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A Sample New Employees Orientation Checklist for Construction Companies

Do you run a construction firm and you need a template for briefing new employees? If YES, here is a sample orientation checklist for new construction workers.

The construction industry is one industry that exposes people that work in it to on-the-job hazards. So, if you run a construction company, it is mandatory to ensure that you put modalities in place that will help you eliminate the dangers and job hazards that your employees will be exposed to when they go to work in construction sites.

If you run a construction company, you cannot rule out the fact that you will employ both skilled and unskilled workers.

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For the skilled workers, they might have undergone some trainings that will make them stay safe while carrying out their jobs, but for the unskilled worker, you can be rest assured that a good percent of them just want to make money and might not necessarily know what it takes to stay safe in a construction site, hence the need to ensure that you conduct orientation for all those that will be working in your company.

Everyone that wants to work in a construction company should know what to expect, but the responsibility of the construction company is to ensure that everyone is on same page especially as it relates to their conduct and how they can contribute their part in helping the organization meet their target, hence the need for new and old employees alike to undergo orientation from time to time.

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Please note that employee orientation is a subset of the onboarding process. It refers to the actions a company takes during a new employee’s first days to help them adjust to their new work environment, complete tasks required by law, learn about key company policies, and prepare themselves to take on their job duties.

If you run a construction company, below is a sample new employee orientation checklist that you would want your new employees to know;

A Sample New Employees Orientation Checklist for Construction Companies

FIRST DAY – The new employee is expected to report to the Human Resource Department where the onboarding cum orientation programs will be conducted. They are expected to fill all applicable forms.

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Check One – The new employee is introduced to the organization, the president, the management team and co-workers

Check Two –  The employee is introduced to the Organization’s Safety Policy. As a matter of fact, this is one of the core areas of the orientation program that more time should be spent on because of the hazards that construction workers are subjected to. The average slogan for construction companies is “Safety First and Always”. That should be the watch-word of every new employee that is hired to work in a construction company.

Check Three –  The employee should be given proper orientation on what is expected from them as they play their part in ensuring that their action is not only geared towards making them safe in the course of carrying out their jobs, but they must make sure their colleagues are safe and the work tool and machine that they are working with are safe.

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Check Four – The employee should be taken round the organizations’ facility. The new employee should know where to go when they need to meet someone within the organization or when they need to apply and get something from the organization. They should get familiar with every department.

Check Five – The employee should be introduced to the construction equipment they are expected to work with and of course all they are expected to know about the operation and maintenance of the heavy duty construction equipment. After the introduction, usually a proper training on how to use the equipment is conducted.

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Check Six – The employee should be introduced to the organizations’ Human Resources Programs/Policies. It is expected that the employee should understand the process of claims management, filing a work-related claim, accident investigations and designated medical providers amongst others.

Check Seven – The employee should be introduced to the organizations Drug and Alcohol Policy. They should know the punishment any employee who is caught abusing drugs or alcohol will face.

Check Eight – The employee should be informed of the available in house and external trainings that every employee is expected to attend and what are the requirements they would have to meet to attend such training. Since it is a construction company, the trainings should be centered around safety, machine operation and international best practices in the construction industry

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Check Nine – The employee should be given proper orientation on what to do to avoid falling off while working in construction sites and how to make use of the safety gadgets that will help them to stay safe when they are climbing heights.

Check Ten – The new employee should be given proper orientation of modalities to follow as it related to electrical safety.

Check Eleven – The new employee, especially if they are going to be operating any of the heavy duty construction equipment such as Forklifts, Scissor lifts (powered mobile scaffolds), Ladders, Cranes, Scaffolding, Trenching and excavations should be given proper equipment-specific safety rules and they must be compelled to abide by them irrespective of the experience they are bringing to the organization.

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Check Twelve – Since most construction companies work on high rise projects, the new employee should be given proper orientations on what is expected from them when they work on Aerial work platforms (boom lifts).

Check Thirteen – The new employee should be given proper orientation on how to handle environmental hazards and what is expected of them when they have to stop working when the hazard in the environment is life threatening.

Check Fourteen – There may emergency in a construction site hence the need to give the new employee proper orientation on how to respond during emergency. The employee should be able to know exactly what to do in an emergency.

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Check Fifteen – The new employee should be given proper orientation on how to go about reporting injury on and off the project site.

Check Fifteen – Irrespective of the job description of the new employee, every employee must be made to undergo First Aid training. They should know where the first aid station and kits are located in the organization and on the construction site.

Check Sixteen – The new employee in a construction company should be given proper orientation on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Every new employee working in a construction site should be issued personal protective equipment and should be trained on the proper use of the following equipment: Safety glasses, Fall protection / full body harness, Gloves, Reflective outerwear or high-visibility vest (if applicable), Hearing protection (if applicable), Respirator (if applicable).

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After the orientation session, the new employee must be subjected to a quick quiz to be ensure that they understood the orientation and to know if they are ready to go to work. The new employee is expected to tick YES or NO to the question below to ascertain their readiness to work in a construction company.

  • I have the personal protective equipment I need to perform the work assigned safely.
  • I have the safety training I need to get my job done.
  • I know what to do in case of an emergency.
  • I know where to go if I have a workplace injury.
  • Safety meetings are conducted with the work crew.
  • I understand the drug and alcohol policy.
  • I understand the importance of correctly using tools and equipment.
  • I am aware of workplace fall hazards and am always protected when working at heights.
  • Hand and power tools are in good working condition.
  • My supervisor cares about the safety and health of the work crew.
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——————————————————————————————————————Employee’s Full Name, Signature and Date



Human Resources Officer / Supervisor’s Full Name, Signature and Date