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4 Best Grants to Start a Laundromat Business

Although there is not enough information to prove this; however, it is possible to find available grants to start a Laundromat in the United States. It indeed takes a whole lot to start a Laundromat.

You will need commercial real estate, laundry equipment, and supplies. Aside from that, you will want to recruit staff and buy insurance. If the funds you have won’t cover your startup costs, then you’ll need to look out for other funding sources.

A business grant is a sum of money made available by an individual or organization to be utilized in the development of a business.

Entrepreneurs who want a grant will have to meet the qualifications and complete a grant application. Unlike loans, these funds won’t have to be paid back. If your business is awarded a grant, it is more or less free money that you can utilize to start your Laundromat.

A good number of grants, especially government grants, are provided to city governments and not-for-profit organizations for use in developing local businesses. You will find others that are given directly to the businesses from the grant provider.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you start your grant search through your local Small Business Administration office. Counselors there can help you peruse your business plan and guide you toward sources of funding, including grants.

Grants Available for Entrepreneurs Looking to Start a Laundromat

Just as it was noted above, although there is no adequate information to prove this; however, note that it is possible to find available grants to start a Laundromat in the United States. Options available in the United States include;

  1. Small Business Grants

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) is known to make available grants to businesses, though in most situations it necessitates applicants to come up with part of the funds. It is important to note that the SBA preferably gives grants to nonprofit, educational, or government businesses, but you can still apply if your business does not align with one of these categories.

If the SBA is unable to approve a grant, it will direct you toward the right place by making available other small business resources that may help.

  1. Local Grants

Note that a good number of cities, counties, and state programs, coupled with some banks and credit unions tend to provide grant programs to small businesses.

Keep in mind that the Bank of America Charitable Foundation is one organization that is renowned for providing several hundred million dollars in grants each year to help bolster community development activities, such as small business startups.

As such, it is recommended you reach out to your local bank to find out about the grants they offer or check with your local Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Grants for the Disabled

In the United States, there are numerous government offices and private organizations that make available grants for people with disabilities. You will find programs, such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs VR&E Self-Employment Track, that are specifically offered to disabled veterans.

  1. Grants for Women

This is another valid option to consider since some grants are available exclusively for women entrepreneurs, which can be used to fund the startup costs of a Laundromat. Examples include the SBA’s Women’s Business Centers (WBCs) and the Amber Grant.

Although it can take time to discover and apply for the appropriate grants, a good number of these programs can make available some of the funds needed to open a Laundromat.


Note the most ideal way to start a Laundromat business with little to no money is to obtain a business grant or to begin your own business from home.

Keep in mind that the difference between grants and loans is that grants are free funds that you are not expected to pay back. If you apply for grants, you might be able to start a Laundromat for free, though you will likely need more than one grant.

But just as was noted above, there is no adequate information to prove this; however, it is possible to find available grants to start a Laundromat in the United States.