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How Much Do Daycare Owners & Type B Childcare Providers Make

Are you about starting a daycare business? If YES, here is a detailed analysis on how much daycare owners and childcare type B providers make monthly.

Child care has become a necessity for working parents. It has been reported that there are more than 11 million children younger than age five in some form of child care in the United States. Increases in the number of women in the workforce, number of single-parent families, reduced poverty and improved health services have contributed in no small measure to the increased demand for child care services and early childhood education.

This is the major reason why setting up day care centers is profitable business. A daycare operator wears many hats in an average business day. His or her tasks may include; recruiting, hiring, training and supervising qualified staffers, marketing the center to prospective clients, ensuring the facilities are compliant with all applicable regulating agencies and providing interested families with tours and enrollment information.

If you decide to take on daycare ownership, you will need acute leadership skills and strong business acumen to keep the company on the right course.

To determine if your daycare center is profitable, you have to first of all take into cognizance of how much it took you to set up the business. As a day care center owner, your initial investment will be your startup costs, which can be estimated to range anywhere between from $10,000 to $50,000. Because this cost is not on the high side, a daycare center is generally seen as a small business.

How Much Money Do Daycare Owners Make?

As daycare centers are usually small businesses, daycare owners do not make extremely high salaries compared to other small business owners in the united states. Home daycare owners have a median income of $9.81 per hour, or just under $20,000 per year.

The top 10 percent make $15 an hour or higher, while the bottom 10 percent earn less than $7 an hour. However, many daycare owners love their jobs and find that working with children is more rewarding than dabbling in more aggressive forms of business ownership.

How Much Do Type B Childcare Providers Make Monthly

Type B childcare providers are childcare centers that are only allowed to care for 6 children and below.  These six children are counted regardless of the relationship they have to the caregiver, it could be some of her kids or those of clients or relatives, it does not matter. Again, in a Type B childcare center, only three of the children may be allowed to be under 2 years old so that the provider can take adequate care of them.

When it comes to how much you can earn as a type B childcare provider, you should know that it depends on the going rate in the state or county you find yourself.

So you might have five daycare children and one of your own for a total of six children. Five paying children at $45 a day would be $1125.00 a week. But you should know that this statistics depends on how much you choose to charge per child, and how many children in the care home are yours.