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20 Best Gift ideas for Doctor’s Office Staff

Indeed being in a situation that requires prolonged contact with doctors can be stressful and a bit scary. Whether you are a doctor, or at the end of a round of chemotherapy, or a lengthy stay in the hospital, it is sometimes very nice to thank those staff and nurses that were around you during those periods.

After all, many of them spend elongated time and hours on their feet in a stressful job. With gift-giving holidays around the corner, the time is right to start making your holiday shopping lists, especially for the staff that simplifies your life and the nurses who are your right hand. Note that it can be challenging to personalize each and every gift, but you don’t want to pass out fruitcakes and call it a day.

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Brainstorming the perfect gift to express your gratitude will take more than just smiles and throwing out funds. You have to get gifts these people will use and appreciate. So if you’ve found yourself stuck, below are few suggestions to consider.

20 Best Gift ideas for Doctor’s Office Staff

  1. Flowers

Indeed flowers are equally associated with tragic and happy occasions. From funeral flowers to get – well bouquets, flowers come with emotional occasions. Also note that they are a great way to express your thanks with a beautiful option to brighten up the hospital while they last.

  1. Quirky clothing items

You can also go for t – shirts with fun nursing or medical – related phrasing to give a whimsical gift to those staff. If time and staff levels allow, choose something that fits the personality of each recipient.

  1. Edible arrangements

If you can’t deliver your gifts in person, then this option is tried and true delivery versions of a gift. Edible arrangements can be passed around the entire office, or throughout the whole nursing staff. They also provide a gorgeous addition to the break room, or a lunch table, before everyone dives in to enjoy.

  1. High – quality water bottles

Note that on a busy day of patient care and office tasks, it can be easy for cold beverages to get warm or warm beverages to turn cold. High quality, insulated drink bottles are a great gift that anyone can use all year long.

  1. Shoes

Many nurses and hospital staff spend long days on their feet, and giving them a pair of comfortable and long – lasting shoes may show a definite kindness to those who run from room to room to check on vitals. This gift can make long shifts much more bearable. Finding their shoe size and brands they love is a great idea. This will allow you to find a present that’s perfect for them.

  1. Personalized or themed coffee mugs

Just like quirky tees, fun coffee mugs with cheesy slogans are a fun gift. You can also choose to fill them with some gourmet candy or chocolates for an extra treat to enjoy during coffee breaks.

  1. Silicone wedding ring

Note that this is a gift best saved for a nurse that has worked with you for long hours or for a tough diagnosis. However, a silicone wedding ring is a practical nod to one of the realities of the profession. Traditional rings often can’t be worn with medical gloves, as these rings can have sharp edges and will easily cut through latex gloves.

  1. Medical Themed Jewellery

Nursing bracelets, charms, and pins are an ideal fun gift to represent personal connections to work. It also lets them show the world just what an important job that they have.

  1. Food Baskets

Office staffs are more or less quite large. It can be very challenging to find a gift that would be good for everyone. You want enough for everyone to benefit, but don’t want to break the bank either. Food baskets are often a great idea. Note that you can put together a diverse array of food and beverages that the whole office can enjoy.

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Some ideas are chocolates, fruit, ground coffee blends, or anything else. If you love experimenting in the kitchen, try making some casseroles. These can be warmed up easily and served in the break room.

  1. Spa gift certificates

Nurses and staff’s in doctor’s offices work hard and deserve to be pampered. A gift certificate for a massage, pedicure, or spa treatment can help them relax over the busy holiday season. They’ll come back from their holiday break relaxed and recharged, ready to start the New Year off on the right foot.

  1. Espresso machine

Caffeine can serve as the lifeblood of a staff with a high – stress job that works odd hours. Coffee machines provided at work may be often disdained. Whether its low – quality coffee or they take forever to brew, no one wants to microwave a low – quality paper cup of Joe. An espresso machine is the perfect solution for a bolstering shot of caffeine at any hour.

  1. Restaurant gift certificates

Whether you pick a location for a fun night out or a popular restaurant that the staffs regularly frequent for lunch, giving the gift of a good meal is always a huge hit!

  1. Engraved gift box

Engraved items are tried and true options. Have it in mind that you can include their years of employment at a particular medical facility, their title, well wishes, or anything else that you fancy. This gift box can be used to store their stethoscopes, other mementos, or simply utilized for decoration.

  1. Weighted eye pillows

Catnaps are often the lifeblood of staff that work long house. With late nights and early mornings, especially if they’re on – duty, getting the recommended eight hours of sleep may seem particularly elusive. To stay alert and focused, they sometimes need to take quick naps during the day.

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In this case, stealing ideas from long time airline travellers is a great idea. Weighted pillows can feel quite restful on the eyes, and also provide automatic darkness. The combination can make sure your doctor can snag a few bursts of sleep whenever they can.

  1. Amazon gift cards

Even though these may not be the most personal gifts, everyone can find something worthwhile at retailers like Amazon. Let the staff purchase their own gift that is sure to make them smile.

  1. Meditation gift card

We all know the medical dangers of stress, and even medical doctors and their staffs are also conscious of the unique stressors that can impede their ability to work. Managing stress levels is a crucial challenge in today’s world. Taking the time to consciously rewire your reactions is so rewarding, but can also be hard to start. There are many popular tutorials and classes online. By purchasing a gift card, they can plunge right on without worrying about the costs.

  1. Insulated thermoses

Once they get that great cup of espresso, how can they keep it warm? Whether they prefer cold brews or hot drinks, it’s easy for a staff or any medical professional to leave a drink unattended. Hospitals and doctors’ offices can often be fast – paced places.

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After they get a cup of coffee, they may not remember to return for another hour or two. The best vacuum flasks are insulated and keep coffee or other drinks warm or cold for hours on end. This is the perfect thoughtful gift for a medical staff in your life.

  1. Compression socks

This might be one of the most ideal gifts you’ll buy this year. Compression socks are a dream gift for someone who spends the better part of each day on their feet. They can prevent swelling, discomfort, and sore feet.

  1. Digital highlighters

There are countless jokes about doctors having poor handwriting. Some prescriptions are impossible to read! Now, many doctors have switched over to digital note – taking approaches. Digital highlighters help reduce mess and underline important information for future reference.

  1. Cash

Also note that a little extra money always brings a smile to someone’s face and a nice holiday bonus is a great way to show your appreciation. For some added medically themed fun, roll up the cash and insert into an oral medication syringe.

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If you, or a loved one, have spent a lot of time in the hospital, you might know quite a few staffers. If that’s the case, try bundling your gifts together. But no matter what you choose, taking the opportunity to express gratitude is something you shouldn’t miss.