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How Do Food Truck Workers Go to the Bathroom?

Food truck workers that transverse across different cities and states are usually confronted with the challenges of having a secure and comfortable place to freshen up or use the restroom.

This is so because food trucks are not designed with in-built bathrooms hence employees that work in a food truck company would usually look for bathrooms to ease themselves. Unfortunately, in the United States, it is against the law to take your bath or defecate in an open space, and you can be arrested and charged to court for that.

Aside from that, it is not decent for anyone to take a bath or defecate in an open space. In this article, we will look at the available facilities where food truck workers can take their baths or ease themselves when they are pressed.

Available Facilities Where Food Truck Workers Can Take Their Baths or Ease Themselves

  1. Public Toilets and Bathrooms

One of the places that are available for food truck workers to freshen up when they are out in the field is to use public toilets and bathrooms.

Interestingly, there are a number of public bathrooms and toilets in and around public parks in the United States (On average, the United States has only eight public toilets per 100,000 people, according to the Public Toilet Index, a 2021 report by the British company QS Bathrooms Supplies). Although you would have to pay a token to make use of these public toilets and bathrooms.

  1. Hotels and Motels

Another place where food truck workers can take their baths or use the toilet when they are out in the field is any hotel or motel around them. Interestingly, some hotels usually have spare bathrooms and toilets that they can allow someone who is not lodging in the hotel to use.

All a food truck manager needs to do is to talk to the manager on duty in the hotel to seek permission for his staff members to use their spare bathroom and toilet. Most often than not, you wouldn’t have to pay to make use of the bathroom in a hotel.

  1. RV Parks

RV parks are not just meant for recreational vehicles, it is also a facility where food trucks can park overnight for a fee if they want to. Aside from the fact that RV parks offer parking services for trucks, they also offer other amenities within their facilities.

They have washrooms and toilets; electric vehicle charging ports and they also provide accommodation for guests. So, RV parks are options when it comes to where food truck workers can ease themselves.

  1. Public Facilities

There are some public facilities that are equipped with bathrooms and toilets. These public facilities can be a good option when it comes to where food truck workers can use the toilet. Interestingly, public facilities such as sports centers, and even schools usually have toilets and bathrooms.

All a food truck manager needs to do is to talk to the manager of the public facility. If the manager agrees, then they can use the bathroom and toilet without having to pay a dime.

  1. The Home of a Friend or Family Member

If food truck workers are working outside the city of their residence and they need to use the restroom, one of the options they have is to look for friends or family members in the city where they are to make use of their homes. Although this is rare, but trust me, it is an option that is available to food truck workers or anybody that is out there in the field working outside the city where they reside.

In conclusion,

The options listed above are ideal for food truck workers, but if you own a food truck business and you have workers that will be working out of town once in a while, then you should make arrangements on where they should take their baths or use the toilet. Ideally, you should arrange a hotel or motel for them. It makes it easier for them to freshen up when the need arises.