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10 Best Places to Rent Medical Transport Vans and the Cost

Do you run a medical transport business and need to rent ambulances? If YES, here are 10 best places to rent medical transport vans at an affordable rate.

Medical transportation are mostly for people who are not in an emergency situation but need medical assistance to move from one place to another. You can call it a taxi service for the elderly or disabled people. These transport vans align with safety standards and are modified to add accommodations such as a hydraulic lift.

Generally, non-emergency medical transportation play a big role in helping individuals in need of travelling comfortably to and from one place. Over the years, this form of transport has achieved growing appreciation and is an important part of any medical healthcare program.

This type of transport service comes with a skilled team of nurses and drivers. They have all the necessary certifications and skills for safe transport. Every patient is treated with dignity and respect. They have the right to privacy. If the patient is not happy with the service, he/she can file a grievance with the company.

Most modern providers keep CC machines in the vehicle itself to make it easy for the patients to pay the charge. These providers also have websites that provide online booking, to save time. The biggest problem that the elderly and disable face is their dependence on others to go about their business.

They sometimes need someone to drive them to and from medical appointments, gatherings, shopping and other things. However, with non-emergency medical transportation, all these can be assured.

By renting a van, the client does not have to take any obligation from anyone. They can do all their work freely and as they wish. These transportation vans can also be used for leisure purposes. They can be rented to travel around the city.

You can find medical transport vans for rent at this establishments mentioned below. All these transport vans align with safety standards and modifies their vans to add accommodations.

10 Best Places to Rent Medical Transport Vans and How Much Their Rental Cost

  1. AMS Vans

AMS Vans are renowned for their wheelchair van dealerships expanding across the country to accommodate wheelchair users in need of handicap vans. From Georgia to California, Texas, Illinois, New York, Florida, Washington, and beyond, AMS Vans travel to every state delivering mobility freedom with a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

With nearly two decades of experience, AMS Vans posses the key that unlocks opportunities for transportation and travel, and have already put that key in the hands of hundreds of delighted customers. The company’s mission is to provide wheelchair conversion vans that provide families with special needs people an affordable solution to enhance their lives dramatically.

  1. United Access

Renting a van from United Access is similar to renting a vehicle from another company that provides rental vehicles (without the handicap accessibility). All the company’s wheelchair van rentals are available near you at locations throughout the central U.S. and through it’s partnership with Accessible Vans of America.

All of the company’s rental vans are fully powered side entry conversions that conveniently operate at the touch of a button. All wheelchair van rentals accommodate one wheelchair passenger while some vans may accommodate more. If you need a temporary solution for traveling in a wheelchair or transporting a loved one in a wheelchair, United Access have a solution for you.

  1. BraunAbility

This company offer an exclusive fleet of side-entry, rear-entry, new, and used wheelchair van conversion options for sale and rent nationwide and in Canada from multiple minivan manufacturers. BraunAbility also has inventory at Winamac, Indiana, that can be ordered and shipped to your local BraunAbility Dealer.

For over 45 years, BraunAbility has been committed to changing lives for people with physical disabilities through innovative mobility solutions that provide independence and ease-of-use. As the industry leader, and the brand most recommended by mobility dealers, BraunAbility combines the quality product solutions you need with the service and financing expertise you can trust.

  1. Superior Van and Mobility

Superior Van and Mobility is a key player in this industry providing state-of-the-art mobility solutions for the consumer and commercial transportation industry. They are a proud member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) and a participant in NMEDAs Quality Assurance Program (QAP); recognition reserved only for the highest quality mobility dealers in the Nation.

They currently have eleven, convenient locations which are located in: South Bend, IN., Fort Wayne, IN., Fishers, IN., Indianapolis, IN., Evansville, IN., Louisville, KY., Lexington, KY., Knoxville, TN., Baton Rouge, LA., New Orleans, LA., and Omaha, NE. Together they feature the area’s largest selection of new, used and pre-owned handicap accessible vehicles, wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, and mobility products.

  1. A&J Mobility

A&J Mobility will always strive to enhance the lifestyle and freedom of the physically challenged. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle, a certified pre-owned vehicle, or require specialized mobility equipment, you can always depend on A&J Mobility to provide the most innovative mobility solutions available on the market.

Established in 1975, this business was built on a strong commitment to quality and service. A&J Mobility is the premier dealer of wheelchair accessible vans with five locations throughout Wisconsin.

Specializing in high-quality Braun conversions, A&J Mobility also accepts trade-ins on pre-owned wheelchair van conversions. A&J Mobility is a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA), holds the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) and is Ford Truck Quality Program (FTQP) Qualified.

  1. San Diego Mobility Vans

San Diego Mobility Vans provide Mobility Van Rental’s in San Diego and the San Diego Airport. They provide accessible van rentals for both short and long term needs. All their vehicles are wheelchair accessible with lowered floors, Power Sliding Doors and Power Ramps.

At San Diego mobility Vans, all the vehicles are fitted with power ramp, lowered floor, multiple tie down positions, remote power door, front and rear air conditioning, automatic transmission and the front passenger seat can be left in or taken out.

Rental fees include 100 free miles per day, accumulative. Any additional mileage above and beyond this allotment is charged at $0.50 per mile. Vehicles are delivered with a full tank of gas and should be returned with a full tank.

  1. Accessible Vans of America

AVA is proud to be the largest organization in the industry and thrilled to have the most compressive selection across the country. With Accessible Vans of America, you can easily search to find a wheelchair van rental nearest you or your destination.

Whether you are looking for a local rental or need a vehicle waiting for your arrival at the airport, Accessible Vans of America partners with wheelchair van dealers with rental vans across the nation with great rates and reliable transportation. Accessible Vans of America has a large network of dealers with wheelchair vans available to rent. Many dealers offer short term and long term rental options with competitive rates.

  1. Scootaround

This company is one of the nation’s leading mobility enhancement company providing scooter and wheelchair rentals in over 1500 locations throughout North America. Clients can arrange worry-free rentals through a 7-day toll-free number or via a full-featured Internet website.

This establishment has developed a network of associates throughout North America to meet the most diverse travel needs from conventions and business travel to vacations and cruises.

More recently, Scootaround services have extended to contracts with major airlines in the servicing and repair of passenger mobility equipment that has been damaged in transit. With its growing network, they continue to meet the most diverse travel needs from vacations and business travel to cruises and conventions.

  1. MobilityWorks

If you are in the market to buy or rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle, a certified pre-owned or a specific mobility equipment, MobilityWorks provides the largest selection. At MobilityWorks, you will always find the newest innovations in adaptive equipment. With more than 80 locations across the united states, they average over 1000 wheelchair accessible vans in stock that meet the mobility and financial needs of customers.

MobilityWorks also partners with lenders who understand the value of your conversion equipment, offering you a no-hassle buying experience. They can custom tailor the terms of your financing to meet your individual needs; including the length of your loan, the monthly payment amount, and the level of protection that you choose.

  1. Aero Mobility

Aero Mobility is one of the biggest Mobility Dealerships in the entire United States Of America and the preferred provider of wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion, wheelchair ramps, and scooter lifts.

Established in 1985, with over three acres of facility in the heart of Southern California, as a converter and Authorized dealer for the highest quality mobility equipment from industry-leading manufacturers such as BraunAbility, Eldorado Mobility, Freedom Motors, Vantage Mobility & Vision,  offering  Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles with the largest selection of Converted vehicles to meet every customers expectation.

The company headquarters is certified through the Joint Commission (JCAHO) and Quality Assurance Program (QAP), the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA), to hold the highest standards in the vehicle modification industry.