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4 Steps to Donate Mattress to a Homeless Shelter

Truth be told, donating a mattress to a homeless shelter can make a massive difference to individuals or families who want a comfortable platform to lay their heads on.

You have to understand that it is not just about comfort; a good mattress is very necessary for maintaining overall health, which more or less encompasses quality sleep and proper spinal alignment.

Mattresses can be quite big and difficult to dispose of, and they most often end up in landfills where they take up significant space and contribute to waste.

Aside from the fact that donating your mattress to a person or organization in need not only helps others, it’s also a good move towards sustainable living.

When looking to upgrade your mattress, instead of disposing of the old one, it is important you take into account the impact you can make by donating it to those in need.

Steps to Donate Mattress to a Homeless Shelter

  1. Make the decision to donate your mattress

If you own an old mattress that you have little or no use for, it is recommended you don’t just throw it away. Rather, donate it to a homeless shelter where they will make better use of it.

A good number of these organizations are always happy to receive gently used mattresses as donations. Note that by making the decision to donate your mattress, you will be directly or indirectly helping someone who may not have a comfortable place to sleep at night.

  1. Consider the conditions or requirements for donating a mattress

While there are no overall stipulated rules to these donations, note that a good number of homeless shelters will have a few requirements that will need to be met before they will accept an item for donation.

This is to ensure that the donated items will be in the right condition to be used effectively and comfortably by the next person without any health risks. Below are basic requirements you might want it consider prior to making your donation.

a. Clean

Any mattress you intend to donate will have to be clean on the surface and inside and void of any stains, tears, or odors. One thing you need to understand is that a clean mattress is not just visually appealing, but will also go further to prove that the mattress has been well-maintained and used.

b. No Structural Damages

You will also want to make sure that the mattress has no structural problems such as broken coils or torn fabric. Keep in mind that issues like this can make the mattress uncomfortable or even unsafe for the next user.

c. No Pests

You also need to verify that the mattress is not in any way infested with bedbugs, fleas, or other pests. Keep in mind that some of these pests can spread and cause severe health issues. If you have any reason to believe there may be an issue, forget about donating the mattress.

d. No Sagging

Also ensure that the mattress you intend to donate has a firm surface. Ideally, any signs of sagging, uneven lumps, or indents where people have slept could more or less illustrate that the mattress is tired and not fit for use by another person.

e. Age

Also note that some homeless shelters in the United States will reject any mattress that has exceeded 5 years but it is also possible that some will make an exception if the mattress is in usable condition.

  1. Prepare the mattress for donation

After you have made the decision to donate the mattress, it is also very important you prepare your mattress for donation. Below are a few steps to prepare the mattress prior to donating it.

  • Ensure that all the bedding and pillows are removed from the mattress. This will make it easier to move and store the mattress.
  • Consider vacuuming the mattress thoroughly prior to donating it. This will work to do away with any dust, dirt, or pet hair that might have accumulated over time. Aside from that, it will also ensure that the mattress can be comfortably used by another person with no health risks.
  • Once you are done with the cleaning and care, carefully wrap the mattress in a plastic cover or mattress bag. The essence of this wrapping is to prevent dirt and other debris from getting into the mattress while it’s being transported or stored.
  • In addition, don’t forget to include a note with the mattress that states that it has been cleaned and is void of any pests. This will give the shelter the assurance that the mattress you donated is safe for use.
  1. Deliver the mattress

A good number of homeless shelters won’t mind accepting mattress donations. Most shelters in the United States tend to depend on donations and local support, as such it is necessary you first check with those shelters in your community to see whether they could use your mattress.

Once you have made the decision to donate, the shelter of your choice will ask you to bring your donation. In most instances, they will even offer to pick it up.