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How to Find Lease to Own Box Trucks

A lease-to-own box truck is a program where a driver agrees to lease the box truck for a specific period, with the option of buying it before the lease runs out. Note that this program remains one of the most viable means of owning a truck.

This program enables you to purchase a truck while avoiding the massive down payments that come with buying a truck directly. A lease-to-own box truck program can be a wonderful way to become an independent operator. While it is often a very personal decision, have it in mind that your monthly payments will range from around $300 – $1,200 per month.

Since the program is via a carrier, you won’t even have to provide an individual line of credit. A lease-to-own box truck program also allows you to purchase the truck at the end of your lease.

This is very suitable for drivers who intend to use the box truck for some time and then, after depreciation hits, buy the box truck. Note that you may have a bigger range of truck styles and features to select from, and you can make your own customizations since you don’t have to give the truck back.

How to Find Lease to Own Box Truck Programs

For a good number of truck drivers, becoming an owner-operator is the apex of the trucking industry. Have it in mind that lease-to-own box truck programs are a very wonderful way to move towards that goal. If you’re considering a lease-purchase program, here are steps to help you find the best program for you.

  1. Carry Out An Extensive Research

If you want to become an owner-operator truck driver, the first step is to find a trucking company with a lease-to-own box truck program. You will also need to investigate the company that has the best lease-to-own box truck program. Also, examine the company’s financial health.

Note that one of the most dreaded outcomes would be for the company to fold – leaving you no legal ownership over the truck you’ve been leasing. If the company is publicly traded, you can easily find stats about its financial health online. But if it is not, you can just ask the company directly about its economic outlook.

If you’re not convinced about a particular program, there is no harm in calling other carriers to validate their programs. Have it in mind that comparing the rates, lease length, and financial health of other companies will help you make the right choice.

  1. Process Your Order And Your Finance Application

After you must have settled for a company that aligns with your goals, you will have to submit an inquiry online to the company. It will most often take 24 to 48 hours before you get a response. If you submit a request via email, you may have to wait for up to 5 days for a sales consultant to contact you.

However, once they do, all the eligibility criteria will be analyzed to guarantee that you qualify for the program. If you are eligible, the sales consultant will request that you fill in an online finance proposal. Once this proposal has been reviewed and all information verified, the box truck leasing company will then refer you to a finance provider.

  1. Ordering Your Box Truck And Process Your Finance Documentation

Have in mind that it will take the finance provider around 48-hours to 5-working days to respond. If you are approved, you will be expected to pay the processing fee. Once you do, note that the leasing company will order your box truck from the supplier.

An email will be sent to you to confirm your box truck order and information. This is the stage that will take most of your time in the application process.

Howbeit, once the leasing company gets a due date from the dealer, they will ask for your finance documentation and send the paperwork to you to read and see if you are content with everything. You will be expected to sign and send the paperwork back, and then they will check the documents to see if everything is correct and then pass it on to the deliveries team.

  1. Obtain Adequate Insurance

Obtaining adequate insurance to protect your truck and your business remains a very vital aspect of the lease-to-own box truck program. When it comes to box truck leasing, there are three key types of insurance:

  • Non-trucking liability insurance;
  • Occupational accident insurance;
  • Physical damage insurance coverage

12 Best Lease to Own Box Truck Companies and Their Rate/Terms

It can be quite challenging to select a company to join the lease-to-own box truck program, especially since numerous trucking companies are offering these programs in the United States. However, to ensure you make the right decision, here are the top lease-to-own box truck companies in the United States.

  1. Schneider

Founded in 1935 with one truck and a dream, Schneider has grown and currently boasts of a massive fleet of over 9,000 company trucks and 2,800 owner-operator businesses. Note that their well-tailored lease program provides drivers with all of the benefits of working as an independent contractor with little or no risks.

  • Around $1600 to $2500 per month
  • Drivers are expected to pay most fees, including monthly payments, down payments, insurance fees, approval costs, closing fees, and vehicle equipment costs.
  1. KSM Carrier Group

This is another top lease to own box Truck Company to consider in the United States. Have it in mind that their box lease-to-own programs focus on helping people who are looking to start their own business but barely have the financial means to do so. Note that they also offer flexible payment options and schedules to help owner-operators as much as possible.

  • 74% to 82% gross revenue
  • $1 buyout
  • Safety bonus
  • Direct deposit
  • Insurance
  • Weekly payments
  • Retirement plans
  • The company covers maintenance costs for the truck
  • Discounted tire rates
  • No credit check
  • No trailer fees
  • Cannot lease a truck unless you are 23 years old
  • You will need to have two years of OTR experience
  1. Ryder

Note that this company is renowned as one of the market leaders in the US when it comes to truck lease, sales, and rental business. The company also makes available a female-friendly vehicle package. Note that by aligning with various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the Women in Trucking Association (WIT), Ryder has bolstered 15 different design specifications to accommodate the smaller builds of women.

  • Around $2500 to $2700 per month
  • Flexible commercial truck leasing options
  • Brand new Volvo VNL 670 or Freightliner Cascadia
  • Maintenance and warranty covered
  • Drivers will have to pay for most fees, including monthly payments, down payments, insurance fees, approval costs, closing fees, vehicle equipment costs, and average monthly payments.
  1. PAM Transport

Note that the lease-to-own box truck program offered by this company is renowned for being a convenient, accessible, and transparent solution for drivers who are looking to become owner-operators or owner-operators who are seeking opportunities to expand their existing businesses.

  • Fully-equipped 2018 trucks at $379 per week
  • Fully-equipped 2019 trucks at $599 per week for solo drivers
  • Paid-for Licensing and permitting fees
  • Corporate fuel rates
  • Access to company shop rates for repairs and maintenance
  • Drivers are expected to pay for their fuel, and this will be your biggest expense
  • Drivers will also need to carry liability insurance
  • Drivers are mandated to pay federal taxes
  • Drivers will have to deal with all of the repair and maintenance costs
  1. Riverside Transport

Another viable lease-to-own box truck company to consider is Riverside Transport. They provide full-service maintenance programs for box truck drivers.

  • $738 weekly fixed rates
  • $.30 per mile
  • Handles most maintenance costs like batteries, tows, motors, and transmission
  • Refunds are available for expenses upon lease completion
  1. Idealease

Renowned as one of North America’s biggest full-service truck transportation companies, Idealease has more than 45,000 vehicles supported by over 400 dealer-affiliated locations. They also offer full-service leasing, rental, dedicated maintenance for customer-owned vehicles, and innovative fleet safety and compliance services.

  • Around $524 to $1,276 per month
  • Periodic state and federal inspections
  • Vehicle licensing and permitting
  • 3 to 5 years lease period
  • GPS solutions
  • Fuel tax reporting
  • Fuel purchasing program
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  1. Penske Truck Leasing

Penske is an industry leader in truck leasing, offering full-service leasing, contract maintenance, and on-site maintenance. Penske leasing services are designed to suit your needs and remove the stress of ownership. The leasing structure is reliable and flexible.

  • Around $910 to $1,300 per month
  • Comprehensive maintenance services
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Centralized access to fleet information through Fleet Insight™
  • Licensing and tax management
  • Fuel locations and management
  • Full-service lease financing to free up capital you can put back into your business
  1. Enterprise Truck Leasing

Enterprise boast of a vast array of box trucks with tuck-under lift gates ranging from 15’ parcel vans to 16’ cab-over trucks up to 24-26’ box trucks.

  • Around $1,200 to $1,475 per month
  • All drivers must be at least 21 years old (18 in NY and MI with an additional fee).
  • Payment will have to be made with a major credit card in the renter’s name, and a deposit might be required. Some locations may accept a debit card linked to a checking account.
  • Requirements may vary slightly with location; therefore reach out to a representative in your local office over the phone before showing up in person.
  1. Dart Trucking

In the United States, this company is renowned for its lease-to-own program that guarantees that drivers earn up to $165,000 or more per year in the process. Dart boast of a comprehensive lease-to-own program that has all of its financing done through Highway Sales, Inc.

  • $1,495 for the 2014 Freightliner
  • $1,395 for the 2015 Freightliner
  • $1,995 for the 2016 Kenworth
  • $1,995 for the 2016 Freightliner
  • $2,195 for the 2017 Kenworth
  • $2,195 for the 2017 Freightliner
  • $2,395 for the 2018 Kenworth
  • $0 down
  • 99% no-touch freight
  • Up to $500 per month in lease payment savings
  • 65% load revenue
  • Truck years from 3 – 5 years
  1. ATS

Note that this company provides a one-year lease program and is the industry’s only company offering this. The primary objective of ATS is to allow a company driver to rapidly become an independent contractor.

  • Around $1450 to $2500 per month
  • 1, 2, and 3-year lease purchase options
  • Guaranteed pay on fuel surcharge collected
  • No fixed expenses for 2 weeks
  • 1 year lease: $2,000 completion bonus
  • 2 year lease: $8,000 completion bonus
  • Catastrophic in terms of the lease — Bumper-to-Bumper is 30 days + all factory warranty
  • Purchase options are available at the end
  1. US Xpress

US Xpress boasts of a well-tailored leasing program that ensures that a driver can earn up to $175,000 per year or more working with the company. Also, note there’s a 500,000-mile warranty and drivers only need six months of experience to join the lease program.

  • Around $1700 to $2360 per month
  • Drivers will earn $1 – $2 per mile, and there is a $500 maintenance deposit after your first dispatch.
  • There is a pet policy for anyone that wants to drive with their pet, and dedicated weekly home time is provided.
  • Discounts are offered on all essentials such as maintenance, Fuel, and Tires
  • Low weekly payments
  • $3,500 sign-on bonus
  • Three-week deferred payments
  1. Intek Leasing

Founded in 1986, Intek Leasing has leveraged its massive network to finance and lease Box Trucks and Delivery Trucks. Whether you are looking to add to your fleet or seeking your first Box Truck or Delivery Truck, they will ensure you get the financing you need and the attention you deserve.

  • Customized leasing plan
  • No trailer fees
  • Cannot lease a truck unless you are 23 years old
  • You will need to have two years of OTR experience
  • Comprehensive maintenance services
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Box Truck Lease to Own Program

Truth be told, there are vital factors to consider when choosing the best company or program to work for. These factors include;

  1. The Company Itself

Most often, a lease to own box truck program ties you to the company for the duration of the lease. Owing to that, you will want to ensure you have carried out extensive research and that you are comfortable with the company’s culture, co-workers, and the general health of the company.

Have it in mind that when you enter into this type of program, you’re obligated to the payment and the terms. You want to guarantee that the carrier will have steady work for you to do and that you will be able to see to the payments.

  1. Terms Of The Lease

You need to understand the terms of your lease and ensure that the deal points are very clear. There will be a monthly payment for the lease, but is the payment a fixed amount or will it be altered over time? How many payments are there and is the residual value of the box truck at the end of the lease plan clearly noted in the agreement?

It is very important that you understand the monthly fixed costs and also how the final payments will be worked out. Also, note the exact time the truck will become your own and ensure you know all of the costs and details outlined in the terms of the agreement.

  1. Benefits and Incentives

No two lease programs are the same as some tend to include money-saving benefits or even offer incentive programs. Whether it is assuming the task of paying for permits or ensuring that the license plates are up to date, companies that take care of regulations for the driver are more encouraging. A good number of them will either fully or partially cover the maintenance and training costs for their drivers as well.

  1. Balloon Payments

When you’re first starting, it can be enticing to opt for the lowest possible lease payments. However, it is imperative to take care when making such a decision. If the price is unusually low at the beginning of the contract, have in mind you will have to make up for it at the end with what’s most commonly referred to as a balloon payment.

This is a gigantic amount you will be expected to pay at the end of your lease to assume ownership of the truck. Always aim for a lease with equal payments, or at least a very small balloon that you can afford.

  1. Early Payoff Penalties

Most often, paying off your box truck early saves you interest in the long run. It can also serve as an escape clause if you realize after signing that you don’t enjoy driving for that particular company. Note that some leases contain clauses that restrict drivers from paying off the lease early (or force you to pay huge penalties).

While it is okay to work with a lease that mandates you to stick with it for a short time, maybe half the lease term, have it in mind you don’t want one that will want to keep you till the very end.

Pros and Cons of Lease to Own Box Truck Program

Indeed the lease-to-own box truck program comes with numerous benefits and cons, and it is imperative you seriously consider them to know if this program is the right fit for you. The pros and cons include;


  • Additional benefits

Although no two leases are the same, note that some tend to include money-saving benefits like preventive maintenance costs, driver training, performance reports, or other add-ons. While some companies offer these automatically, in some places you may have to pay a small fee for the benefits you want.

  • New and clean box truck

Most often, lease-to-own programs are for new trucks, and you will get the opportunity to choose the exact box truck you like. Even if you can barely afford to buy it directly, note that this can be a great way to avoid potential problems with used equipment.

  • Administrative benefits

Under some programs, the carrier will help you carry out some vital administrative tasks. Since you will be operating under the carrier’s authority, you won’t have to bother about acquiring your own authority. The company might also help with managing your loads and tracking your hours of service (HOS).

  • Permits, license plates, and other requirements

Most often, the companies whose program you choose to sign up with will take up the stress of helping you obtain all the necessary licenses, license plates, permits, and other legal hurdles you are expected to surmount.


  • Bad contract

A good number of carriers tend to create lease-to-own programs that are genuine and transparent. However, you can also find ones that are not so genuine. You may have to pay a gigantic fee at the end of your lease to secure your ownership, and your monthly rental fee can even be higher than traditional financing or renting.

Also note that some companies that offer these programs do, intentionally, set their drivers up to fail. Therefore, ensure you are extra diligent in your research before signing a contract.

  • Lack of freedom

Have it in mind that the company that holds your lease also controls your working conditions. A good number of companies tend to give their lease to their drivers on more laborious routes. You might also not be permitted to haul loads for other carriers, even when things are slow. Before signing, just ensure you understand the terms and that you are comfortable with them.

  • Business management

This is another one that comes with the lease-to-own box truck programs. Under these programs, you more or less act as an independent contractor with the company. It simply entails that you are also in charge of the whole business side of your operations. This can be quite daunting, especially for a newbie in the trucking industry.


Note that having access to a truck is just one of the numerous steps that will lead you to own a lucrative business. Coupled with a box truck, you will also need a wide range of tools that will enhance your productivity and boost your earnings in the long run.

However, when signing up to lease to own box truck program, remember to look out for things like balloon payments (large sums due at the end of the agreement), constraints in maintenance agreements, the inability to pay the truck off early and extensively long lease contracts where you end up paying much more than the worth of the truck.