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6 Best Places to Get Free Bibles for Nursing Homes [Steps to Apply]

The primary duty of nursing homes is to provide care and comfort to elderly residents, and spiritual well-being is a very vital part of their general well-being.

However, note that to appropriately do this job, nursing homes always need steady access to religious texts, such as the Bible.

Truth be told, numerous well-known sources in the United States provide free Bibles for nursing homes, making sure that residents get the necessary motivation they need to engage with their faith.

Top Places to Get Free Bibles for Nursing Homes

  1. Gideons International

Gideons International remains one of the most popular sources to go for when seeking free bibles. This organization is well renowned when it comes to distributing free Bibles globally.

They are known to work actively with nursing homes, ensuring that administrators can easily get a supply of Bibles for their residents.

Note that this organization is well grounded in its desire to ensure that the message of faith spreads all over the world and you can leverage their easy-to-fill online request form to get bible copies.

  1. American Bible Society

The American Bible Society is well known for its history of providing Bibles to persons and institutions all over the country.

Nursing homes of all kinds can access free copies through their Bible for Nursing Homes program, which makes it convenient for these facilities to order massive amounts of Bibles at no cost. Their primary intention is to help cultivate and boost the spiritual well-being of elderly individuals in care facilities.

  1. Bibles for America

Bibles for America for decades have been sharing free copies of the New Testament all over the country. As such, your nursing home can reach out to request massive shipments of Bibles, making it possible for residents to have access to this sacred text. You can easily do this by visiting the organization’s website and completing an easy-to-use order form.

  1. Local Churches and Religious Organizations

You will find that a good number of local churches and religious organizations possess outreach programs that also make available free Bibles to nursing homes within their communities.

You can start by reaching out to these places of worship or community centers and seek ways to create a lasting and solid partnership, especially since these organizations are often willing to aid the spiritual needs of nursing home residents.

  1. The Bible League

This is another valid option especially when you consider the fact that they operate numerous programs that strive to make Bibles accessible to varying demographics, such as those in nursing homes.

Note that via their outreach initiatives, nursing home administrators can ask for complimentary copies of the Bible for their residents.

The Bible League’s dedication to global distribution is well noted all over the world and has proven to be a valid source for free Bibles.

  1. Faith Comes By Hearing

This is another organization you might want to consider especially since they are well known for their audio Bibles. This works to make the scriptures accessible to those with visual impairments or other such challenges. You can reach out to the organization to request free audio Bibles.

Steps to Apply for Free Bibles

When it comes to promoting the spiritual well-being of residents in nursing homes, there is nothing as important as having access to free bibles.

Although a good number of organizations and initiatives offer free Bibles for nursing homes all over the United States, you must understand the steps necessary to apply for these Bibles. The steps include;

  1. Identify Suitable Organizations

The first thing to do when looking to access free Bibles for residents in a nursing home is to note the organizations that specialize in distributing free Bibles to nursing homes.

Just as was noted above, a good number of entities like Gideons International, American Bible Society, Bibles for America, The Bible League, and Faith Comes By Hearing are well renowned for their dedication to ensuring that religious texts get all ends of the world.

Visit and go through their respective websites to comprehend their application processes as well as the types of Bibles they offer.

  1. Contact the Chosen Organization

After you have carried out your research and noted a suitable organization, contact them directly and understand how you can get access to the Bibles.

Note that a good number of these organizations possess dedicated programs or departments tasked with dealing with requests from nursing homes. You can get their contact information from their official websites and start-up communication via email or phone.

Always be ready to make available details regarding the nursing home, such as its location, the number of residents, and the exact needs of the community.

  1. Complete Request Forms

Just as was noted above, a good number of organizations tend to have an application process that includes an online request form.

You only need to visit their website and find your way to the precise section on their websites where you will find a form meant for nursing home requests.

These forms will need information regarding the institution, the number of Bibles required, as well as any additional preferences, such as an exact translation or format (standard, large print, or audio).

  1. Verify Eligibility and Provide Documentation

You need to understand that some organizations might mandate verification of the nursing home’s eligibility before shipping the free Bibles.

You must read any vital documentation, including proof of the institution’s non-profit status, certification as a care facility, or any other documentation requested by the organization you are applying to. Make sure to make available the right and complete information to guarantee a smooth application process.

  1. Follow Up and Express Gratitude

Once you have sent in your application, you must follow up with the organization to find out the status of your request. Immediately you receive the Bibles, don’t forget to express gratitude to the organization for its generosity.

Also see if you can share stories or photos of how the Bibles have in many ways impacted the residents, cultivating a sense of community and spiritual fulfillment.