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5 Best Grants to Start a Sober a Living Home

Yes. There are available grants to start a sober living home in the United States. While it is possible to obtain government funding, you will also note that a good number of private foundations in the United States provide grants to ensure that they can cover the expenses that come with running homes.

A sober living home, most commonly referred to as a halfway house, is known to offer safe housing for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Sober living homes can be easier to fund than other transitional housing because they are less expensive.

Owing to that, as the owner of a sober living home, it is possible to be eligible for some funding perks, such as grants, government surplus, and tax exemptions.

A good number of private foundations provide grants for homes to ensure that they can cover running costs and living expenses, but there are some government grants for sober living homes.

Best Grant to Start a Sober Living Home

  1. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA)

SAMSHA is well known as one of the ideal sites to search for support from individuals who run or wish to create sober homes.

Once you align with the requirements or conditions as noted, you automatically qualify for funding made available to sober living homes via these institutions.


To be eligible to apply, you have to be a domestic public and private non-profit entity.

Steps to Apply

To apply, you will be expected to complete certain procedures:

  • Register on eRA Commons,, the Data Universal Numbering System, and the System for Award Management.
  • Complete the form available on the official site of SAMSHA
  • Send in your application at least one day before the deadline.
  • SAMSHA will forward you three emails: one confirming receipt of your application, one confirming acceptance of your application, and one confirming receipt of your application.
  • Don’t forget that you no longer have control immediately after your application is received by SAMHSA.
  1. Community Services Block Grant

Note that this Grant is most often administered by the Office of Community Support which forms a vital component of the administration for child care.

These grants are provided to an organization that works to eradicate the impact of poverty, such as housing assistance and substance abuse assistance.

This funding is more or less provided by the state and distributed for projects that will work to limit poverty and offer a better quality of life for those on low incomes.


To be eligible for this benefit program, you will have to classify your financial situation as either low-income or very low-income.

Steps to Apply

For you to apply, simply visit the CSBG Contact Info page to discover your state CSBG Program Official or state CSBG Program Contact.

  1. Sonora Area Foundation

Sonora Area Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is well renowned for always providing the community with financial assistance.

Over the years, they have offered funding for halfway houses and sober houses. Sober living programs that are funded by numerous groups are expected to possess a valid feeling of community support. This organization also makes it possible to establish your own sober living home.


To qualify, you are expected to first garner community support and fill out the appropriate paperwork. An experienced committee has been put together to coordinate the entire process of evaluating, screening, and granting money to eligible candidates for halfway homes.

Steps to Apply

To apply you will have to use your organization’s letterhead to write your application. Remember to include your organization’s designated grant contact person and include his/her name, title, agency (if different from the organization seeking the grant), phone, and email.

Your application shouldn’t be more than two pages and you will want to submit only one copy. Grant application letters and attachments may be mailed to or dropped off at:

Sonora Area Foundation

362 S. Stewart St.

Sonora, CA  95370

  1. United Way

This nonprofit organization strives every day to make available sober housing to people and provide grant opportunities.

They are known to have a presence in all states and work to help folks by providing grants and assisting people in need. Aside from making available grant funds, this organization is known to also help in community settings.


To be eligible, your establishment needs to have the ability to:

  • Make available measurable outcomes
  • Address certain health and human service needs
  • Conform with United Way’s mission and impact areas of health, education and financial stability;
  • Make available program services in Rock County, Wis., and/or Northern Winnebago County, Ill.;
  • Show a need for United Way funds; and
  • Be financially responsible and effective in administration and operation while avoiding duplication of services.
Steps to Apply

Although the UWBR funding is strictly by invitation, keep in mind that the volunteer Community Impact Council tends to evaluate a whole lot of factors in deciding whether to open the Community Grant application process to new organizations in the upcoming grant cycle.

  1. Sober Living Foundation

This non-profit over the years has continued to provide support for alcoholic families who need help to get out of the house.

Qualified candidates who live sober lives can be reimbursed by the organization for the expenses that come with their accommodations. The Sober Living Foundation receives donations from churches, families, and community partners.


The requirements to become eligible for this differ depending on your state and location. As such, visit their website, and choose your state before you can obtain all the necessary information you need.

Steps to Apply

Approved homes will have to apply with the foundation and take an online course via the foundation. Homes are reimbursed up to $700 per month and up to 12 months per resident.


Sober living homes, also called halfway houses, are known to make available a safe housing alternative for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Just as it was noted above, there are available grants to start a sober living home in the United States.