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15 Best Types of Hand Saw for Cutting Firewood in 2023

Are you wondering what type of hand saw is best for cutting firewood? If YES, here are 15 best hand saws for cutting firewood in 2023. If you are looking towards opening and furnishing a logging company or any business that cuts firewood, one of the things that must not be found missing in the workshop is the best hand saw for cutting firewood.

The correct blade type for hand saw allows you to cut aluminum, copper, plastic, hardwood, furniture making, drywall, etc. Getting a reliable and effective hand saw for cutting firewood will go a long way to help your workers carry out their logging activities.

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Interestingly, hand saws can be used for cutting a wide range of materials. They usually come with a sturdy and exceptionally sharp blade so make sure that your selected item is available with safety features. Having said that, considering the number of options on the market, shopping for the best hand saw for cutting firewood can be challenging and time – consuming. In no particular order, here are 15 of the best hand saws for cutting firewood that you can get today.

What are the Best Hand Saws for Cutting Firewood in 2023?

  1. WilFiks Razor Sharp 12″ (305mm) Heavy Duty Curved Hand Saw

With these 13” Razor Sharp Curved Blade Hand Saw, cutting your shrubs, bushes, branches and trees is easy thanks to razor sharp hardened carbon steel blade and a comfortable grip. Ideal and convenient for small-large sized hands.

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This hand saw comes with induction-hardened teeth that stays sharp up to five times longer than the standard teeth and produces smooth, sharp, and quick cuts that quickly slice through branches & twigs for faster, prettier and healthier landscaping. This saw makes gardening comfortable so you can enjoy your hobby for hours on end without blisters or calluses. Includes a protective sheath that can be attached to your work belt as well as used for storage for your saw.

  1. STANLEY FATMAX Hand Saw, 15-Inch (20-045)

If you’ve got firewood to cut, chances are the STANLEY FATMAX 15-inch saw can cut it. With SharpTooth TM technology allowing surfaces to be cut up to 50% faster (than conventional STANLEY Saws) and Induction hardened teeth that stay sharp up to 5 times longer than standard teeth, this saw is cut out for the task.

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The Stanley 15-inch Fat Max Hand Saw has a blade that’s 15 percent thicker than conventional saw, for straighter cuts with less binding. Its Sharp Tooth Saw technology uses three cutting surfaces to cut up to 50 percent faster than conventional Stanley hand saws, for real performance no matter what material you’re working with. With induction-hardened teeth that stay sharp up to five times longer than standard teeth, this saw is designed to offer years of reliable service.

  1. WilFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw

Whether you’re a professional contractor, gardener or simply someone who enjoys sawing or gardening as a hobby, then you definitely need to add the WilFiks hand saw to your contracting or gardening equipment! With the WilFiks handsaw you’ll be able to cut plywood, trees, drywall, wallboard, pipes, flywoods, branches and twigs fast and effortlessly! Thanks to the long, sharp teeth and the 16” blades, sawing will become a breeze!

  1. GreatNeck N2610 Cross Cut Hand Saw 

The GreatNeck Cross Cut Hand Saw (26 Inch 12 PPI) with Hardwood Handle is designed for all-purpose woodworking applications. It features a 26 inch 12 PPI high carbon steel blade that is ideal for rougher, more aggressive cuts.

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The blade is precision set and has sharpened teeth to provided a greater cutting ability. It features a weather-resistant dark stained hardwood handle. This saw is designed to make fast, aggressive rough cuts in all kinds of wood, whether you’re tackling a woodworking job or pruning branches from your trees.

  1. IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw

This IRWIN Universal Handsaw features a unique handle-to-blade design and triple-ground teeth to completely eliminate binding and cut up to 3 times faster than traditional handsaws through virtually any material. The universal tooth grind on each handsaw removes material quickly to combine the speed of a coarse-cutting saw with the finish of a fine-cutting saw.

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A tapered-pitch nose on the blade profile provides improved clearance through materials and adds stability to each stroke, while the thick-body saw blade uses a water-based lacquer coating that helps you deliver fast, controlled cuts.

  1. BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saw 

Power through your most difficult straight cuts with the BLACK+DECKER 3.4 Amp Powered Handsaw. Lightweight and compact, it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use, cutting through tree limbs, branches, plant shrubbery, wood, wood composites, plastic, non-ferrous metals and more.

The on-board safety button keeps the device idle until you’re ready to pull the trigger. Maintenance is simple and easy with tool-free blade changing. And the handy storage bag easily stores the saw, blades, cord and more for your house and garden.

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The Black & Decker PHS550B Powered Handsaw with Storage Bag comes with a powerful 3.4 Amp, 4,600 SPM motor for controlled cuts in wood, plastic, and metal. Its compact and lightweight design makes the saw easy to control and handle, and its 6-foot cord allows for easy use in and around the home for indoor use and outdoor pruning.

  1. Folding Saw, 8 Inch Rugged Blade Hand Saw

The Folding Saw, 8 Inch Rugged Blade Hand Saw, is best for camping, gardening, hunting, cutting wood, PVC, bone and it has an ergonomic non-slip handle.

  1. Vaughan BS240P Pull Stroke Handsaw

Vaughan & Bushnell’s Bear Saws are made to cut on the pull stroke rather than on the push stroke. This allows the use of a thinner blade, which removes less material, making sawing easier, faster, and more accurate. Bear Saw blades are durable spring steel, plated for rust resistance. The specially ground, tri-edge teeth are impulse hardened to retain their sharpness.

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Four easily interchangeable blade styles match any task, from rough cuts to fine woodworking; any blade can be used with either style handle. This model has an extra fine blade style. The blade locks securely in the handle, yet the saw can be quickly disassembled for convenient toolbox storage. A blade guard protects the teeth when the saw is stored.

  1. Stedi Folding Hand Saw

Stedi FS-160 Folding Hand Saw is extremely fast and efficient. It’s light and portable, perfect for pruning, camping and general household use. The blade folds fully into the handle, so you can safely toss in a pack or pocket without fear of snagging the fabric.

  1. FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw

FLORA GUARD hand saw is easy to open and close with a lock, which keeps blade firmly in place during use and prevent the accident of saw blade falling or gripping, besides it ensures safety when not in use. Razor tooth saws are designed to be as comfortable in your hand as they are effective in cutting. Each whetstone-ground razor tooth is sharpened on 3 sides, then impulse hardened for a longer life.

  1. SUIZAN Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw 9.5 Inch Ryoba Double Edge

This product is a “Pull Saw.” What most people are used to are European saws, which cut materials via pushing, thus are called “push saws.” On the other hand, Japanese saws cut materials via pulling and thus are called “pull saws,” which is what this product is.

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In comparison to “push saws,” “pull saws” are lighter in weight, requires less power, and the resulting edge is cleaner. All SUIZAN Japanese saws are consisted of top quality Japanese steel. It uses high quality Japanese steel, which makes cuts to be sharp. All SUIZAN products are manufactured in Japan by Japanese master craftsmen.

  1. BAHCO PC-24-TIM 24 Inch Professional Cut Timber Saw

BAHCO 24 inch professional cut plaster saw has 3 1/2 teeth per inch and is a handsaw for cutting timber. The super sharp GT toothing is specially developed for high cutting performances. The 3 sided ground tooth form ensures excellent results in all types of wood. The handle is a comfortable two component handle. It comes with reusable plastic patented tooth protector.

  1. Spear & Jackson 9500R Back Saw

Spear & Jackson began making saws well over 200 years ago. Today we still offer saws that are fit for a variety of applications and needs. Their range of traditional Tenon & Skew Back saws feature universal precision ground teeth for general use which cuts along and across the grain. It has high carbon steel blades, and comfortable traditional wooden handles that are securely fixed by rivets. Teeth have not been hardened and are therefore designed to be resharpened once they become blunt.

  1. GARTOL Folding Saw 7 Inch Blade Hand Saw

Razor tooth tree saws are designed to be as comfortable in your hand as they are effective in cutting. Each whetstone-ground razor tooth is sharpened on 3 sides, then impulse hardened for longer life. You can easily cut thick branches up to 4-inches in diameter with this rust-resistant powerful hand saw! You can cut faster due to this tri-edge teeth blade which fits around the log perfectly, will not get stuck.

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This is an excellent portable folding saw, whether for yard work or campsite use. The pruning Saw measures 16.6″ long when open and folds to a compact 9″. Throw this lightweight saw in your backpack, toolbox, or car for emergency situations.

  1. AshelyZ Folding Saw, 7 Inch Hand Saw

AshelyZ Folding Saw, 7 Inch Hand Saw is easy to carry. The heavy-duty rugged 7in blade is enough to cut thick branches. The folding hand saw made of 65Mn steel is high wear-resistant material and very durable. Sawtooth won’t become dull or get broken after repeated see-sawing.