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List of Equipment You Need to Start a Dog Grooming Business

Dog grooming is part of the pet grooming and boarding industry, and this industry according to reports, is worth close to $9 billion in the US.

This makes it a viable business to consider as it features a very low barrier to entry. You can start this business from your home, and put some cash in your wallet. To start a dog grooming business, you will have to understand the challenges and the process to ensure that you will attain success.

As a dog groomer, there are very important tools you need to maximize your practice and guarantee that you can service a vast range of clients. Below is a list of must-have dog grooming supplies for your business.

List of Equipment You Need to Start a Dog Grooming Business

  1. A Grooming Table

This is a very necessary tool especially if you need the right platform to groom a dog. Owing to that, ensure to get a comfortable surface for them to stand on from where you can service their needs.

Grooming tables tend to come with areas where you can hook a dog tether to help dogs stay in one place. You can even find those that can fold up if you plan to offer mobile services.


Aid in reducing back strain for the groomer while offering a secure, stable grooming environment for the dog.

Cost: $70 – $130
  1. A Bathing Station

A bathing station is very necessary when it comes to the ideal equipment needed for dog grooming. A good percentage of groomers will prefer to bathe dogs in a standard sink.

However, this is frowned upon because fur will eventually clog the drain and damage the pipes. As such, ensure to purchase a large dog tub with a hose attachment that’s rated for up to 250 pounds worth of weight.


Help bathe dogs more efficiently and effectively.

Cost: $140 to $1000
  1. Shampoo and Conditioner

You have to take extensive care when making this decision because the products you use on your dog clients are what will make it possible for their owners to bring them to your station. Note that the better they look, the more likely their owners will be to book sessions with you in the future.

Owing to that, when making this decision, it is necessary to look for a vast range of dog-safe flea shampoos, de-shedding shampoos, white coat products, and quality conditioners. In addition, make sure to always ask your clients if their dogs have any skin allergies you should be aware of.


Moisturize your dog’s skin and coat.

Cost: $12 to $250
  1. Ear and Eye Cleaning Kit

You have to understand that a dog’s ears and eyes are very susceptible to dirt and grime. If not washed appropriately, this residue will most likely lead to infection.

Owing to that, when starting a dog grooming business, it is necessary you plan to adequately service those needs. Consider also investing in special eye drops that will help protect the dog’s eyes from shampoo or conditioner runoff.


Limit the buildup of ear and eye discharge, keeping them clean and odor-free.

Cost: $12 to $22
  1. Brushes and Combs

Truth be told, different dogs possess different coats. Depending on the coat, you’ll want to utilize different brushes and combs to get the appropriate result. So if you intend to attain success in this line of business, invest in a soft brush for thin-haired dogs and a thicker brush for dense fur types. You’ll also want both wire and nylon combs.


It eliminates tangles and mats, guarantees that the coat will look vibrant and beautiful, massages and lubricates their skin by activating the pet’s natural oils, and keeps errant pet hair away from clothing and furniture.

Cost: $2 to $54
  1. Grooming Shears

This is particularly necessary if you intend to cut a dog’s hair. This is an area where splurging on tools that are more expensive and sturdy will pay off in dividends. You have to understand that nothing is more difficult for a dog groomer than needing to get through a grooming session with dull shears. Ensure to avoid this and guarantee that your shears are rated for excellence.

  • Used for shaping and finishing work.
  • Set angulation for heads and feet.
  • Used for thinning and shaping the coat
Cost: $12 to $84
  1. A Stripping Knife

There are certain dogs you can groom with traditional shears. These dogs need to have their coats stripped to ensure that they maintain their look and texture. Dog stripping will necessitate special training but if you go through the stress of learning how to do it and invest in the appropriate dog grooming supplies, you will be happy that you did.


Helps to tidy up their appearance to ensure you achieve their breed standard or look.

Cost: $30 and above
  1. Dental Supplies

Although a good number of dog groomers barely offer teeth cleaning services, but if you choose to provide this service, it can offer you a platform to further set yourself apart in the competitive industry. You don’t really have to go overboard here.

Simple dog grooming supplies like a quality dog toothbrush will do. Howbeit, be wary of cross-contaminating with toothbrushes. You should only be using one brush per dog.


Treat and prevent buildup by cleaning the dog’s teeth.

Cost: $20 to $47