Do you live in Florida and you are interested in starting a business, but you lack ideas? Then below are the top 20 small business investment opportunities in Florida USA.

The economic market in Florida is large with great infrastructure, vibrant industries, an excellent workforce, business-friendly climate and a physical geography that makes global connectivity easy. In Florida, there are more than 2,500 companies. This means that the climate in Florida is encouraging for business to grow.

Are you pondering on the kind of business you should start in Florida? Then you should consider these 20 business opportunities for residents of Florida.

 Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Florida

1. Home Caregiver

Do you love taking care of other people? Then you can become a home care giver to adults or sick people and you don’t even need money to start this. All you need is the skills, willingness to work and lots of referrals.

2. Pet Insurance

Now this may seem like a new business idea but it is a very vital service and many residents of Florida are welcoming this idea. Pets too need to be insured against accidents, injuries or any other unfortunate occurrence. You can start providing pet insurance services in Florida.

3. Contractor Referral Service

If you have access to real estate developers, then you can start a contractor referral service. This means that you would recommend contractors to people who are carrying out building projects and they will in turn pay you for your services.

4. Public Relations Consultant

If you are someone who is not scared of media attention and public scrutiny, you can start a public relations consulting firm and become a spokesperson for companies or popular people like celebrities and politicians.

5. Home Energy Auditor

You can help people save energy costs by becoming a home energy auditor. Your job will be to inspect homes and advise them on how to optimize the use of energy.

6. Interior Decorator

Interior decorators beautify homes for a living. To succeed in this business, you will have to look for people to work with, people that can refer clients to you such as building contractors and real estate agents.

7. Jewelry Making

Jewelry is a popular fashion accessory and a large percentage of ladies use jewelries. You can earn good money from making some really beautiful and creative pieces. Starting a jewelry business is quite easy and there are lots of opportunities to sell your products on the internet.

8. Personal Concierge-: You can become a personal concierge to busy people or top business executives who barely have time to manage some of their personal activities. As a personal concierge, you will have to be very effective and have the ability to manage, organize and plan other people’s schedules efficiently.

9. Property Management-: You can choose to help people manage their real estate investments. You can also become a real estate developer if you have enough capital to invest.

10. Gift Basket Services-: You can also start a gift sourcing and delivery business.

11. Herbal Farm

Herbal products are trending these days and those herbs have to come from somewhere. They can come from your farm if you have the time, energy and passion needed to start an herbal farm.You can market your goods to individuals in your local market or cultivate large quantities for sale to companies that make herbal products.

12. Landscaper

Tidying up yards, mowing lawns and removing leaves from driveways are some of the essential services that people need but cannot afford the time it takes.You do not need a special certificate to become a landscaper although you may need some training. You can also earn money from helping people manage their gardens.

13. Massage Therapist-: Another idea is to become a massage therapist for old people who people who generally need to relax their tensed bodies regularly.

14. Bed and Breakfast

That large space in your home doesn’t have to go to waste. If you have more than one bedroom in your home that you are not currently utilizing, you can start a bed and breakfast business for travelers and visitors who need a place to pass the night.

15. Pet Sitting

This is a business that you can start without a dime in your bank account. You just need to gain the trust of pet owners by showing that you are capable of handling their pets professionally. Your job would be to look after pets when their owners are away.

16. Car service

Do you have a cool ride that is comfortable and clean? Then you can make money with it either by hiring it out to other people for use or by starting a cab service to convey people from place to place. Your charges would be on an hourly basis.

17. Tour Guide-: Miami Florida is a popular destination for tourists. You can start a tour guide business in Miami to enhance the holiday experience of people visiting Florida on vacation.

18. EBay Assistant

EBay is one of the largest and most popular ecommerce websites in the world today and many people from different continents purchase stuff from EBay. You too can make money from selling stuffs on the eBay.

19. Business Plan Writer-: You can offer business plan writing and marketing research services to people who want to start a new business or people who are looking for funding for their businesses.

20. Business Consultant-: Share your knowledge about business ownership and running in Florida with other people and earn commission for your services.

Ajaero Tony Martins