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How to Get Security Clearance for a Business With the Military

It can be really difficult to obtain security clearance for a business with the military. Keep in mind that it necessitates well-detailed processes as well as a good number of important steps and considerations.

Obtaining a security clearance may take some time, howbeit, once you obtain your security clearance, it can be easier to move into different arrangements with the military.

Steps to Get Security Clearance for a Business With the Military

  1. Identify the Need

Take your time to understand the exact reasons why your business needs security clearance. Most often, this could include developing classified technologies, offering support services for classified projects, or accessing classified information for research purposes.

Nevertheless, it is important you carefully evaluate the possible pros and cons of seeking security clearance, taking into account the impact on your business operations, costs, and competitive advantage, especially within the defense industry.

  1. Select the Right Level

Keep in mind that your level of responsibility will determine the clearance level you receive. Most often, the exact level of security clearance you need will depend on the sensitivity of the information or projects your business will be involved in.

Be sure to reach out to the exact military agency or contracting officers to verify the clearance level needed for your business activities.

  1. Establish a FSO (Facility Security Officer)

Keep in mind that this person will be tasked with putting in place or coordinating security policies and procedures, including the clearance process.

Be certain that the FSO gets the right training and is very current on security clearance regulations, compliance requirements, as well as best practices.

  1. Submit the SF-86 Form

The SF-86 form refers to a comprehensive questionnaire that obtains all necessary information regarding an individual’s background, such as personal history, employment, education, financial status, foreign travel, and contacts.

It is recommended you align properly with your FSO and legal advisors to ensure you fill the SF-86 form accurately for all individuals who need security clearance within your business. Be sure you provide well-detailed and truthful information to ensure your application goes smoothly.

  1. Undergo Investigation

Keep in mind that individuals who want security clearance will need to undergo a comprehensive background investigation carried out by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) or other authorized agencies.

This investigation will include interviews with each of the applicants, checks on criminal records, credit history, foreign travel, and foreign contacts, as well as other factors that are vital to national security and trustworthiness.

  1. Adjudication and Final Clearance

In the United States, adjudication factors include loyalty to the United States, personal conduct, honesty, reliability, financial responsibility, foreign influence, as well as conformance to security protocols.

Once approved, your business will get the requisite level of security clearance, allowing you to take part in classified contracts, access classified information, and partner with the military on sensitive projects.