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6 Easy Steps to Get a Stockbroker License & Certification Fast

Do you want to become a stockbroker on wall street? If YES, here are 6 easy steps to getting a stockbroker license and certification fast. If you are planning on starting a career as a stockbroker, then you should first consider applying and obtaining your stockbroker’s license because nobody can be allowed to practice as a stockbroker without a stockbroker’s license.

Although the process of obtaining a stockbroker license might not come easy, but the fact still remains that once you obtain the license, the sky is your limit when it comes to the fortune you can reap from the stock exchange market. No doubt being a stockbroker is indeed a profitable career path to follow, but you must prove your worth if you truly want to stay relevant in the industry.

As a matter of fact you can only attract clients if you have a good track record as a stockbroker. The testimonies from your clients will also help you as a stockbroker. Nobody would want to deal with a stock broker that is known to invest people’s hard earn money in wrong stocks.

The steps you are expected to follow before you can get a license as a stockbroker is not a one off thing; you must start the process probably from the college or university and it might take you some couple of years to secure a stockbroker’s license. Now let us consider the steps you need to follow before obtaining your stockbroker’s license

6 Easy Steps to Get a Stockbroker License & Certification Fast

1. Get a Degree in a Financial Related Course

In other to set the ball rolling on your quest to getting a stockbroker’s license, you should first enroll in the university or college to study a finance related course. A College degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or Economics et al will give you the foundation you need to build on to acquire your own stockbroker’s license.

Hence, if you don’t have a College Degree in this area, you should consider getting one so that it will be much easier for you to obtain your own stockbroker’s license.

2. Get Relevant Experience

After you must have obtained your university degree in the relevant field, then you should launch out and look for a job as an intern in the stock market or with an established stockbroker that can help you with the relevant experience.

As a matter of fact, if you combine the education you have acquired plus your years of relevant experience, you would find that it is much easier passing the stockbroker certification exams hence you are able to apply for your license. The exams might be tough, but if you are determined and you have the right education background and on – the job experience, it will definitely become a walkover for you.

3. Attend Seminars and Trainings Organized for Stockbrokers

Part of what you need to do to get your stockbroker’s license is to ensure that you attend seminars and trainings organized for stockbrokers and aspiring stockbrokers by the relevant body regulating the industry.

In order for you to get information on the days for seminars or trainings, the time, the venue and the required fee to be paid, you should endeavor to always visit the website of the professional body regulating the stock exchange of your country. In addition to that, you can also get the information from national dallies or even from radio advert and TV adverts.

4. Choose an Experienced Stockbroker as Your Mentor

Another important thing that you can do to facilitate the process of getting your own stockbroker’s license is to look for an experienced stockbroker to mentor you. The truth is that, the benefits you stand to gain from a good mentor can’t be bought with money.

For this reason, if you want a mentor and you don’t know how to go about it, then what you need to do is to look through all the experienced stockbrokers around your community, select the one you feel you can work with, then send him or her mail requesting that you want him or her to mentor you.

Even if at the end of the day you do not get a positive response, you can try another person. The bottom line is that you will surely getting someone to mentor you if you keep trying. Besides, there are loads of people that will be willing to mentor you if you are serious.

5. Write the Required Examination

Once you know that you have acquired the relevant educational qualifications and you have been able to gather ample experience in the stock market, then the next thing for you to do is to apply to write the stockbroker’s certification exams in your country.

The truth is that if you are well prepared and you have the right foundation, you won’t struggle to pass the exams. So all you need to do is to keep tab on the date and time the application forms for the exams will be out so that you can apply as fast as you can because in some countries, there are limits to the numbers of people that are allowed to write a diet of the exams per time.

6. Apply for Your Stockbroker’s License

The last and final step you need to take to get your own stockbroker’s license is to apply for the license. You can only apply for the license once you meet the requirements. That is, you must have gathered relevant experience in the stock market and you must have passed the certification exams as well. Just ensure to include all the relevant documents when applying for your own stockbroker’s license.

In addition to all these, it is important to state that the process of obtaining a stockbroker’s license might not come easy to many people and one can easily get his or her licensed revoked if they are involved in any fraud related issues and they are found guilty. So having gone through the stress of getting your license, it will pay you to do all you can to avoid anything that will make you lose the license.