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10 Places to Get Grants to Buy a Small Box Truck for Non-Profit

Most often, nonprofit organizations need trucks to pick up items and deliver them. This might include donated food items, or furniture, clothing, and other goods for the poor. If your nonprofit needs to make a lot of pickups and deliveries, you might find it necessary to get a new or used box truck.

When there isn’t adequate funding or budget to buy a truck, you can go for grants that can give you the resources to buy a small box truck. Truth be told, there are a number of donor agencies that provide micro grants to non-profits in the United States. These grants are quite flexible and also easy to apply for and win them.

Note that the size of these grants will often depend on the type of donor agencies offering them. For instance, bigger international donors can refer to small grants as any amount below US $50,000, while small and medium-sized organizations can refer to grants around $1000 and $10,000 as small grants.

These grants are known to be very flexible since they are mostly one-time funding. Non-profits may not be expected to wait for the next funding installments as donors tend to release the complete amount at the first instance. In addition, this type of funding barely requires extensive reporting and complex analysis of project success.

You will only be expected to submit a short annual report on the achievement carried out by the funded project. These grants are also very easy to apply for with no full-length proposals, no stages of applications, and no complicated log frames to be handled.

A good number of donor agencies when giving out such grants also do not make it mandatory for applicant organizations to be legally registered in their area of operation. Also, note that new nonprofits can apply for such funding as there is little or no need to prove long project experience.

Where to Get Grants to Buy a Small Box Truck for Non-Profit

If you are looking to get grants to buy a used box truck for your nonprofit, here are the top grants to consider.

  1. Peterson Truck Grants

As a company looking to partner with nonprofit and charitable organizations to ensure it keeps serving the community, Peterson offers a helping hand in a vast range of ways. In the past, these supports have always been offered in the form of donations and volunteer efforts.

However, in recent times, nonprofits with trucking needs can always reach out to Peterson for trucks or grants to buy box trucks. When you choose to work with Peterson, note you are not just earning exclusive deals. Instead, you are investing in a partner that is dedicated to providing you with support to do more than succeed but thrive.

  1. General Motors Grant

For decades, General Motors have to stay committed to creating inclusive solutions to social issues in the communities in which they live and work. Owing to that, if you are a nonprofit whose mission aligns with theirs, you only have to review their guidelines and resources and consider applying for funding.

Also, note that they support their employees’ passion to give their time and dollars through volunteerism and monetary donations to eligible 501© (3) nonprofit organizations.

Right from the very inception of the program in 2011, GM employees have made available their hands and hearts by volunteering 1 million hours in 28 different countries. In the last five years alone, they have also donated more than $31 million dollars to hundreds of causes important to them.

  1. Toyota4Good

While a good number of people only know Toyota as a car company, the company has proven to be much more than that. According to reports, they are passionate about serving the communities where they work, live, and play.

Also note that they offer help by giving their time, knowledge, and resources to support local organizations. And aside from meeting the day-to-day needs of their partners, they also work with them to create tangible, sustainable solutions that address societal challenges.

  1. The Allyn Family Foundation Grant

As a local, community-based funder, this NGO believes in a well-tailored and proactive approach to philanthropy. Their approach to grantmaking focuses on commitments that let the NGO invest in long-term strategies and partnerships that solidify families and communities.

Have it in mind that they work from the premise that solutions to community issues are expected to arise from the community, both its individuals and institutions. Therefore, by working with other funders, governmental agencies, individuals, and organizations, they strive to address real problems and real solutions by leveraging their collective assets.

  1. Ford Fund

Note that Ford Motor Company Fund is a not-for-profit fund established in 1949. Sourced from Ford Motor Company’s own profits, Ford Motor Company Fund is known for supporting initiatives and institutions that bolster opportunities for those who live in the communities where Ford Motor Company operates.

Have it in mind that Ford Motor Company Fund supports programming and initiatives that see to certain basic needs, providing access to essential services, creating pathways to educational opportunities that ready people for high-quality jobs, and using the power of mobility to enhance access.

  1. CARS

Have it in mind that the CARS Vehicle Donation Program is designed to support nonprofits of every size and shape, including national nonprofits with regional chapters, single foundation organizations, and locally-based charities.

As the leading car donation program in the industry, this NGO ensures they make available the highest returns on record, unparalleled marketing support, and truly understand how to support the nonprofit community. Boasting of over 20 years experience, they understand how to do vehicle or cash donations right.

  1. Wells Fargo Foundation Grant

According to their website, Wells Fargo Foundation is always striving to align their resources and expertise to ensure they make a positive impact in communities, see to complex societal issues, and help build a more inclusive, sustainable future for all.

Note that they make available grants to nonprofit organizations working to strengthen the resiliency of communities, with a focus on supporting nonprofits that genuinely align with their funding priorities: financial health, housing affordability, small business growth, and sustainability and environmental justice.

Also note they prioritize funding to activities and programs that have a broad reach and impact several geographical areas, communities, and/or groups.

  1. The Niello Company Grant

According to reports, The Niello Company has supported over 100 charities in the Northern California area, especially those that have direct and immediate impacts in the community, with no cause too small or initiative too large.

Have it in mind that expansion on community reach is a major focus, resulting in over 130 events held throughout the year. The Concours Foundation, sponsored by The Niello Company, makes available funding to Sacramento area charities and is currently supporting Every 15 Minutes, a charity focused on educating young drivers about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Also, note that this annual event showcases some of the rarest and most distinguished motorcars in the country while benefiting local charities.

  1. The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation

This is another major philanthropic organization for The Washington Companies and the Washington family. Have it in mind that funding for the Foundation comes from personal contributions from the Washington Family and annual contributions from the Montana-based Washington Companies.

The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation strives to better the human condition by aiding programs and services that offer people the tools to enhance the quality of their lives and to benefit society as a whole.


For those in the United States, the US government keeps a searchable online database of government grants to ensure you conveniently get what you need. You just have to click on “Find Grant Opportunities” on the left side of the page, then choose “Basic Search” to search using a keyword or a combination of keywords to source the right federal grants for your non-profit.

It is also necessary you join the mailing list to steadily get a daily or weekly digest of current federal funding opportunities. Keep in mind that these places mentioned above get a lot of requests for donations.

Therefore, ensure you first check if your local car dealer has a specific donation program in place. This can be easily done by visiting the dealer’s website to check if it has a community giving page. If so, ensure you follow the instructions provided.