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How to Get a Food Truck to Come to your Office

It is very simple to locate food trucks that will come to your business. What matters is that you understand your alternatives and why it’s necessary to draw a food truck out. Food trucks seem to be no longer a passing trend; they have grown into a regular feature, offering exhilarating food options that do not require a kitchen to function.

Reserving a food truck for your office is the simplest way to brighten up the workplace lunch break (or immediately make the very next office party a true spectacle). Food trucks offer low-stress, no-mess food service possibilities that are ideal for a break room morning tea or work lunch.

Food truck prices vary according to geographical area, delicious food, as well as a number of other variables. Food trucks for office activities usually charge $15-$35 for every individual, with taco truck food service (normally roughly $12 per person) as well as dessert/ice cream truck catering (as minimal as $5 for each individual in certain instances) costing less.

Keep in mind that the more widely known the food truck, the further in advance you need to reserve to secure the date you want.

You may need to peruse Yelp, Facebook, and Google to put together an appropriate list of options. Don’t be nervous about reaching out to businesses that collaborate effectively with food truck businesses as they can assist you in determining which one suits your needs best.

Steps to Get a Food Truck to Visit Your Office

  1. Determine Your Budget

Recognizing the expenses constitutes the initial stage in booking a food truck for your office. Thumbtack offers a forecasting software to get you started; however, the reality is that many factors should be taken into account. Let us investigate further to see what they are:

  • Per-person pricing: The amount of attendees is the most significant consideration when deciding the amount you’ll spend. Simply put, feeding 100 people costs more than feeding 25 since more commodities, further support, as well as more fuel/electricity are required.
  • Kind of foods: Food truck costing is also influenced by the kind of food served. If you’re on a limited income, opt for tacos, BBQ, and hot dogs over foods with expensive ingredients.
  • Minimums for food trucks: In order for food trucks to continue to stay functional, minimums might well be established. Assume you possess guests who do not attend your office party. Minimums counterbalance the expenses your food truck has already incurred by serving no-shows.
  • Is your event taking place in a large metropolis? Expect higher prices for labor, ingredients, and permits.
  1. Pick Your Menu and Go Shopping

Food trucks sell virtually every type of culinary tradition underneath the sun and deciding what’s ideal for your group can be difficult. One factor to bear in mind when booking a food truck for your office is to take into account everybody’s dietary requirements.

Do you have any vegan staff members? Are they allergic to peanuts? Maybe they keep kosher? Below are the best three commonly demanded cuisine guidelines:

  • Pizza and pasta, particularly from a genuine Italian food truck, are unbeatable. Because Italian food is normally served family-style, such distributors could actually feed a large crowd.
  • Taco Tuesday is a Mexican tradition that everyone enjoys. Because Mexican food is highly configurable, you could be inventive with your office party. For an enjoyable and celebratory event, arrange a self-serve taco or burrito bar.
  • Mediterranean cuisine is a great option for an office meal since it’s light, exciting, and filling. Such a veggie-focused cuisine incorporates fresh ingredients, which will please health-conscious staff members as well as all those in between.
  1. Office Party’s Logistics

If your party is going to be outside, keep an eye on the news forecast and possess a contingency plan in case things go wrong. Inquire with your food truck merchant about accommodating wind and rain or operating indoors instead. Here are a couple of extra pointers to help you throw a pleasant and enticing food truck party:

  • If you’ve really reserved one food truck or several, they ought to be strategically placed where your staff members will be eating or savoring treats. As a result, make sure that the entrance is simple as well as convenient.
  • Numerous food trucks, such as carts, provide breakout possibilities. Seek clarification with your merchant about this service, particularly if your party space is tight.
  • Also as host, you must pick and choose whether to assemble chairs and tables or allow workers to feed at their desks.
  • You wouldn’t want your employees getting dirty when they’re required to return to work afterward, particularly at an office party. Fix up a station for knives and forks and hand towels close to or near your food truck.
  • Clean-up is a big hassle, and while food trucks offer staff to help, keep the disaster to a minimum by smartly placing garbage cans.


Food trucks are fresh, quick, and handy and they can meet the needs of any size party. Whatever the rationale, they’re a wonderful way to spice up the work week with something thrilling, and different. All you need is a clear picture of what you want and careful consideration of the factors.