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How to Find Volunteers for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are known to depend handsomely on volunteers to cater to the needs of their residents. They always require volunteers to provide company for residents and help in organizing activities like dances, card games, and bingo nights.

The activities these volunteers help to organize are essential aspects that bring the feeling of home to the nursing home. Aside from that, federal law in the United States mandates any hospice receiving financial support from Medicare or Medicaid to have at least 5 percent of the care made available to residents carried out through volunteer workers.

Steps to Find Volunteers for a Nursing Home

  1. Identify Volunteer Needs

This is the first thing to do if you are looking to find volunteers for a nursing home. Take your time to first understand the exact needs of your nursing home.

Take into consideration the varying activities that benefit residents, including companionship, assistance with recreational activities, or support with daily tasks.

Note that having a thorough insight into these needs will ensure you have the requisite info to develop a formidable recruitment strategy.

  1. Create a Compelling Volunteer Program

Once you understand the volunteer needs of your nursing home as well as the skills and interests you require in a volunteer, you must come up with a well-structured volunteer program that explicitly defines roles, responsibilities, as well as expectations.

Ensure to illustrate the positive impact these volunteers can make in the lives of nursing home residents. You would want to design a program that offers flexibility especially since it helps to accommodate varying schedules and commitments.

  1. Utilize Online Platforms

In this modern age, it is recommended you make use of online platforms to reach a wide range of audience. You can start by creating profiles on volunteer websites, social media platforms, and community forums.

Also align with local universities, community colleges, as well as organizations to get the word out about your volunteer opportunities.

Keep in mind that establishing an online presence ensures that you can seamlessly connect with individuals who are eager to make a positive difference in their community.

  1. Collaborate with Community Partners

You would also want to create some solid partnerships with local businesses, religious organizations, schools, as well as community groups.

Always make time to be at community events and meetings to ensure you have the right awareness regarding your nursing home’s volunteer program.

Also, work hand in hand with well-known entities to ensure that you can tap into existing networks and attract volunteers who match your nursing home’s mission.

  1. Offer Training and Support

You should also consider creating a well-structured training for volunteers, encompassing very pertinent topics including communication skills, empathy, as well as comprehending the unique needs of elderly residents.

It is also important you create a supportive environment where volunteers feel loved and appreciated. Also, make it very easy for them to seek guidance and assistance.

Note that consistent check-ins as well as ongoing training sessions will ensure that you can sustain a motivated and appropriately organized volunteer team. 

Places to Find Volunteers for Nursing Homes

  1. Local Community Centers

Community centers have always been a very resourceful hub for persons with genuine interests in contributing to their neighborhoods.

Note that by working with local community centers, it is possible to benefit from a pool of potential volunteers already participating in community-oriented activities.

Keep in mind that advertising volunteer opportunities using bulletin boards, hosting informational sessions, as well as partnering with community leaders can make it more convenient to draw in individuals who are eager to make a valid and positive impact in their community.

  1. College and University Programs

You can partner with academic institutions, making available volunteer opportunities as a core component of service-learning programs.

Professors and administrators can also showcase these opportunities to students, coming up with a mutually beneficial arrangement that helps to cultivate intergenerational connections while also catering to the social responsibility of the academic community.

  1. Online Volunteer Platforms

In this modern age, online platforms have turned out to be one of the best ways to connect with potential volunteers. It is possible to leverage websites such as VolunteerMatch, Idealist, and All for Good to post volunteer opportunities and get your message to a broader range of individuals who are passionate about contributing to various causes.

You should consider creating a proper profile that buttresses your mission, the precise needs of residents, as well as the sort of volunteer roles you provide. Note that this will make it more convenient for interested individuals to find and submit their applications.

  1. Religious Organizations

You can also work with religious institutions in your communities to find individuals with a strong sense of altruism. It is possible to partner with local churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship to get the attention of individuals who are open to volunteer opportunities.

A good number of religious organizations possess well-established volunteer networks or community service programs, and this makes it very ideal for finding dedicated volunteers to support nursing home residents.

  1. Corporate Volunteer Programs

In this era, you will find that a good number of companies encourage their employees to participate in corporate social responsibility by taking part in volunteer activities.

As such, it is possible to reach out to local businesses to find out more about partnerships that require employees to volunteer at the facility.

Aside from the fact that it provides nursing homes with a steady pool of volunteers, also note that it helps to cultivate a sense of community engagement and goodwill among corporate teams.


The importance of volunteers when it comes to enhancing the quality of life for residents in nursing homes cannot be undermined.

However, it can be quite challenging to find reasonable individuals who are eager to donate their time and skills to such as cause.

By leveraging these various channels, nursing homes can indeed develop a comprehensive volunteer base that works to boost the well-being and social connectedness of their residents.