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50 Best Drop Shipping Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you want to start a drop shipping business but want to go for a unique niche? If YES, here are 50 best drop shipping business ideas & opportunities.

Drop shipping has evolved to be a really interesting online Business model that entrepreneurs can key into without needing to have a lot of start-up capital. In Drop shipping, the merchant or seller sources for suppliers of any product that he or she wishes to sell.

However, unlike a normal business, the merchant does not hold the inventory nor does he need to store the stock before getting order from customers.

Rather, the 3rd party, usually a wholesale or drop ship supplier handles all the shipping and logistics on behalf of this seller. Because information is transparent and shared, channel management is easier to monitor and management costs are lower.

Due to the appealing nature of drop shipping, it is not a surprise that people are going for this model instead of conventional retail that involves buying and storing inventory before selling them. This has provided unlimited drop shipping business opportunities on the table.

The only task for the seller is to find a quality and reliable supplier that he can trust and run ads for marketing and growing the sales. All the other tasks till the delivery of the product to the end user is handled by the drop ship supplier. In terms of reseller (retailer), they will save more costs such as storefront cost and inventory costs than before.

While exploring drop shipping business ideas, you have to consider the profit margin and possible audience size for that product category. You can use keyword tools and Google trends to see what is popular. Here are 50 best drop shipping business ideas and opportunities.

Best Drop Shipping Business ideas

1. Mobile devices accessories allowing 24/7 connectivity

Each year, the number of people who use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets keeps increasing. Notably, it was confirmed that for their Google queries, people use mobile devices more often that desktops. Plus, the increased usage of mobile devices lets the industry analysts predict that by 2022, the global mobile payment transaction volume will reach $2,89 trillion.

Smartphones and tablets already are an integral part of our life. Due to the specific features of modern communication and information production, for many of us, it is important to be able to check these devices at any moment. So, it might be interesting to create a drop shipping store filled with the products that allow the mobile device owners to stay in touch round the clock.

Even though this particular niche doesn’t strictly oblige you to be an expert in a narrow tech field, you should anyway monitor the market regularly, and take note of all the newest product launches – both the accessories themselves and the devices (like Apple products) that are only compatible with some particular, exclusive expendables.

You can stock you store with Wireless Bluetooth earphones, Car-friendly mini USB charger, Phone and tablet holder et al.

2. Reusable products for everyday activities

Recycling, waste reducing and items reusing are easy-to-follow steps for each and every one of us: even if they seem to be insignificant on a global scale, they actually slow down the negative environmental effects of the growing amount of waste.

Gradually, the switch to eco-friendly, reusable products becomes ‘a new normal’. It’s not only a socially approved behaviour pattern, but a fashion statement as well.

In 2017, reusable water bottles became a kind of a status symbol widely demonstrated by celebrities and influencers alike. In 2018, various types of reusable products gained the status of ‘the hottest travel trend of the year. So, if reusable products are an integral part of your daily life, you’re not simply ‘a crazy activist’.

You’re a responsible and mature person who follows the hottest trends and stays aware of the current cutting-edge fashion. What about sending this message to your business customers? You can dropship Reusable products for everyday activities such as Water bottle, Grocery bag, Silicone food bags et al.

3. Tiny Home Furnishings

It’s not too late to cash in on the tiny home trend! You can dropship all of the furnishings that tiny home builders need. Increase your revenue streams by referring clients to tiny home builders.

4. Custom Window Treatments

Shutters, blinds, shades, curtains, drapery… you can drop ship all of these products while making a great profit margin! Add in another stream of revenue by partnering with interior designers and sending them referrals!

5. Recreational Boating

Build a brand around recreational boating where you drop ship replacement parts and upgrade options for boat owners. Add in another stream of revenue by doing brand deals with boat manufacturers, promoting boat shows, and promoting boat insurance as an affiliate.

6. Oversized clothing

Oversized shirts and dress has in recent times returned to the fashion front with various designers including them in their cozy outdoor collections.

Some of the industry observes link this trend to the growth of popularity of 1980s-inspired clothing, which is widely remembered by padded shoulders, big pockets and overall baggy silhouettes. Whatever the reason for oversized clothing revival is, it’s anyway a good pick for a drop shipping store selling apparel.

Since people don’t have a chance to try on your clothes before purchase, it’s better to opt for the clothes with a loose cut; most likely, they will suit any customer regardless of their body type. You can also include Knitted cardigan and Bomber jackets in your collection.

7. Velvet accessories

Rich velvet textures are not only used to make luxurious accents in interior design. In terms of clothing, velvet elements are worn both for evening outfits and routine daily occasions, which certainly means they are an emerging trend of this autumn and winter. And of course, you shouldn’t forget about yet another 80’s-90’s hit that got revived again.

8. Baby Toiletries For Eco-Friendly Parents

By 2022, it is projected that there will be 80 million babies in the US, accounting for 24% of the entire population. As long as the earth is fine, this growth is good for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Kids influence up to $500 billion in household spending in the US every year. One big part of that is toiletries.

Disposable diapers end up in landfills where they stay for about 500 years emitting methane. They don’t degrade well and are not as cost effective as their more eco-friendly alternatives – cloth diapers or hybrid diapers. With the rise in everything eco-friendly, biodegradable diapers and wipes are types of products you should use to start a business.

Eco-friendly diapers have become a point of passion for many parents; they save money and save the environment while at it. You can drop ship these biodegradable products. There are many upsell, cross-sell opportunities, subscription service, and chances to expand your shop products as you go.

9. HIIT Equipment And Sell Training Programs To Beginners

The fitness niche is one of the top ecommerce niches. It is evergreen, stable and profitable for the most savvy ecommerce entrepreneurs. HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts keep rising in popularity; you’ll hit a home run with this niche if you choose to start an online business selling HIIT equipment.

You can dropship armbands, jump ropes, medicine balls, and other smaller items with less shipping cost. This is a great idea for a small business startup. This ecommerce business idea has been trending upwards for a while now

Start your online marketing first by analyzing the competitive space. Workout equipment (generally) is a competitive keyword but ranking for HIIT equipment is not as competitive. You have high demand, ad success potential with video marketing, and a lot of cross-sell opportunities.

You can also add training programs for beginners to this startup idea, be it videos, lists, or both. They also do well as lead magnets. Work all of that with excellent customer service and good marketing.

10. Handmade female Jewelry

You have more chances of differentiating as a dropshipper when you sell unique products. These can be handmade, custom or antique items. Also, the price of handmade jewelry is hard to guess easily so you can set a reasonable price and have a good margin. Selling on your online store also puts you in more control than marketplaces.

Concerning supplies, you have better chances when you don’t use AliExpress. Many sellers are already dropshipping the tons of jewelry on AliExpress; competition is fierce. Go directly to the craft maker’s website and ask if you can retail the product.

While this isn’t entirely necessary, if they know that you are dropshipping, you could get a discount especially if you are bringing in many sales.

11. Digital Camera

There is a lot of interest in professional cameras and more units will take off in the coming years. There are different level of users and different types of cameras. You can start a store that specialises in drop shipping digital cameras and make money from it.

12. Men’s Bags

The female bag niche is saturated. It’s possible to sell, but a better opportunity is in the men’s bag niche. This is a viable niche because you have a diverse selection and styles of bags you could bring into the market. When you start, choose an audience.

You have students, employees, and retirees to target. This will help you in choosing exact products to fill your online store. You could start with laptop bags and add in regular backpacks. There are backpacks and other styles of men’s bags already on the market.

You don’t want to look like every other store. Think. Things like anti-theft or charging ports that are now flowing in. Or go lower with tech by choosing a shoe compartment. As you grow, you can add in other styles of bags like drawstrings, purses and sling bags. Market on social media and use blogger and influencer marketing.

13. Shapewear

Shapewear is slowly gaining traction to become one of the best evergreen niches to start a store in. By 2022, the shapewear market is projected to skyrocket to about $5.6 billion in sales. What started as an undergarment has transitioned to a piece for everyday wear.

Fashion retailers are also stocking their stores with bodysuits which help create a slimming silhouette. The shapewear niche offers women a variety of styles that can either be worn under clothing with different cuts or as a top, though shapewear is still popular within the lingerie industry where it first emerged.

What makes this product worth considering is that it offers retailers a lot of versatility: whether you sell lingerie, women’s fashion, or want to add this category on a store for general apparel, you’ll be able to find shapewear in different colors, styles, and sizes to meet the needs of your diverse customer base.

14. Men’s plaid shirt

Men plaid shorts rose in popularity in 2018 and has not shown any signs of slowing down. Every year in the autumn and early winter months, plaid searches re-emerge as a seasonal trend. But don’t be discouraged if you’re starting your store in spring.

You’ll need a few months anyway to build up your search rankings, especially if you’re starting from zero. That way, you can capitalize on sales towards the end of the year at a fraction of the cost—organic traffic from search engine optimization (SEO) is cheaper than paid advertising in the long term.

The best thing about selling plaid fashion products is that you can create a standalone category in your fashion store called “Plaid,” or adopt the trend subtly in your collection of shirts. Either way, you can capitalize on the seasonal trend while allowing yourself the freedom to promote other trending fashion styles as well.

When it comes to trending products with a plaid pattern, start with the simple designs first. It may seem counterintuitive to choose the same best-sellers that everyone else is selling too, but you’re far more likely to sell a proven product, especially if you’re just starting out in dropshipping.

15. Athleisure

In fashion, trends are constantly changing. However, athleisure is one fashion trend that is here to stay. Athleisure is active wear worn as an everyday look rather than for athletic purposes like going to the gym. Within this category, you can sell everything from sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, sports bras, tank tops, headbands, capris, and shoes, all in countless colors and styles.

Plus, you can take this niche in several directions: as a standalone store, as a product collection within the fashion niche, or you can market your products within one of the many fitness sub-niches. Depending on how you position your brand, there could be an opportunity to expand into other product verticals such as fashion accessories and jewelry or fitness accessories like yoga mats.

Female millennials are usually the target market for athleisure. Visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are ideal channels to grow your brand, whether you pursue organic growth or use their advertising platforms.

I’d also recommend you look into driving growth with influencer marketing. You can find fitness influencers within your niche using Instagram search tools. Influencers can model your apparel and give your brand a shout out for a fee or a commission of sales.

16. Automotive accessories

As cars become increasingly digital, digital automotive accessories are becoming more popular among consumers. There are car projectors that showcases your engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage and more. This handy product helps prevent car accidents by allowing drivers to keep their eyes forward as it projects key information in front of you. Note that this product is often an impulse buy.

So when it comes to marketing a car projector, you’ll want to focus on visual platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can also try promoting your product in automotive Facebook groups if you’re on a tight budget. But make sure you reach out to those admins before adding your link as it may be against their rules.

17. Smartwatches

Around 1.2 billion watches are sold globally each year. And the number keeps rising. For 2019, smartwatches will likely continue trending upward. December tends to be the peak month for watch sales—while you can sustain year round sales with a watch store, it would be wise to include a relevant summer accessory to ensure higher profits.

Facebook and Instagram tend to be the most popular channels for growing a watch store. Many watch retailers have influencers take lifestyle shots from where they are in the world, with the typically outdoorsy and luxurious images being perfect for use on social media. For example Tim Kock, a dropshipper launched a watch store and was able to make $6667 in roughly eight weeks.

18. Parts and accessories for 3D printing equipment

3D printing is the technology that is literally going to change the world in the nearest future . According to the industry researches, starting from 2025, every resident of the developed countries will in some way have contact with 3D printed products, and the global 3D printing market will reach the mark of $32,78 billion by 2023.

Not only large-scale manufacturers demonstrate this trend: researches also note the growth of a so-called ‘prosumer’ (professional consumer) sector, which representatives buy 3D printers and accessories for some sort of in-house use. So, a drop shipping store selling various component parts and accessories for 3D printers can attract a significant number of end customers who build and use the machinery for their own personal purposes.

It is good to note that in order to operate in this niche, you need to have a relevant tech education, or some kind of engineering background – otherwise, you won’t be able to pick proper products for your store, promote them correctly, and communicate with your potential customers.

19. Drone component parts and accessories

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are used in multiple spheres of our daily lives. Analysts mention that drones are increasingly used to gather information for operational and big data analysis. Drone analytics market, indeed, was valued at $1.17 billion in 2016 , and it is expected to hit the mark of $5.41 billion by 2022.

At the same time, it is estimated that the drone logistics and transportation market value will be $11.20 billion and $29.06 billion in 2027.

Still, much like the already mentioned 3D printing sector, the drone market is not taken exclusively by huge enterprises: the global consumer drones market is predicted to show a 16% compound annual growth rate during the period from 2017 to 2022.

Interestingly enough, the same survey reveals that one of the major drivers for the consumer drones market is the emergence of low-cost drones. So, it might be a valid business idea to fill your drop shipping store with various supplies that can by used by skilled buyers to either build their own drones, or repair/upgrade the already existing ones.

Again, to create and run a dropshipping store in this niche, you need to know a lot about drones, their functionality and maintenance, and be experienced enough to find the highest quality offers on AliExpress.

20. Energy-saving devices and appliances

It is projected that by the year 2030, the demand for energy will rise by 50%. A higher demand for energy and a bigger volume of its production raises concern about the volume of emitted greenhouse gas, and makes countries worldwide look for clean sources of energy.

This is why the global investment in renewable energy is expected to reach $228.3 billion in 2018, and 154.6 gigawatts of new renewable power capacity are estimated to be adopted worldwide by the end of this year.

Obviously, not only governments and high profile scientists can reduce the risk of a global energy crisis. In their own households, ordinary people can make a difference, too. You can stock your store with energy saving devices such as Smart power saver, Night lamp with sensor control, Outdoor solar light, Laptop fan et al.

21. Minimalist jewelry

Some people prefer the finer things in life. Fortunately, minimalist jewelry has been seeing strong sales growth for online retailers in the jewelry space. Even Google Trends shows there have been more frequent, high volume searches from consumers for this type of jewelry.

Despite an expected annual growth of 2% until 2022, there has actually been an overall decline in the number of jewelry businesses available.

When it comes to marketing trending products like these necklaces, the ideal place to find customers will likely be on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. A simple way to elevate your jewelry store’s presence is to create videos featuring your products.

Videos tend to get bigger slots in Instagram’s Search and Explore pages, which will likely create more visibility for your posts. Also, most jewelry retailers and dropshippers tend to post pictures, giving you a competitive advantage if you’re willing to put in a bit more work.

22. Heated vests

Outdoor enthusiasts and workers, such as snowboarders, ice fishers, hunters, or airport crew will likely be bundling up with a heated vest this winter. This trending product heats up to three preset temperatures: 25, 35, and 45 degrees celsius.

And it only takes about three seconds to start heating up making it ideal for those frigid, winter days. Even Google Trends predicts strong search volume growth for this product. This vest would likely perform best on a sports or outdoors store.

When it comes to marketing a heated vest, you also need to consider the region your customers live in. For example, you likely wouldn’t advertise broadly to the united states, as the temperature fluctuates across the country. Instead, you might target specific states with colder climates. You might also create ads for northern countries like Canada, Russia, Iceland, Finland, and Kazakhstan.

When it comes to the audiences you target within those countries, you can focus on job titles for outdoor workers like snow removal, winter camp counsellor, airport crew, lodge manager, tour guide, lift attendant, et al. However, you can also target interests based on popular winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice skating, curling, and hockey.

23. Ankle boots

The footwear niche is expected to have an annual growth rate of about 8.1% until 2023. While ankle boots are currently stepping up in terms of searches and sales, there are plenty of other footwear products you can promote on your dropshipping store as well. Plus, you don’t need to limit your store to only footwear.

You might decide to expand your fashion store to include a shoe category, or you might decide to expand with other seasonal accessories to complement your shoe store.

Trending products like these versatile boots can perform well on visual platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Consider running ads to women their mid-twenties and thirties as they’re most likely to be the ideal target audience for this boot.

24. Posture corrector

A study led by Columbia University found that, on average, people spent about 77% of their waking life in a sitting or sedentary position. Along the same note, most people working at their desks use laptops, which results in them looking down instead of directly in front.

Spinal changes have been found to be caused by looking down at your phone. And our postures only seem to be getting worse. So, there’s no better time than now to start selling trending products like this posture corrector.

Perhaps the easiest way to market this type of product is to advertise to people based on their job title. You can create a list of the most common desk jobs such as administrative assistant, writer, or programmer. Then, you can create ads detailing the benefits of the posture corrector.

25. Pocket Language Translators

Pocket Language Translator is a great product to sell to travelers and tourists because it instantly translates user language. Most travelers have difficulty in understanding the language of the locals and with this product they can easily explore different countries.

There are Chinese built pocket language translators and can translate into 34 different languages. It is available for around $60 on AliExpress so you can keep a suitable margin when selling it through Google and Facebook Ads. However as most people prefer to buy products during the holiday season, demand of pocket translators may also rise during that period i.e. November and December.

26. Waterproof Floating Phone and Tablet Cases

Wherever people go on a picnic, the biggest fear is of getting their phone accidentally drenched in water. Most smartphones are not waterproof, so if they fall into a swimming pool, a pool of mud, or even a toilet bowl, they will get ruined.

The best way to protect them is by using a waterproof case. So, as a dropshipper, this is one hot product to sell in 2019. The product is available for around $3 on AliExpress and you can sell it for $10 plus easily. The demand of waterproof phone cases increases during the summer season.

This may be because more people are going for swimming and seaside adventures. They prefer waterproof phone cases, so that their phones don’t get ruined. Nonetheless, the point here for marketers, is to sell them during the summer season.

27. Moon Lamp

This product is popular with people who love to watch the moon. With the Moon Lamp, you can watch it at all times, even sleep with it. The Moon Lamp is cheap. It has a sheer demand among social media users so as a dropshipper, this is one hot product to sell in 2019.

The product is available for around $12 on AliExpress and you can sell it for $30+ keeping a fair amount of margin. Last year, the demand of moon lamps surged to an all time high during the holiday season. The same is expected this year because of the novelty this product brings to the users.

28. Mirror Alarm Clock

The touch-enabled mirror alarm clock is a multifunction device that can be used as an alarm, a night lamp, and even a mirror.

It is great for every household and especially for small children who sleep alone. The mirror alarm clock is available with free shipping for $8 and you can sell it for $20 keeping a decent amount of profit. This product is not seasonal so, just start a marketing campaign and see money rolling in.

29. Portable Mini Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner is a seasonal product so it sells a lot in summer. As a dropshipper you can get a high margin on this product if you sell it to countries where the temperature is unbearably warm and it will become a high-sell item. It is available for $30 and you can easily sell it for $50 while keeping a healthy profit margin. Portable air conditioners sell like hot cakes during the summer season too.

30. Waterproof Shoe Protectors

Waterproof shoes are a great sell in countries where levels of rainfall are high. You can also sell it during the monsoon season in countries with a tropical climate. The shoe covers are available for $5 and can be sold for $15 through dropshipping.

While shoe covers are always in demand, but they become even more popular during the monsoon seasons. Major markets that you can target for the waterproof shoe protectors are those that experience the most rainfall including England, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Make sure to experiment and target only those countries that have buying power.

31. Mineral Rich Magnetic Face Mask

Magnetic masks have recently become a trend across the internet. The magnetic nature of these masks heals the aging cells making you look healthy and beautiful. They are in high demand among aged women across the world. So, as a dropshipper, you can sell it in any country of your choice, provided they have online purchasing power.

The product costs around $19 and can be sold for $30 plus. Magnetic mask were a hit when they were first introduced around two years ago. From then onwards, the demand has decreased a little. But that doesn’t mean that women are not actively buying these masks anymore. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are trying to stabilize by riding the waves.

32. Deshedding Pet Gloves

Pets loose hairs everywhere on the floor that are hard to clean. The deshedding gloves can reduce that. Simply help them shed the hairs using the pet gloves while they take a bath. You can target pet lovers with this product. These deshedding gloves didn’t exist a few years ago but now they are one of the top trending products on many ecommerce stores. You can easily sell them to pet lovers.

33. Desktop Punching Bag

Feeling frustrated? Desktop punching bags can help you release your stress. The punching bags are available for around $10 and can be sold for $20 plus easily. Desktop punching bags or stress buster punching bags are in high demand right now.

From then onwards, many other dropshippers have started selling them. You will see random spikes during the past year.

34. Car Phone Holders

Millions of people use cars and phones everyday. This means you have an opportunity there. Simply target them with car phone holders that they can easily add to their cars. Now as most people navigate their way through Google maps, car phone holders have become even more important.

The trend is rising, and with smart cars coming our way, the phone holders will remain in high demand in the years to come. Phone holders are available in multiple designs and sizes. You can easily get one to market to your respective audience. The good thing about these car phone holders is that they are easily available for under $10.

35. Scalp Massager

Scalp massager is one oddly shaped yet high-demand massager-cum-comb for shower. On Black Friday, it not only broke many sales records. The product is easily available for $3 on AliExpress but you can easily sell it for $10 plus considering the quality of the product and the value it provides to the users.

36. Home Gaming Setups

Build a brand around gaming where you dropship desks, mounts, and gaming chairs. Add in another revenue stream promoting PC parts as an affiliate. Increase your brand reach by virtually building e-sports stars’ gaming computers and share details on how visitors can recreate them for themselves

37. High-Performance Workstation

Similar to home gaming setups, you can dropship desks, mounts, chairs, and even treadmill desks. Build a brand around productivity and add in additional revenue streams by promoting project management software. Add in another revenue stream by promoting business conferences that focus on productivity and results.

38. Home Theatre Equipment

Build a brand around home theaters and drop ship the projector screens, the mounts, the seating, the shelving, and the popcorn machines!

Increase your brand reach by showcasing different home theater setups for different size rooms. Add in an additional stream of revenue by referring clients to home theater installation companies and also by promoting the electronic components as an affiliate.

39. Indoor Grow Rooms

You can cash in on the growing cannabis industry by drop shipping indoor grow rooms, lighting, and related accessories. Increase your brand reach by sharing “how-to” videos. Add in another stream of revenue by doing brand deals with industry events.

40. Kiteboarding Gear

This is a niche that is continuing to grow with no signs of slowing down. Drop ship the kiteboarding gear and start creating content to build your brand now. Kiteboarding will be in the Paris Olympics which should cause a huge boom in sales. Do the work now and be positioned for even more success in the future.

41. Dog Water Bottles

Buyers who are passionate about their pets generally like to pamper them with new, interesting products. This notion makes them an extremely valuable audience for ecommerce entrepreneurs. However, savvy entrepreneurs have already figured out the value in pet owners, so it can be quite difficult to break into the pet industry, unless you have a unique product that your audience hasn’t seen before.

Specialized dog water bottles is a unique dropshipping product to sell in 2019. These products are a great idea for dog walkers throughout the year, and they’re also relatively unknown in the pet industry, making them perfect for dropshippers.

42. Elephant Pillows

If you would like to dropship products that are perfect for children, then elephant pillows is a good product idea. These unique products are perfect for dropshippers – they have a fairly low price point, they are not common, and they’re often bought without much research done prior.

However, the thing that stands out most with these products is their margins, and the ability to generate a large sum of profit for every sale that you make.

As these products are relatively cheap to source, you can mark them up considerably when you’re adding them to your store. This also means that you’ll be able to generate more money which you can reinvest into marketing campaigns for your products.

43. Animal Rings

Generally, jewelry and women’s accessories are popular products to sell online for dropshippers. However, it’s a fiercely competitive market to try and break into, so it’s essential that you’re armed with unique products for your store.

Animal rings are a unique drop shipping products to sell in 2019. These adorable rings are perfect for dropshippers who are looking for products that will help them to stand out from the crowd. They’re relatively cheap to source, and they’re often bought without too much research from your customers.

To take a step to the next level, you can create bundles with these products, and offering a discount to your customers when they buy multiple rings – this will help you to generate more revenue overall, which you can then reinvest into drawing in more customers.

44. Puzzle Mugs

These products are brand new, and it has been noticed that the few entrepreneurs who have added them to their store are finding success. Puzzle mugs offer a niche alternative to a product which is already present in the homes and offices of buyers everywhere.

As such, entrepreneurs can target your marketing campaigns to your audience with laser precision. Remember – it’s all about putting the right product in front of the right people.

45. Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces have been a hot product for dropshippers for a while now. If you’re interested in getting started with a dropshipping store that sells women’s fashion products, or you’re looking to bolster your existing inventory, these products will be one of the best.

They’re available in a wide range of styles, materials, and colours, so you’re certain to find products that will match your brand’s style.

46. Cellulite Removal

Although cellulite removal is an “evergreen” product niche category, there’s a new product in this space that is quickly picking up steam. The Anti Cellulite Vacuum/Massager is a high ticket item that you can use as the perfect upsell to a sample size cellulite cream.

47. Vape/E-Cigarettes

Like it or not, Vaping (of all kinds) is a massive trend. It is expected that the boom will increase as soon as marijuana is legalised in more states. There is certainly a lifestyle element and community that you can leverage on to establish a brand in this rapidly growing niche.

The vaping and e-cigarette industry is expected to grow to $61B by 2025 . This niche has everything you want. Products at low, medium and high price points. Upsell and cross-sell opportunities, search volume and trending up. If you can navigate this heavily regulated industry, you could succeed in this niche

48. LED Lighting

Overall, LED lighting is a growing trend. However, you can focus on a subset like outdoor lighting or kitchens. You won’t make any money selling regular LED light bulbs.

A lot of people are making the change to remote control LED lights. The LED market is expected to grow 13% annually and reach $55B by 2022. You can create a fantastic content site around outdoor living spaces and sell lighting and related products.

49. Hair Removal

The hair removal market is expected to grow 9% annually and reach $1.3B by 2022. But again, hair removal is too broad. You need to find a sub niche in this category.

50. Natural Hair

More and more people are turning to a natural lifestyle. This space is a bit crowded, but competition is a sign of a healthy market. Products like hydration oil, shampoo and conditioners are rising in the black consumer market. With celebrities embracing the natural hair look, the trend will continue to grow.

African-American spending on relaxers decreased by 30% from 2011 and 2016 in favor of natural hair products or none at all. In summary, the products that sell in most in dropshipping are:

  • Products that are cheap and look aesthetic to viewers. Examples include: Keychains, stuffed toys, jewelry, smartphone covers, pet products.
  • Products that are rare to find. These include products that are usually not available on Amazon. As you will be selling most products to US based viewers. You should know that they will double check the price from Amazon or other known ecommerce stores. So, sell products that are rare to find online
  • Products that are useful. With these types of products, people will be willing to still buy them even if they are costly.