Do you want to start a food business with low investment? If YES, here are 50 best small food manufacturing business ideas to start at home with no money in 2020.

Food manufacturing is one of the best businesses anyone can venture into. There are over 1 billion people in the world today and not one of these people can survive without food. We all need food at one point or the other so if you are able to get your hands on a lucrative food manufacturing business, and you are able to come up with a product that everyone loves, you can make a lot of money.

You’ll find 50 lucrative food manufacturing business ideas with a lot of profit making potentials below:

50 Best Small Food Manufacturing Business ideas for 2020

1. Tomato Paste Production: You can start a business that involves producing tomato paste. Tomato paste is widely used all over the world in many recipes because it saves a lot of food prep time. People no longer have to spend valuable time blending and processing their tomatoes when they want to cook hence the wide acceptance for this product.

2. Jam Production: Jam is used to eat bread, pastries, and desserts. They are made from processed fruits and children especially love them. It doesn’t take too much to produce jam, and in fact, there are a lot of homemade versions. To produce jam in commercial quantity, you simply need to study the techniques for preservation and packaging, and maybe purchase some equipment to automate the process.

3. Broth Manufacturing: Many people use broth to add flavor to their meals. Instead of adding water, they just add vegetable, chicken or beef broth to their meals to make a healthy, nutritious meal. You can consider starting your own broth processing and packaging business.

4. Biscuit or Cookies Manufacturing: Biscuits and cookies are one of the most widely consumed food products in the world, especially amongst children. You can’t go wrong with starting a biscuit/cookies manufacturing business especially when you have a very delicious recipe.

It helps to consider producing healthy versions like sugar-free versions, low-sodium versions, or low-fat biscuits that would appeal to the growing fitness-driven population in the world.

5. Healthy Sugar Substitutes: People are learning all the harmful effects that sugar can have over their health and well-beings so they are avoiding it. They are instead choosing healthy substitutes like Xylitol, Agave nectar and maple syrup to mention few. There is a growing demand for these products in the food industry so you won’t regret going into this business.

6. Gluten-free Flours: There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about the craze for gluten-free foods in the world today. Basically, it is believed that wheat and other grains are poisonous for the body because the plants have genetically developed a poison to stop humans from consuming them. This poison is known as Gluten.

So food manufacturers went to work and came up with flours that were not made from grains or wheat but made from fruits and nuts. Examples of such flours include coconut flour and almond flour, which are gluten-free. The demand for these flours is very high in the food industry so you can’t go wrong if you decide to join in and start supplying gluten-free flours to the market.

7. Pasta Production: Mac and cheese is a popular staple in the US, which everyone loves. There are also other well-loved meals made from pasta such as noodles and spaghetti. People love pasta because they are not only delicious; they are also easy to cook. This is a very lucrative food manufacturing business for you to consider.

8. Sugar Processing: Sugar may be harmful, but many people still consume them. In fact, many people are addicted to sugar. Sugar processing is another lucrative business for you to profit from in the food industry.

9. Energy Drink Manufacturing: Energy drinks contain caffeine to help keep people motivated and energized while at work. Many people prefer them over coffee so you would have a large number of waiting customers. You can also consider producing sports drinks which also work like energy drinks to supply energy to sportsmen.

10. Packaged Soups: Packaged soups are life-savers for busy people, or people who lack cooking skills. You can start making different types of soups and sauces that people commonly consume, and supply them to supermarkets and grocery stores, or sell them to people online.

11. Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) Manufacturing: Another lucrative business idea in the food manufacturing industry is to start manufacturing genetically modified foods. Genetically modified foods are biologically altered to be more tasty or bigger so that consumers can enjoy more value for their money, and you can also make more profit from it.

12. Alkaline Coffee: Many of us cannot do without our regular dose of morning coffee; however, excessive caffeine can lead to a buildup of acid in the body which is potentially harmful. Alkaline coffee is a much better alternative which doesn’t lead to a buildup of acids and there is a growing demand for this type of coffee.

13. Milk Production: Milk production is another lucrative business to consider going into. People use milk almost every morning during breakfast, use it for baking, and use it for cooking various meals. There are several niches to choose in the milk production industry, such as coconut milk production, almond milk, goat milk, cow milk, and so on.

14. Baby Food Manufacturing: Another business idea to choose from is baby food manufacturing. You can make baby milk or baby cereals – both are products that are in high demand all over the world because millions of babies are born everyday.

15. Packaged Spices and Herbs: You can also look into the processing of spices and herbs especially the mixed blends. They are very healthy and add a lot of flavor to meals. Some popular spices to look into include ginger powder, garlic powder, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne pepper, coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, and nutmeg.

16. Honey Production: Honey has a lot of uses and many people prefer them to raw sugar because they are organic and healthier. You can look into the production and packaging of honey for sale to supermarkets and food stores around you.

17. Protein Powders: Protein powders are very healthy and commonly used to boost muscle growth by fitness enthusiasts and sportsmen. The protein powder market is not too competitive so you can easily join in and start making your own protein powders.

18. Tomato Ketchup: Tomato ketchups are in almost every restaurant and every home. The demand for tomato ketchup is very high meanwhile; they are not so difficult to produce. You can even start very small by making small packages of tomato ketchups for supply to small restaurants and fast food outlets around you.

19. Smoothie Powder: The demand for smoothies has grown considerably over the past few years. In fact, many fitness and health enthusiasts prefer to have smoothies for breakfast. You can consider starting your own smoothie powder processing and packaging business as it helps to take the stress of making fresh smoothies off busy people.

20. Vinegar Production: Vinegar has multiple uses; it is used in cooking, and also used in cleaning and removing stubborn stains off household fittings and fixtures. Weight loss enthusiasts also use a type of vinegar, apple cider vinegar to promote fat burning. There’s a huge demand for vinegar out there which makes it a very profitable food production business to go into.

21. Palm Oil Processing: Just like vinegar, palm oil has multiple uses. You can use it in the production of soap, and also in cooking food. The seeds used to make palm oil also churn out a number of derivatives like palm kernel oil (used in the manufacturing of cosmetics), palm kernel cake, and palm kernel shells which are also used in the food and cosmetic manufacturing industries.

22. Soy Sauce Production: You can produce soy sauce from fermented soy and roasted barley. Soy sauce is a common condiment used across the world. This is another staple for you to consider.

23. Ice-Cream Production: You can start making your own brand of packaged ice-cream which is usually sold in supermarkets and food stores.

24. Rice Flour Milling: Another lucrative food processing business is rice flour milling. Rice flour is used as a food thickener, used for baking, and also used in the beauty industry as an exfoliator. Rice flour is made from steeping rice in lye, and processing it into powder.

25. Grape Wine Production: Grape wines are in every restaurant, every night club, and almost every party. The demand for grape wine is very high all over the world so you can make a lot of money from producing your own brand.

26. Potato Powder Processing: Potato powder is another gluten-free powder that is used as a food thickener and also used to bake. Potato powders are made by drying out potatoes, and processing them into flour.

27. Ginger Oil Production: Ginger oil is a healthy oil which is very great for people with high blood pressure, obesity and skin inflammation problems. It is made from extracting oil from ginger via a cold process.

28. Rice Bran Oil Production: Rice bran oil is heart-friendly oil because it is rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Rice bran oil is extracted from rice, and commands a higher price than other common oils in the market.

29. Fruit Juice Production: Another lucrative food production business that is related to fruits is fruit juice or fruit juice powder production. You can start producing fruit juice or fruit juice concentrates that people can use to make their own fruit juice at home.

30. Potato Chips Production: You can also venture into fresh potato chips processing and packaging. Many people don’t have the patience to cut up potato and make them into chips so they simply buy packaged potato chips that has already been washed and diced so that they can have a stress-free potato making process.

31. Dal Milling: Dal is used for making Indian staples. It is made from peas, beans or lentils. The demand for Dal is very high amongst the Indian populace, or peoples that love Indian food.

32. Pickles Production and Packaging: Another lucrative idea is to go into pickles production. Pickles are made from cucumber soaked in vinegar and left to ferment. Pickles are very healthy and delicious.

33. Edible Nuts Processing and Packaging: You can also venture into an equally lucrative food processing business of processing and packaging edible nuts like cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds, and several others. People love mixed nuts a lot so you can also consider producing and packaging them too.

34. Meat Processing and Packaging: Livestock and poultry meat processing and packaging is another lucrative business idea. There is a very high demand for meat so you can never go wrong with venturing into the meat processing and packaging business.

35. Custard Powder Production: Custard which is made from maize is a very common breakfast staple. You can consider setting up your own custard production business.

36. Salt Production: You can start processing and packaging iodized salt. Sea salt and Himalayan salt are also becoming increasingly popular so you can also consider adding that to your line of products.

37. Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing: Breakfast cereals also have a very high demand. Although the market is a very competitive one, you can always get people to fall in love with your brand by creating a breakfast cereal product that would stand out, and that people would love.

38. Cocoa Powder Production: Cocoa powder is a healthy stimulant. It is also used in baking, and as a recipe in food production. This is another product that can make you a lot of profit.

39. Chocolate Production: Chocolates are much loved by many people around the world. They are made from cocoa powder, and are very high in demand. The market is competitive but there’s always room for new entrants with the right competitive strategies up their sleeves.

40. Cheesecake Production: You can also consider venturing into the making and selling cheesecake. Cheesecake is a very delicious and popular dessert made from cheese, sugar, eggs, and other additives.

41. Wafers Manufacturing: Wafers are very common amongst children and people who love sweet desserts. Wafers are also used in the ice-cream production business for making ice-cream cones. There is a lot of potential in the wafer manufacturing business.

42. Tapioca Processing and Packaging: Tapioca powder is used as a food thickener, to make bubble teas, and also to make puddings. Tapioca is a preferred food thickener amongst people on the Paleo diet.

43. Frozen Mixed Veggies Processing and Packaging: Frozen mixed veggies are loved by almost everyone because they give you the opportunity to pack several vitamins and nutrients into one meal.

44. Fruit Processing and Exportation: There are some fruits that do not grow in other regions or continents yet people still love them for their nutritional benefits. You can make a lot of money from processing and packaging such fruits for export.

45. Packaged Snacks Production: Another business idea to consider is making and packaging snacks and desserts such as donuts, coconut chips, potato chips, and several others.

46. Oat Milling: Oats are another popular breakfast staple all around the world. Oat milling is a very lucrative but highly competitive food manufacturing business that you can go into.

47. Sorghum Milling: You can also look into milling of sorghum as they are used in manufacturing a lot of other foods in the food manufacturing industry.

48. Pet Food Production: The pets have to eat too, don’t they? Almost every home has a pet so you can make lot money making pet foods or animal food for people who own animal farms.

49. Raw Materials and Chemical Supply: You can go a different route by supplying raw materials and chemicals to food manufacturing companies. You can supply raw farm supplies, preservatives, packaging materials, and several others.

50. Packaged Fish Production: Lastly, you can look into processing and packaging fish and other sea products like sardines, tunas, prawns and several others.

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