purposes.

43. Dog Lodging Business

Sometimes, people who travel with their pets might need a place for their pets to stay. You can provide temporary accommodation for such dogs for a fee.

44. Dog Transportation

Another brilliant idea is to offer temporary transportation services to dogs and their owners who may need to go for grooming or vet appointments but have no personal means of transportation for that purpose.

45. Dog Vaccines

You would be surprised at the number of dog owners that are clueless about the need for their pets to receive vaccination and where they can do so. You can consider setting up a business to offer vaccinations to dogs for a fee. However, you might need some kind of professional qualification or certification for this.

46. Dog Importation

Another business idea to consider is importing exotic dog breeds from other countries and selling them within your locality. Die-hard dog lovers who enjoy collecting dogs would be excited to acquire a new breed.

47. Dog Gift Basket Service

During major holidays and celebrations, dog lovers may want to do something special for their pets. You can sell dog gift baskets with assorted treats and goodies to such people.

48. Dog Jewelry Making

Another smart business idea is to start a business that focuses on making beautiful jewelry for dogs.

49. Gourmet Dog Treats

Dogs could also be treated to a special meal every now and then through your gourmet dog treats business.

50. Social Media

You might have come across Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat pages owned by dogs. These pages are managed by the owners of the dogs and they get a lot of followers on the pages after which they begin to promote different niche-related products to their audience in exchange for a commission or pre-agreed fees.

You would agree with me that this is a very smart approach to earning passive income.