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How Much Do French Bulldog Breeders Make Yearly?

French bulldog breeders earn around $13,000 to $25,000 for a litter of puppies. However, this figure depends on a wide range of factors, which would most often include the experience of the breeder, the number of French bulldogs they breed, as well as the amount of work they are willing to put in to ensure the puppies are healthy.

Although the business of breeding French bulldogs might seem like an easy side hustle, it necessitates a significant time commitment. 

French bulldogs are renowned as one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and you will find a good number of celebrities flaunting them.

They are ranked as the 4th out of 193 dog breeds by the American Kennel Club. And owing to the benefits they offer, you might want to consider breeding them.

Although the cost of a French bulldog puppy might propel you to start breeding them, it is important to realize that the price is that high for a reason.

As such, prior to starting this business, it is recommended you first carry out a well-detailed cost and benefit analysis to see if you have the resources to breed these dogs.

Factors That Determine the Income French Bulldog Breeders Make Yearly

  1. Experience Level

All hands are not equal and the experience level of the breeder will most definitely have a vital part to play in how much they make in a year.

Keep in mind that a breeder who is well known, highly regarded, and with a proven track record of providing healthy puppies will most definitely have a good stream of clients who are willing to pay for their puppies.

  1. Number of Litters

The number of French bulldog litters a breeder gets will directly or indirectly impact how much they make in that same year.

Agreeably, a breeder who has a substantial amount of litters will make good money when compared to another breeder with few litters.

Also note that having more puppies means that you can spread out the cost of operating your business across more litters and this will further boost your overall income.

  1. Location

Note that the exact amount your potential clients are willing to pay for your puppies will also depend on the location of your breeding business.

If your business is within a high-end community or affluent area, you can charge more for your puppies. Howbeit, also note that these locations will have high cost of living and you have to pay workers.

  1. Dedication

A good portion of your time will be invested in regular vet check-ups, socialization training, and providing a clean and healthy environment for your puppies.

Keep in mind that the more hardworking a breeder is, the more your dogs will birth healthy puppies and this entails better income yield.

  1. Additional Services

In this modern age, you will find that a good number of breeders offer other related services; as such, the exact amount a French bulldog breeder will make in a particular year will also depend on the variety of additional services they offer.

While there are numerous options available in this business, some of the most prevalent include training and grooming. By offering these additional and very necessary services, it is possible to charge clients more.

  1. Special requirements

Often overlooked, it is important you note that this dog breed has special requirements that many other breeds of dogs don’t have.

You need to be aware of them to ensure that you can breed your dogs very well and make good money. These special requirements include:

  • Artificial insemination

It has long been an issue for Breeders of French dogs because the dogs cannot mate on their own due to their narrow hips. They tend to require artificial insemination to impregnate the mother.

Although this process has no negative impact on the dogs, it will cost you a fortune. Aside from the fact that artificial insemination costs approximately $500 to $1,000, note that fresh semen comes with around 59% to 80% success rate, whereas frozen semen tends to have an astounding 52% to 60% success rate.

  • Cesarean sections

Another common issue with this dog breed is that many of its females tend to need cesarean sections. Owing to their compact build, narrow hips, and the size of the heads of the puppies, natural birth is very risky and can cause life-threatening injuries.

After birth, the mother will need enough time to recuperate and heal before another conception. Note that breeders are always advised to only breed a female once per year, and no more than 3 times in their lives.