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How to Get Towing Contracts With AAA Successfully

AAA is well renowned for the delicate services it offers to road users. They are better known for the 24-hour emergency road service they provide, which would most often encompass things like towing, battery jump or replacement, and tire change, coupled with other services.

Howbeit, it is possible for already existing companies in the United States to become AAA-approved towing contractor providers as long as they meet the AAA provider requirements and submit their application via the AAA club office closest to them.

Keep in mind that once the application is evaluated and accepted, AAA will provide the contractor with its service guidelines and the towing company will also have to agree in the contract to deliver consistently.

Nevertheless, you will still be expected to make your own business decisions especially when it comes to things like management and selecting road service contractors.

Don’t also forget that there are standards you will be expected to maintain if you want to continue delivering services on behalf of AAA.

Steps to Get Towing Contracts With AAA Successfully

  1. Obtain all the necessary permits

In the United States, you will be expected to obtain certain permits for indictment management, private property, or even consent towing before you can contract with AAA. In a good number of states or cities, you will be asked to obtain additional permits and licenses.

Owing to that, ensure to reach out to your city or county clerk’s office to get accurate information on what permits you will be asked to obtain. Also, ensure you make copies of your permits and store the originals in a safe within your business office.

  1. Meet AAA standards for roadside assistance providers

Generally, AAA is well known for offering 24-hour roadside assistance service on every day of the year, including all holidays.

To be able to contract with AAA, you will have to offer competitive pricing while also possessing a top-class and good customer service history.

Also, ensure that your towing company has the capabilities to provide all the services expected from an AAA provider prior to submitting your application.

  1. Submit your application

It is possible to send in your application through the AAA club office nearest to your business. This is without doubt the only route to get the contract, particularly owing to the fact that individual application processes and state-mandated requirements vary from club to club.

To locate the closest AAA club office, visit the AAA website and enter the ZIP code of your towing company address. Also, prepare the necessary documents and be ready to submit or provide proof of equipment and business inspection.

  1. Get ready for inspection

You should also get ready because AAA will visit your facility to inspect your vehicles and buildings. As the company evaluates your application, they will also send a representative to visit your towing facility, take pictures of your vehicles, and request criminal background checks for all your employees.

Once the AAA representative requests for background checks on you or your employees, be willing to make available a copy of a driver’s license (front and back), a birthday, a Social Security number, and a current home address.

  1. Advertise your business as an AAA contractor

Once your application has been evaluated and approved, you will need to start advertising your company as an approved AAA towing contractor.

Create and properly display your service information and AAA logo within your business office and on all your towing equipment. Don’t forget to comply with all instructions mandated by AAA in the new provider contract.

  1. Maintain operation and growth

While it can be daunting to get the contracts, you will want to maintain operations while also growing your business. Ensure to always respond promptly and effectively to service calls. At any point you get a call from AAA, make sure to respond to the driver in need as soon as possible.

Once you arrive, stay friendly and get clarification on what they think is the problem. Also, collaborate with your employees to come up with how to deal with situations when they arise.

  1. Offer additional assistance

You should also look into offering additional assistance such as gas delivery, tire changes, and battery service. Owing to the fact that all nearby contractors are contacted when a vehicle calls AAA, note that making available other important services provides your business with more advantages and opportunities.

As such, it is recommended you consider delivering fuel to people who have run out of gas, change flat tires, and jump batteries.